Moonpreneur Welcomes Vik Ekambaram as an Investor

Moonpreneur Welcomes Vik Ekambaram as an Investor

Data Driven Organizations have 7x faster growth than the global GDP but 67% of leaders say they are not comfortable accessing or using data.

Vik Ekambaram has joined force Moonpreneur to open new horizons for expansion and lead the organisation through the 4th Industrial revolution (IR 4.0).

Vik Ekambaram is the Sr. Director of Innovation Consulting at Tableau (a Salesforce company). He works at the intersection of data, technology & transformation while advising customers on the strategy, operating model & capabilities they need to build a data culture. Prior to Tableau, Vik spent most of his career at Microsoft and Oracle in sales and technical leadership roles.

“Companies went into 2020 with a plan. As Covid-19 spread and disrupted all aspects of life, companies had to create new plans. We followed 20th-century processes for decision making, and that won’t cut it in the 21st-century, ever-changing landscape”

– Vik Ekambaram

In his 8 years at Tableau, he has served at 7 different roles (across Sales, Partners, Customer Success, and Innovation) and 5 of these roles did not exist before the year he joined. He understands how the industry is changing and the revolution IR 4.0 is round the corner. Moonshot’s mission to Transform Curious Minds ties in directly to Vik’s core beliefs and experience. According to Vik, “The jobs our kids will be doing do not exist today and teaching kids entrepreneurial skills is essential for them to thrive in the world of tomorrow.”

“All Nobel laureates in the sciences practice some form of art as adults.”

– The Medium report 2020

Art is vital to developing problem-solving skills and now is the right time to inculcate the same for future entrepreneurs and the workforce. Vik is on the Advisory Board of New York Destination Imagination, a non-profit organization, that teaches kids creative, collaborative problem-solving skills using STEAM techniques through a challenge-based approach. Vik is also on the Advisory Board of Pace University’s Disruptive Leadership Program. 

Alok Jain, Moonpreneur CEO and Co-founder, welcomes Vik Ekambaram on board saying this association will help turn the industrial revolution tide in the favor of organizations through Moonpreneur’s sought-after services- Innovator Program, MoonCamp, & ELDP. 

Alok said, “With the implementation of the Education 4.0 module and holistic learning, Moonpreneur is on the track of reducing the skill set gap amongst future generations. Vik Ekambaram’s involvement as an investor will boost Moonpreneur’s scope of expansion in new markets, strengthen our tech elements, refine our education impartment module, and much more.”

About Moonpreneur, Inc.

Moonpreneur Inc. is a start-up that is remodeling the concept of empowering today’s innovators and turning them into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through project-based learning and product development experience. Our community strives to uncover and nurture the STEAM skills in students and young adults with the help of our innovation and entrepreneurship-centric, SaaS-model-based program.

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