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game development for kids
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    Why Should Your Child Learn Game Development?


    game development for kids


    Why Should Your Child Learn Game Development?

    Technology is future-proof, and Game Development is one arm of the technology. So, the choice to learn game development could translate into a brighter future because it helps to gain technical knowledge and growth. It does not just help in enhancing your programming skills such as C++, C#, HTML5, and JavaScript, but also opens up entrepreneurial opportunities, boosts problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills.   You would be surprised to know game developers are the king of the evolving gig economy. They are their boss, work at their own pace, and command the highest compensation for their creativity. If you look at it from the personality development angle, pursuing game development enhances hand-eye coordination, and it is also beneficial for children with attention disorders.  Letting your child learn game development is something that parents should consider as it is no longer just about being passionate about games but it could also open up several job opportunities in the future.  Also, a flourishing industry can promise a thriving career, and the Game Development industry is growing in leaps and bounds if the data is anything to go by. The global gaming market was valued at USD 162.32 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 295.63 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 10.5% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026), says a report by the market intelligence and advisory firm Mordor Intelligence.     global-video-games-revenue Source: Gamesindustry.biz Gaming, one of the many fruitful branches of the technological revolution, is multi-dimensional when it comes to variations in job opportunities. From Bachelors in Engineering/Bachelors in Technology degree holders in computer engineering to creative writers, artists, and designers, there is enough space for everyone to showcase their talent and cultivate progress and growth. The industry is currently reigning the employment front and remains a powerful economic engine and a dynamic job creator says statistics by the American Gaming Association.  The statistics from the American Gaming Association report further reveal that gaming contributes $261 billion to the US economy and generates $40.8 billion in tax revenues to federal, state, and local governments. The gaming industry directly employs 727,000 people in the U.S., with $33.3 billion of wages, salaries, tips, benefits, and other labor income.    video-game-market-size Source: Grand View Research The incentives and benefits of working in this industry are way higher than our imagination. An article on the Game Designing website quoted Glassdoor.com, the worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, statistics. According to the statistics, the median salary for game developers is about $68,000 in the United States. The minimum is around $37,000 and the maximum is around $119,000.  These statistics confirm that a career in gaming could offer exciting opportunities for the young ones who are planning to hop on the technological bandwagon to shape their future. 

    The Bright Future of Game Development

    The total amount spent on video games in 2016 was $92 billion USD. That’s more money than was spent on movies and music combined, to put it in context. The video game industry is currently five times the size of the music industry and one-and-a-half times the size of the film industry.  It’s only going to get bigger, thanks to advances in mobile gaming and virtual reality (VR) technology. By 2026, the worldwide gaming market is predicted to be worth about USD 314.40 billion, with three billion gamers expected by the end of 2023. As the gaming industry develops more diversified and competitive, organizations’ data and analytical capabilities will become increasingly important in achieving top-tier results.

    What is Game Development?

    Game development is described as the process of making video games. To create a game, two sets of creative minds are required. They are:   Game Designers–Designers are the creative minds who conceptualize the games, design the initial framework, and give shape to the product.  Game Developers – Developers take care of the programming part. They focus on the coding and the technical aspect of game development. Game developers are experts in programming languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. They turn ideas into real games. 

    Some of the must-have skills for a flourishing career in game development are:

    Software Skills: Those who have a flair for both software programming and design can make an early start to carve a niche for themselves in game development.  Designing: You must have noticed, that popular video games are built on animation and graphics if the young are good artists, storytellers, and visualizers who can describe characters or backgrounds in the most engaging manner, can try their hand in this field.  Problem-solving Aptitude: One common aptitude required in any technological field is problem-solving skills. Game developers also have to be problem solvers because developing a game is not a smooth ride, it is like a hurdle race. They have to overcome these hurdles to make the final product. Children who show perseverance and patience can make inroads in this field.  Time Management Skills: Time is crucial in the field of technology, thanks to the cutthroat competition and fear of technology becoming obsolete overnight. To thrive in such an environment, deadlines are crucial.  Creativity: Creativity is an important aspect of games because a creative mind can churn out exceptional original ideas to create a virtual world that has never been experienced before. The gaming industry thrives on creativity therefore the ability to think out of the box can take them places because the consumers out there want something extraordinary, something edge-of-the-seat to keep them hooked. Anything sub-standard stands no chance in this highly competitive environment.  Communication Skills: Soft skills are a must to thrive in this field because communication is the key to success. Those ideas will never take the shape of the final product if you cannot communicate your ideas and your vision effectively. Children start showing interest and curiosity at an early age, and if you spot a spark of talent in them, you can mentor them as per their interest. Unfortunately, there aren’t many universities that offer a degree in game development. It’s still a small number. In terms of schools, just a few will teach these skills to youngsters outside of after-school programs. Moonpreneur is with its Innovator Program is providing future-forward learning to young and curious minds. You can enroll your child into Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program where your child will not only get to learn about game development but even prototype one.  The Innovator Program (Game Development) is a unique blend of gaining the technical knowledge of game development and entrepreneurial skills. Students (ages 10-17) will receive hands-on learning experience with instructor-led classes and tool kits on game development right from its foundation to the process of prototyping, and commercializing them. You can also book a free game development class with them to understand their offerings and get an idea of their teaching methodology. Technology is vast and varied. Opportunities are aplenty in this field. Just keep a close watch on your bundle of talent, spot their talent and nurture them accordingly using the plethora of learning options available around you.

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