Vedic Math Can Help Gen Z

How Vedic Math Can Help Gen Z to Overcome Math Fear

Vedic Math Can Help Gen Z


Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline, encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor.

But not every child enjoys learning mathematics. You would be surprised to know that a lot of children suffer from math anxiety/math phobia, a situation where children feel stress while learning math. Math anxiety is not restricted to a region or country, it is experienced across the globe. 

What is math anxiety?

According to BMC Psychology Math anxiety is a feeling of tension and apprehension that interferes with math performance ability, the manipulation of numbers, and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations.

Math anxiety is experienced at all levels of education – from primary school to university education. It impacts children so much that basic math such as subtraction, division, and multiplication becomes a challenge for them. 

But things are improving. Compared to the past, math is simplified and made easier to understand in the present, thanks to Vedic Math, which is elbowing out math anxiety and allowing children to enjoy the subject, which is an integral part of science and our lives. 

Originating in India, Vedic Math has 16 formulas that solve mathematical problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and calculus. Children enjoy this new way of learning calculations and have started liking the subject. So, if you missed out on learning Vedic Math in the year 2022, take a plunge in 2023.

Here are five ways how Vedic Math can help Gen Z overcome math fear in 2023: 

1) It gives students a better understanding of mathematics

Teaching methods of mathematics are constantly evolving and ever since Vedic Math -a fun-filled way of doing calculations – has taken centrestage, children are picking up the fundamentals faster, getting interested in the subject, and enjoying the learning process. They are neither stressed or anxious about math problems because Vedic Math introduces them to the basics in a much easier and fun manner.

                            vedic math tricks

The findings reveal that the sixteen formulae are correlated to natural mental functions, therefore it guides students toward the appropriate method of solution. The carefully arranged formulas such as, Vertically and Crosswise, take students through a sequence of analytic and synthetic processes, which makes learning easier.

2) It can speed up mental calculations

It is reported that Vedic Mathematics is the World’s Fastest Mental Calculation System.  Vedic Math, also known as Mental Mathematics, enables us to do the calculations in our minds and solve problems in one or a few steps. 

As formulas are correlated to natural mental functions, therefore children quickly adapt and solve problems without using any tools such as pen and paper or calculators. It is one of the most effective and efficient techniques to improve calculation speed. 

3) Eradicates math anxiety

Yes, Vedic Math is helping children immensely. The set of 16 formulas are adding excitement to learning the subject. The trick simplifies multiplication, division, squaring, cubing, etc. 

It even simplifies recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions. What else do children need? Once they get the hang of it, they come out of this anxiety and start enjoying the subject. 

4) Sharpens the mind and increases mental agility

According to Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash, who emerged as the world’s fastest human computer, the calculation is a flaunting of mental fitness. The calculation is brain gym, otherwise, we will become mentally obese. 

                            Increases mental agility

He is right. Vedic Math is a brain exercise, which should be practiced regularly because it sharpens the mind and increases mental agility. 

5) Improves memory and boosts self-confidence

Is it possible to do any mental math without good memory power? No, not possible. Vedic math technique is about concentration and concentration improves memory power and if you learn it you can achieve both. 

Math phobia has been there for ages, but this article means to assist you in getting rid of that phobia. Vedic Math is the answer to your problems. So, look around for interesting Vedic Math courses and reap its benefits. 

We at Moonpreneur understand the importance of teaching this valuable technique to our students and thus we’ve launched the Advance Mathematics Course which encompasses Vedic Maths to make students smarter, faster, and sharper. Book a Free Vedic Math workshop today!

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