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    Virtual Summer Camp vs In-person Summer Camp




    Now that summer is slowly tip-toeing in, you might be wondering whether or not you should send your kids to summer camp. Even though many parents hesitate to send their kids, you should know that it is not an alien concept. According to a report by Statista in August 2020, 15% of adults sent their kids to summer camps. 

    adults sent their kids to summer camps

    Although the concept of summer camps is getting popular every year, many parents are still worried about the safety of their children. For a long time, the kids stay away from their parents, which freaks out the parents. The pandemic has further led to a new thing called virtual summer camp, and parents are happy with this arrangement. 

    Let’s explore what’s best for your kids- virtual or in-person summer camps!

    Advantages of Sending Your Kids to In-person Summer Camps

    No matter in which grade your kid is, they can always learn something in the summer camps. However, you should remember to choose a summer camp that fits your child’s personality. They should feel comfortable with the activities in the summer camp. 

    For instance, if your child enjoys the outdoors, they are more comfortable with summer camps focusing on outdoor activities. In case your kids love learning skills such as crafts, art, dance, etc., then they are more likely to feel happy in a summer camp that teaches similar things.

    Here are a few benefits of sending your kids to conventional summer camps:

    1. Develops Lifelong Skills

    Summer camps are a great way for kids to meet people their age and engage in various group activities. From participating in sports, art, craft, group activities, and much more, these camps are ideal for your child in multiple ways. Many kids learn leadership skills and solve problems independently in these summer camps. 

    2. Promotes Independence

    Since your kid will be away from you longer, they naturally become independent. Your kids need this time alone to help them establish their sense of self. They will get time to explore their strength and weaknesses among their peers and will be more self-reliant, and will learn to trust their instincts.

    3. Teaches Teamwork

    When you send your kids to summer camp that aligns with their interests, whether it offers outdoor activities or indoor arts, camp programs will engage them in team-based activities. They, thus, learn to communicate clearly with other team members and learn about the importance of teamwork. 

    Should you choose Virtual Summer Camp or in-person Summer Camp?

    Now that virtual summer camps are rising, it is normal to feel tempted to enroll your kid in a virtual or in-person camp. Both types of camps have their merits and demerits, but what you should go for completely depends on your child’s personality, the type of extracurricular activities they enjoy, and their physical and mental health.

    Virtual summer camps

    Virtual summer camps are ideal for your child if they are too young to be away from home. They can join a summer camp from the comfort of their home and can participate in various engaging activities. This kind of virtual or online summer camp offers various programs that can be done digitally using a laptop/PC and wifi. 

    These virtual activities are designed in a manner that they cater to the different interests of your kids. If you want a flexible schedule where you can guide your child in camp-related activities, then the virtual camp is the one you should choose. 

    However, if you want your child to have social interaction and engage in physical activities, then virtual summer camps might not be a good idea. Some kids might feel isolated and disconnected if enrolled in virtual summer camps. They also might not get to develop teamwork skills in virtual camps. 

    In-person Camp

    On the other hand, summer camps that take place traditionally, away from your home, offer a special experience that blends interaction with others and physical activity. Kids can participate in various tasks, meet other children, and gain important life skills such as self-dependence, individuality, and partnership. Another good thing about in-person camps is that your kids will stay away from technology and engage in their desired activities to their heart’s content. 

    However, one demerit of an in-person camp is that it can be quite expensive, and you might be unable to access it if you do not budget accordingly. Since in-person Camp requires traveling to a different place, it might not be as flexible as virtual summer camps. Also, you cannot be 100% sure of your child’s safety.

    In a Nutshell

    Your decision between in-person and online summer camps may inevitably be influenced by the interests and characteristics of your children and the associated expenses. It is recommended that you look into all of the opportunities, talk with your kids about them, and thoroughly consider each solution in order to make a well-informed choice.

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    Moonpreneur is an ed-tech company that imparts tech entrepreneurship to children aged 7 to 16. Its flagship offering, the Innovator Program, offers students a holistic learning experience that blends Technical Skills, Power Skills, and Entrepreneurial Skills with streams such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and Book Writing & Publishing.
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