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Math Quiz
For Grade 3

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
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Multiplication is a fundamental mathematical operation that helps us combine and repeat numbers efficiently. It’s like a superpower that makes math easier and quicker! When we multiply, we’re essentially adding a number multiple times. 

Many third-grade students encounter challenges when it comes to tackling division and multiplication problems. Below, you’ll find a multiplication quiz designed specifically for Grade 3 kids, featuring various multiplication math problems. Test your skills by taking this quiz and see how many correct answers you can achieve. The quiz follows a multiple-choice question (MCQ) format, where you must select the most suitable answer for each question.

But first let’s read a fun story. One bright morning, Max’s friend, Lily, came running to his house with an intriguing puzzle. She had a basket of apples and wanted to share them with her friends, but she didn’t know how many apples she had. The apples were arranged in rows, and each row had 6 apples. There were 4 rows of apples in her basket.

Lily said to Max, “Can you help me figure out how many apples I have, Max?”

Max said, “Of course, Lily! To find out how many apples you have, we need to multiply the number of rows by the number of apples in each row.

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  • Q-1
  • A pineapple has been cut into 14 slices, and you have 12 pineapples, how many slices of pizza do you have in total?

  • Q-2
  • Jilly wants to visit 5 States. She plans to stay in each state for 3 weeks. How many days will her entire trip last?

  • Q-3
  • There are 8 friends, and each friend has 2 dogs. How many legs do all the dogs have in total?

  • Q-4
  • If there are 13 students in each row, and there are 17 rows of students, how many students are there in the classroom?

  • Q-5
  • There are 6 days in a week, how many days are there in 8 weeks?

    Multiplication Grade 3 Math Quiz

  • Q-6
  • There are 14 trees in South Park, and each tree has 12 branches. There are 18 trees in North Park, and each tree has 13 branches. If each branch has 18 leaves, how many leaves are there on all the trees?


  • Q-7
  • Joe wants to buy 14 stickers, and each sticker costs 16 dollars. How much money does Sarah need to buy all the stickers?

  • Q-8
  • A bakery has 5 types of cupcakes. If they sell 6 cupcakes of each type every day, how many cupcakes do they sell in three weeks?


  • Q-9
  • A pack of candies costs $18, and a set of marshmallows costs $12. If you want to buy 13 packs of candies and 20 sets of marshmallows, what will be the total cost?

  • Q-10
  • There are 18 students in Mr. Adell’s class. Each student has 6 dollars. How much money is there in all?

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Max took out his magical math wand i.e. a pencil and wrote down the problem: 4 rows of apples * 6 apples in each row.

Max then showed Lily how to solve it step by step. “First, we multiply the number of rows, which is 4, by the number of apples in each row, which is 6.”

Max and Lily counted together, “4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.”

Max beamed and said, “You have 24 apples, Lily! Now you can share them with your friends!”

Lily was overjoyed and thanked Max for his math wizardry. Together, they enjoyed a delicious apple feast with their friends, all thanks to Max’s multiplication magic!




    Moonpreneur has curated a set of quiz questions, especially for 3rd Graders. It gets more interesting as we have a special prize at the end for everyone whether you answer all questions correctly or not. This quiz covers the topics such as addition, multiplication, word problem, measurement, decimals, and much more.

    Take the Math quiz and unleash the hidden Mathematician in you!!