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We’re Bringing You A Few Of The Coolest Math Competitions In The World



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    Save this page now and sign up for these exciting online math competitions where bright young minds go on a fascinating mathematical adventure! Join one of these fun math competition and call your inner Math Wizard for an amazing experience in creative problem-solving.

    A Math competition is a perfect place to showcase your enthusiasm for math and hone your skills to boost your self-confidence. Young kids are sure to have an excellent time discovering about the wonders of the math world thanks to these amazing math competitions that also provide the chance to win amazing prizes.

    Math Competition



    DATE: The last date for registrations is Nov 14, 2023

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    AMC Math Competition

    The Mathematical Association of America American Mathematics Competitions (MAA AMC) offers students an outstanding environment to hone their problem-solving skills. Students who compete gain not just essential analytical skills, but also a competitive edge in the tough college admission process.
    The MAA AMC program also provides resources to students to succeed in a number of STEM career fields, making it a great way to get ready for a variety of chances in the future. The program promotes students' interest and drive to study by emphasizing a positive and supportive learning environment.

    M3 Challenge

    DATE: The application deadline is in February, and the competition takes place from November to April.

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    The MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge (M3 Challenge)

    A free competition, it is available to sixth-form students (the last two years of secondary education) in England and Wales. It is also available for juniors and seniors in US high schools. There are no registration or participation costs for this online competition. Teams of participants work together for over 14 hours to solve an open-ended challenge. Students who use coding in their solutions receive extra credit.
    Each year, scholarships worth $100,000 (>£75,000) are given out. The organization has given out scholarship prizes totaling more than $1.5 million as of 2022.

    MathCounts National Competition

    DATE: Submissions must be made between January and March of each year.

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    MathCounts National Competition

    Students compete in the MathCounts Video Challenge, a team-based project competition, by making a film that demonstrates how to solve a MATHCOUNTS problem in a real-world scenario. Four categories — mathematical content, communication, creativity, and real-world scenario — are taken into consideration when judging videos to determine the winner.
    The registration is free; interestingly, even students who prefer creative endeavors and multimedia production are lured to the MathCounts video challenge. The winning team gets a $1,000 scholarship and a trophy for taking first place in the competition.

    Math Kangaroo Competition

    DATE: Each year, the contest is held during the third week of March.

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    Math Kangaroo Competition

    Math Kangaroo has been conducting an annual international math competition for the past 25 years. They organize this competition for children in grades 1 through 12. It started in the US and became one of the most famous American math competition to be held and now becoming a global phenomenon.
    The goal of the Kangaroo Math competition is to raise kids' math test scores while also teaching them new methods for word and logic problems, fostering critical thinking, and boosting their self-confidence in the classroom.
    The competition has been taking place online for a while now, and it attracts participants from different countries. Prizes include two $1,000 scholarships given each year and other cash and non-monetary awards.

    Junior Mathematical Olympiad

    DATE: Tuesday 11th June 2024

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    Junior Mathematical Olympiad

    The Junior Mathematical Olympiad is for those who qualify Junior Mathematical Challenge. Approximately 1,200 qualifying students from the Junior Mathematical Challenge are invited to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.
    The format of the competition is slightly different. The participants have to solve 16 problems in 2 hours. Questions are divided into two sections. Section A has 10 questions and Section B has six.

    Pangea UK

    DATE: Registrations open in March

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    Pangea UK

    Pangea, a popular math competition, has been organized in 21 European nations. Currently, it is taking place in the UK. Both elementary and secondary students can participate in this competition.
    The competition introduces students to more complicated, difficult, and mentally challenging mathematics problems, which helps students increase their ability for problem-solving.



    Most of the math competitions are entirely free to enter although a few might ask for all entry fees for participation. Please check their respective websites for more details.

    Visit the respective websites and follow the registration instructions to register your child. Provide basic details about your child, like their name, age, and contact information.

    The competition includes a variety of math puzzles, tests, and riddles in an effort to engage and challenge the kids. Depending on the participants’ age range, the complexity of these problems could vary.

    Most of the Math Competitions listed are global and thus are available to participants from all over the world through online mode.

    Due to the huge scale of the competition, they might not offer personal comments, but each participant will get a summary of their results.

    Any Math Competition adopts stringent rules and regulations to guarantee an honest and unbiased evaluation, in order to ensure all participants are ranked according to their merits.