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    5 Reasons Why MoonCamp is a Great Virtual Summer Camp for Your Child


    Why Choose MoonCamp
    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

    5 Reasons Why MoonCamp is a Great Virtual Summer Camp for Your Child

    Summers are usually a laid-back time for having fun with friends and family. However, the definition of fun has progressed and evolved over the years. Gone are the days when children would simply go out in the scorching sun and play their hearts out, forgetting to even eat properly. 

    Nowadays, with the upsurge of technology and so many learning opportunities on offer, parents want their children to indulge in fun-learning activities that would boost the chances of a better career. 

    The pandemic has forced the world to turn towards virtual platforms for all connections and communications. Virtual STEM summer camps are one of the best ways for a child to engage in learning something futuristic as well as acquire valuable skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and decision making.  

    Many summer tech camps are going around making it very convenient and easy for parents to enroll their children in one of them. MoonCamp is one such online tech summer camp offered by Moonpreneur. 

    MoonCamp concentrates on future techs such as robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, home automation, artificial intelligence, sensors, and other topics. Moonpreneur is dedicated to encourage and build the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.  

    Therefore, the summer camp also includes sessions to develop a business mindset, complete from creating a product to selling it through eCommerce. MoonCamp can effectively help your child create their own products through hands-on learning experiences. The camp provides each child with kits and games for learning and building.

    Through this camp, your child will get an education beyond the four walls of a classroom and help them be ready to face challenges in the future. So, if you are looking for a tech summer camp for your child, MoonCamp can tick all the boxes. 

    MoonCamp will help nurture innovation, entrepreneurial skills and futuristic streams to develop business ideas, improve your robotics and home automation knowledge, and much more via hands-on learning and active gamification. MoonCamp is for ages 9-17 and can help you become the next young entrepreneur. So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to take your child a step closer to their entrepreneurship journey?

    Now that you have an overview of MoonCamp, let’s move further and discuss in detail the 5 reasons why MoonCamp is a great virtual summer camp for your child.

    1. Entrepreneurial Mindset

    In today’s world, the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset is unmatched. Considering the uprise in challenges and lack of opportunities, children of today’s generation cannot simply rely on their academic success. Having an entrepreneurial mindset now accounts for life-skill, and MoonCamp helps your child achieve just that. 

    Can a child be an entrepreneur? The answer is an absolute yes. Children enrolled in MoonCamp will have once in a lifetime experience with experts and will boast of an entrepreneurial skill set for success in both personal and professional life. 

    They will be able to learn various skills such as resilience, self-dependency, confidence and enthusiasm which leads to a dosage of happiness. With an entrepreneurial mindset, one is more likely to take up challenges and opportunities and even risks whenever required. 

    Enthusiasm is another trait that leads to more social interaction and doesn’t allow one to feel disappointed very quickly. It can help create more opportunities and build healthy relationships in the workplace. If a child is passionate and curious enough, he will somehow manage to find his own path. That’s entrepreneurialism in a nutshell.

    2. Future-demand Forecast

    Creativity, communication, leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking are some of the essential skills that have a high future-demand forecast. The introduction of Large-Scale AI and automation has completely changed the employment sector. 

    In larger parts of the world, they have already started to replace humans for most repetitive tasks. This is where MoonCamp will help children learn future-proof skills by connecting with peers from across borders and get mentored by experts in technological fields. It is not only important to nourish the present of the children, but also secure their future and get them prepared for all kinds of challenges.

    It is your child’s time to learn future tech in the most fun way. Here is what you will learn in our sessions – 

    • Arduino and Raspberry Pi 
    • Coding 
    • Sensors 
    • Home automation 
    • Robotics
    • E-commerce

    3. Hands-on Learning with DIY Kits

    MoonCamp provides a hands-on learning experience to all the children. Moonpreneur has a unique way of approaching learning. Moonpreneur wants to teach children through experience rather than mere theoretical knowledge. 

    MoonCamp offers a stimulating teaching method to enlighten students with skills and knowledge, varying from project management to assertiveness. The education model followed in MoonCamp bestows hands-on learning with DIY Kits. Children will not only be able to get a great chunk of knowledge that will keep on serving them in future but acquire great technical and other skills with the first-hand experience. 

    Moonpreneur kits like the Embedded Learner Board and Moonpreneur are included for experiential learning. MoonCamp follows a real-world approach to technology and provides futuristic streams, to boost academics with live classes, breakout rooms, group projects, game sessions, and more. 

    Learn video creation and eCommerce for additional skill development- the two important skills for entrepreneurs. Moreover, build your business skills through our Moonpreneur board game and learn through other games, exercises, and value-addition sessions.

    4. Global Exposure

    Globalizing the classroom is beneficial because it connects students with experts, provides them with an opportunity for cooperative learning and raises multicultural awareness. The benefit of online classrooms is evident as they are very inexpensive in comparison to making international trips and they also give extremely productive results. 

    It is very easy to bring together students from different countries to connect via the internet. The outreach potential of a global classroom program is huge. Video conferences, online groups, online courses and providing study material are some ways to create a global classroom through the internet. 

    Global classrooms expose students to international and multicultural experiences that enhance their academic performance. Take for example Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program that has students from all over the world. Moonpreneur brings these students together under one umbrella,  where they not only learn about futuristic streams but also interact with students from different countries and learn about them and their cultures. 

    5. Moonpreneurs’ Assurance

    If you have any doubts in mind, you can have a look at our Moonpreneurs and follow their success stories. Our Moonpreneurs have made tremendous amounts of efforts and have already become successful entrepreneurs at such a young age. 

    Seeing other children of the same age create and innovate and launch their products on eCommerce platforms may help your child to feel inspired and walk a similar path. 

    Hear it from our Moonpreneurs – 

    • I became a part of Moonpreneur to study sensors. The tutors further piqued my interest in hardware, and I designed my first product- the Moon Pi Hub Cam. Now, you can create your own camera add-on using this DIY kit. – Anitez Gautam
    • I created the Sania Box– the embedded computer kit with the help of mentors from Moonpreneur. Now, every child can learn coding with a few simple steps. This tech entrepreneurship program is amazingly planned to make learning easy for all. The mentors take an interest to develop skills in every child who wants to learn with them. – Sania Jain
    • Moonpreneur has a unique way of approaching learning. They teach you through experience rather than mere theoretical knowledge. With the knowledge I received from the mentors, I created Tambola, an app to develop games and virtually play with your friends in times of social distancing. – Shorya Malhotra

    So, what are you waiting for? Discuss MoonCamp with your child now and help them enroll. Moreover, are there any other subjects you are looking for in terms of your child’s future? Do you have other thoughts that you would want to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

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