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University Of Washington
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    University Of Washington: Fees, Rankings & Acceptance Rate


    I’m often asked about my vision for the UW, and my answer has always been simple: to be the top public university in the world in terms of positive impact.

    - Ana Mari Cauce, University of Washington President

    University Of Washington Seattle Campus


    The University of Washington, a place where people learn, come up with new ideas, solve problems, and have social bonding, started way back in 1861.  Students and teachers work together to solve big problems with courage and creativity and everyone has a common mission to make the world better.

    Sounds interesting. The University of Washington campuses in Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma, alongside a distinguished medical center, motivate over 60,000 students to learn from esteemed experts in various disciplines. Recognized as a “best buy” public university, its mission is to ensure the accessibility of higher education for all.


    The University of Washington’s main campus in Seattle, known as the University District, is surrounded by Union Bay and Portage Bay to the south, the Cascade Range to the east, and the Olympic Mountains to the west. The campus is divided into four parts: 

    • North Campus, with the historic University Quadrangle and Red Square
    • South Campus, adjacent to Lake Washington Ship Canal
    • West Campus, featuring modern buildings 
    • East Campus, housing sports facilities

    Accessible by personal vehicles, Seattle buses, or light rail from Husky Stadium, with a 24/7 shuttle from Sea-Tac International Airport, 20 miles south.

    The University of Washington tries to make higher education affordable for everyone.

    Campus at Seattle: Sitting pretty right in the middle of a lively diverse city, the Seattle campus serves over 33,000 undergrads, where you’ll definitely find your community there. With over 180 majors and highly qualified teaching staff,  it has plenty of options for everyone interested in higher studies.

    Campus at Seattle:

    Located centrally in Seattle, the campus hosts 33,000 undergraduates amid a vibrant cityscape. Offering 180+ majors and expert faculty, it caters to diverse academic interests, ensuring ample opportunities for higher education seekers.

    Campus at Bothell:

    UW Bothell campus is home to 6,000 students,  over 350 teaching staff, 5 schools, and 50 programs for undergraduate and master’s students. Even though it’s a small campus,  students can still access all the cool stuff that is found at a big university.

    Campus at Tacoma:

    This campus is closely linked with the South Puget Sound area; basically, it’s an urban serving university community situated in the heart of downtown Tacoma. It has 40 undergraduate degree programs and a vast number of certificate programs.


    At the University of Washington, the student budget reflects the estimated funds necessary for tuition, books, and living expenses during the 9-month academic year, running from October to June. This budget exclusively covers student educational expenses. However, expenses for other family members are not factored in.

    The figures provided are subject to annual adjustments. Moreover, budgets for previous academic years are also available for reference.

    Seattle Undergraduate Students

    Budget Items Living with Parents / Relative Living on / off campus Students with dependents
    Textbooks & course supplies $900 $900 $900
    Rent, utilities & food $5,961 $18,405 $22,674
    Personal & miscellaneous $2,508 $2,508 $2,508
    Transportation $789 $519 $1,581
    Resident Tuition* $12,645 $12,645 $12,645
    Resident Total Costs $22,803 $34,977 $40,308
    Non-Resident Tuition* $41,997 $41,997 $41,997
    Non-Resident Total Costs $52,155 $64,329 $69,660

    *Tuition is based on 2023-24 rates.

    Seattle graduate & professional students Tuition fee and other expenses

    Budget Items Lives with Parents / Relative Graduate / Professional
    Textbooks & course supplies $825 $825
    Rent, utilities & food $5,961 $22,674
    Personal & miscellaneous $2,508 $2,508
    Transportation $1,581 $1,581
    Resident Tuition* $18,633 $18,633
    Resident Total Costs $29,508 $46,221
    Non-Resident Tuition* $32,511 $32,511
    Non-Resident Total Costs $43,386 $60,099

    *Tuition is based on 2023-24 rates. 

    Seattle students have their annual U-Pass expense of $276 conveniently bundled within the Tuition and Fees category. However, in Bothell and Tacoma, rates fluctuate due to additional fees.

    To apply for financial aid at the University of Washington Bothell, utilize either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA). It’s important to complete either the FAFSA or WASFA annually by January 15th to ensure consideration for priority funding.

    Student Budgets 2023-2024

    Budget Item Lives away from home Lives with Parents Non-Traditional Undergraduate Graduate Students (Commuter) Graduate Students (Traditional)
    Resident Tuition $12,559 $12,559 $12,559 $18,993^^ $18,993^^
    Books and Supplies $900 $900 $900 $825 $825
    Room and Board $17,115 $5,061 $21,438 $5,061 $21,438
    Personal Expenses $2,574** $2,574** $2,574** $3,129** $3,129**
    Transportation $1,602 $1,602 $1,602 $1,602 $1,602
    New Student Fee* $370* $370* $370* - -
    Resident Total $35,120 $23,066 $39,443 $29,310 $45,987

    *First quarter only for newly admitted undergraduate students.
    **Figure includes annual loan fees of $66.

    ^^Figure shown is Graduate Tier II programs. Tuition and rates table.

    Tacoma Undergraduate Students Course fee and other Aid

    Budget Items Living with Parents / Relative Living on / off campus Students with Dependents
    Textbooks & Course Supplies $900 $900 $900
    Housing/Food $5,844 $16,371 $20,859
    Personal & Miscellaneous $2,508 $2,508 $2,508
    Transportation $1,074 $1,074 $1,335
    Resident Tuition* $12,817 $12,817 $12,817
    Resident Total Costs $23,143 $33,670 $38,419
    Non-Resident Tuition* $42,171 $42,171 $42,171
    Non-Resident Total Costs $52,497 $63,024 $67,773

    *The tuition amount incorporates the annual U-Pass expense and is based on the 2023-2024 rates. Updates to reflect the 2024-2025 amounts will be made once finalized by the Office of Planning & Budgeting of the University of Washington.

    Tacoma graduate & professional students course fee

    Budget Items Lives with Parents / Relative Lives on or off campus
    Textbooks & Course Supplies $825 $825
    Housing/Food $5,844 $20,859
    Personal & Miscellaneous $2,508 $2,508
    Transportation $1,074 $1,335
    Resident Tuition* $19,251 $19,251
    Resident Total Costs $29,502 $44,778
    Non-Resident Tuition* $33,354 $33,354
    Non-Resident Total Costs $43,605 $58,881

    Resident / Non-Resident Definitions: The University of Washington, as a state-assisted institution, offers lower tuition rates for Washington-resident students compared to nonresidents, which includes both out-of-state and international students. Details regarding residency classification can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

    UW Academic Ranking

    The University of Washington holds the # 40 out of 439 National Universities. Rankings are based on their performance across a range of widely accepted indicators of excellence

    The University of Washington Rankings according to Us.News

    University Rankings

    National Universities (tie) #40
    Top Public Schools (tie) #15
    Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (tie) #25
    Artificial Intelligence #7
    Computer Systems #7
    Data Analytics/Science (tie) #4
    Programming Languages #6

    Apparently  University of Washington is ranked #3  among U.S. Public Universities according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2023. Additionally, it ranked

    1 Undergraduate School in the West for Entrepreneurship.Entrepreneur Magazine, 2023. Moreover, it was ranked #1  diverse college in Washington by Niche, 2023.

    Acceptance Rate

    University Admission Data

    WA freshman 3-year average admit rate 54%
    WA community college transfer 3-year average admit rate 76%
    SAT 1400
    ACT 31

    Post-pandemic, the University of Washington eliminated the SAT/ACT requirement for prospective students. The focus is on a holistic assessment of students and their accomplishments rather overlaying on standardized tests. Thanks to test-optional policy, submitting low scores or none at all will not hinder any applicants. In fact, reviewers will not even have access to students’ test scores, should you choose to provide them.


    The University of Washington stands as a beacon of academic achievement, offering a world-class education in a vibrant, innovative environment. From its high rankings and competitive admissions to its diverse student body and robust research opportunities, UW continues to shape future leaders and contribute to global knowledge and innovation.

    For students aspiring to join a dynamic academic community and pursue their educational and career goals in an intellectually stimulating environment, UW represents an excellent choice.

    Whether studying engineering, sciences, humanities, or any of its other renowned programs, UW provides a transformative educational experience that prepares students for success in an ever-changing world.

    Moonpreneur is on a mission to disrupt traditional education and future-proof the next generation with holistic learning solutions. Its Innovator Program is building tomorrow’s workforce by training students in AI/ML, Robotics, Coding, IoT, and Apps, enabling entrepreneurship through experiential learning.



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