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    Existing knowledge in programming/robotics

    *No credit card required.


    Learn the fundamentals of robotics, its application and prototype

    Home Automation

    Build home automation products to create a smart home

    Game Development

    Tap into your creative side and learn all that goes into developing a game

    App Development

    Learn what goes into developing an app, and how to create, and launch your own app

    Gain Hands-on Learning and Product Development Experience

    The Innovator Program provides a holistic learning experience that helps students develop technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills


    Exciting hands-on learning experience

    Mind-mapping quizzes & assignments ​

    Fun learning through gamification

    Classes with multi-instructor setup


    our instructors will soon be your child's best friendS!

    Ken Burke

    Founder, EntrepreneurNOW/MarketLive
    CA, USA

    Ali Davoudi

    Vice-Chairman, Million Air
    TX, USA

    Upen Varanasi

    CEO & Chairman,
    Riversand Technologies
    TX, USA

    Ram Viswanathan

    President & CEO,
    Nathan Research Inc
    CA, USA

    Hemant Kale

    Fortune Makers LLC
    TX, USA

    Prof. Mohd. Shameem Jawed Chair

    Entrepreneurship Development at IIM Visakhapatnam
    Bengaluru, India

    Jeby Cherian

    Chairman, Blubirch and Co-creating Isha Leadership Academy at Isha Foundation
    Bengaluru, India

    Dr. Shambavi Aamir Alve

    Psychologist and Therapist
    Guwahati, India

    Nagesh Konduru

    Founder & CEO -
    Banyan Data Services
    CA, USA

    Rod Robinson

    Advisory Board Member,

    Corey Johnson

    Director Supply Chain, P&G
    WA, USA

    Mahavir Jain

    Startup Leader, Cognizant Accelerator
    TX, USA

    Alok Jain

    Co-founder/CEO, Moonpreneur
    CA, USA

    Vishal Malhotra

    NC, USA

    Vikas Shukla

    Co-founder/Head Innovation, Moonpreneur
    MA, USA

    Sailesh Malhotra

    Global Technology Leader, Accenture
    Bengaluru, India

    Saurabh Gupta

    DC Office of State of Education (OSSE)/IMF/World Bank
    Washington DC, USA

    Keshav Pitani

    Vice President Game Development & Product Development, Light & Wonder

    Ashok H. Varma

    Executive Vice President & Global Leader, Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd

    Hetal Sonpal

    TEDx Speaker
    Gurgaon, India

    Ami Berman

    Founder Sun and Done
    California, USA Canada

    KD Gulko

    STEM Subject Matter
    CA, USA

    Dr. Amrinder Kaur

    Co-founder, Pink Guava Consulting &Training Services

    Bhavya Nagpal

    Senior Business Analyst with TELUS

    Why do parents love moonshot jr?

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    Innovator Program Trial class!


    Our Innovator Program is a unique blend of gaining technical knowledge of Robotics, Home Automation, Game Development, App Development, and Future Tech. Children will not learn technical skills but will also gain entrepreneurial and soft skills. Young entrepreneurs (aged 10-14 and 15-17) will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits to learn technical skills right from its foundation to the process of prototyping and commercializing products.
    Our Innovator Program is suitable for children aged 10-17
    No. The program curriculum is such that children do not need to have any prerequisites or prior knowledge as it has been carefully designed to meet the needs of beginners. They will start from scratch and will gain foundational knowledge in the subject of their choice.
    We have several qualified instructors who have vast knowledge and experience in varied technical fields. We follow a very stringent selection process for hiring instructors and they are thoroughly vetted before they come on board.
    Yes, the learning kit is provided for a hands-on learning experience. The price for the learning kit is inclusive of the fee and so you don’t need to return even after your child has completed the program.
    Moonpreneur focuses on teaching children about futuristic technologies. The Innovator Program focuses on teaching futuristic subjects that are going to play a vital role in the near future. Learning these subjects will not only help your child keep abreast with the current trends but also prepare them for the future of work.
    Yes, students receive a completion certificate after every stage.
    Sure. However, it is advisable to concentrate on one subject at a time so that they can give full attention to it. After the completion of the course, your child can start learning about another subject.