Solar System

Want to Introduce Kids to the Solar System? Stimulate Interest Via Books

Solar System


Want to Introduce Kids to the Solar System? Stimulate Interest Via Books

The online space is flooded with articles about commonly used words and phrases for tourists. There are glossaries and instruction manuals for each popular destination. Such easy-to-read and easy-to-understand blogs impart simple yet vital information for tourists that helps them in many ways in a new place. Travelers can traverse through the length and breadth of a place without fumbling and stumbling.

Children are also like travelers. Travelers can survive on a glossary, but it is different for children. The world is a new place for them, and they have to learn essential life skills to succeed. At times, learning so many things could be taxing for them, but easy-to-read materials make the process simpler. Encouraging children to read books with illustrations is the most preferred way of teaching new topics. These specially designed books come in handy in arousing their curiosity and inculcating reading habits. Such tailor-made reading materials are available in abundance, but again, too many options can confuse. 

Are lessons on our solar system and planets on your wishlist? We have shortlisted five such books, chosen based on popularity, to help you make the first move. Some are recent and others are still relevant despite being published decades ago. Here is the list:

  1. There’s No Place Like Space: The oldest and the best read. A fine storyteller can explain the most complicated topics most simply and interestingly. Children’s book author Tish Rabe falls in the same category. The revised edition of her book, originally published in 1999, is an enjoyable read. It introduces children to eight planets in our solar system through a fascinating tale. The icing on the cake is illustrations by Aristides Ruiz. 
  1. Mousetronaut: Children will lap up this enthralling story. A heady mix of fiction and reality, this fascinating tale has everything to keep the kids hooked. The NASA astronaut Commander Mark Kelly, who traveled with mice-tronauts” on his first spaceflight aboard space shuttle Endeavour in 2001, has woven the story around his experience and made it interesting by infusing imagination in his first children’s book. The book was released in 2012 and it had topped New York Times bestseller list. 
  1. The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot: The book hit the stands in 2011 and ever since it has featured on the kids’ favorite lists of must-reads. Author Margaret McNamara carefully picked her characters and illustrator Mark Fearing made those characters exciting with his creativity to introduce kids to the planets and solar system in the most fun manner. Described as a fractured fairy tale retelling of the classic The Three Little Pigs, the adorable book is available online.
  1. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space: The National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books, came out in 2012, has also found a place on the list of must-reads for kids. This attractive-looking book comes with a simple description of the solar system and planets by author Catherine D. Hughes and colorful illustrations by David Aguilar. What makes it interesting for young ones is the simplicity of the language explaining the basics about the space.
  1. The Ultimate Book of Space: This book is different. Designed differently, this book has exciting elements like – flaps, pop-ups, pull-tabs, etc.–to attract children and keep them interested. The children would love poring over this informative and fascinating book with colorful illustrations and easy to comprehend text.

We all know reading is a good habit. With children, getting their attention is a challenge, therefore, books have to be chosen carefully. Children find illustrations, pictures, and other thrills and frills inside the books fascinating and it helps in holding their attention. 

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