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Math Quiz
For Grade 6

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
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Number System

A number system is a system of rules and symbols that describes how numbers are represented and how they can be used to carry out mathematical operations.

Here’s a short story to help you understand more about Number Systems.

There were three friends named Lily, Alex, and Sam. They loved playing with marbles, but they had different ways of counting.

Lily used her fingers to count. She could count up to five using one hand, but when she reached the sixth marble, she needed another hand to continue. She realized that she needed a way to represent numbers beyond five.

Alex, on the other hand, used sticks to count. He had a bundle of five sticks, and whenever he reached the sixth marble, he bundled up the sticks and started a new set. This way, he could count higher numbers without losing track.

Sam, the clever mathematician, noticed that both Lily and Alex had their own counting systems. He introduced them to the number system, which used digits from 0 to 9. Sam explained that these digits allowed them to represent any number they wanted.

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  • Q-1
  • Convert 110 into a decimal system.

  • Q-2
  • What is the equivalent decimal system of the binary number 1111?

  • Q-3
  • Which are the two numbers that are used in the binary system?

  • Q-4
  • Convert 18 into binary number system.

  • Q-5
  • What is the largest number that can be represented using 3 digits in the octal system?

  • Q-6
  • Perform the given binary operation: 11011 + 10001

  • Q-7
  • What is the answer of the addition of the octal numbers 421 and 156?

  • Q-8
  • Convert 11110 into a decimal number system.

  • Q-9
  • Add the following binary numbers: 11110 and 101101

  • Q-10
  • Perform addition on two octal numbers: (74)8+ (651)8


Sam showed them how to count using the number system. When they reached nine, they started a new set by adding a 1 in front of the digit, creating 10. With each new digit, they could count higher and higher.

Together, they played with marbles and practiced counting using the number system. They realized that it made counting and keeping track of larger numbers much easier.

In this way, Lily, Alex, and Sam discovered the wonders of the number system, where digits could represent any quantity they imagined. They understood that the number system was a powerful tool for expressing and understanding numbers.

In simple terms, The number system is a way we organize and represent numbers. It helps us count, perform calculations, and understand different quantities. There are different types of number systems, like the decimal system (base-10), the binary system (base-2), the octal system (base-8), and the hexadecimal system (base-16).




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