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    Top Minecraft News of 2023


    Update: This article was last updated on  5th October  2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    Welcome to our Minecraft news blog, your go-to source for the latest and greatest updates from the blocky gaming world in 2023. We’ve meticulously curated the top headlines to keep you fully informed about the newest trends, events, and features shaping the Minecraft universe.

    Stay ahead of the game and dive into the exciting world of creativity and adventure.

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    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in September 2023

    1. Minecraft 1.21 Update: Announcements and major revelations expected at Minecraft Live 2023

    Minecraft 1.21 Update

    Image: Pinterest

    The blocky universe of Minecraft is on the brink of a major transformation with the eagerly awaited 1.21 update. Mojang, the creative minds behind Minecraft, is poised to unveil the specifics and advancements of this update at the much-anticipated Minecraft Live 2023 event. Going by past trends, it’s anticipated that the announcements for the 1.21 update will occur around October 17-18. The Minecraft community is abuzz with anticipation as they eagerly await the official announcement trailer for the Minecraft Live 2023 event. This event promises not only to showcase the 1.21 update but also to unveil other significant revelations. However, it’s crucial to approach the speculations circulating in the community with care until official information is released.


    2. Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.30 Update: What you need to know

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition


    On September 19, 2023, Minecraft Bedrock Edition received its latest update, version 1.20.30. This update introduces several new features and addresses various bugs, bringing the Bedrock Edition closer in line with the Java Edition. Noteworthy changes include the introduction of a new death screen, notifications for unlocked recipes, the ability to crawl, and enhancements in the distribution of diamond ore. A standout feature in this update is the new death screen.

    When a player dies, this screen zooms in on the player’s location, allowing them to assess their hotbar and adjust game settings before respawning. The crawling feature, previously an experimental option, is now a default function, permitting players to navigate through one-block high spaces. Recipe unlocking is no longer in the experimental stage and can be toggled in the game settings. Furthermore, a new game rule has been introduced, preventing players from crafting items for which they haven’t yet unlocked the recipe.


    3. Minecraft’s latest update adds crawling, a new dying screen, and more

    Minecraft latest update


    The latest Minecraft update brings some cool new stuff. One of the best things is that now you can officially crawl under low spaces without using any tricks. It used to be a bit tricky with a trapdoor, but now it’s super easy. They also made crawling more stable and reliable.

    So, if you find yourself in a tight spot, you can crawl without any problems. And if you happen to meet a sneaky creeper or take a tumble into a ravine, the way you see what happened will be a bit different. The camera will zoom out to give you a better view of the whole situation. Cool, right?


    4. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS DLC Battle blocky Mind Flayers in this new DLC


    Souce: Minecraft

    Dungeons & Dragons and Minecraft share striking similarities. They both require imaginative thinking – a simple block could be a whole new building! They both encourage creative problem-solving – why face a dragon head-on when you can sneak beneath it?

    Now, you can enjoy both games together with a fresh Dungeons & Dragons DLC! Are you prepared to take the plunge into an extraordinary RPG adventure, brought to life in the vivid realm of 64-bit blocks? Let’s embark on this thrilling journey! 

    Souce: Minecraft

    5. New Minecraft titles are coming, but a big one has just been killed for them

    New Minecraft update


    After spending three years working on the Minecraft Dungeons video game, Mojang has decided to finish up its ongoing work and start focusing on new games they’re going to release. Minecraft Dungeons came out in May 2020 and gave players a fast-paced adventure in the world of Minecraft. Some people thought it could have had a longer and more detailed story, but a lot of players really liked it.

    On September 28, Mojang said a big thank you to all the players who made Minecraft Dungeons a huge success. They were blown away by the passion and dedication of over 25 million players! But like any journey, this one also has to come to an end. That means the last big update for Minecraft Dungeons came out in November 2022. But don’t worry, you can still play the game and team up with friends online!


    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in August 2023

    1. Minecraft legends gets new title update:

    The update brings many big changes to the game. They looked at everything from how the game is played to the menus and how heroes interact online. It’s a really big update that makes the game better in a lot of ways. For all the fans of Minecraft Legends, we’ll go over the most important changes that everyone can enjoy on any platform


    Image Source : pintrest

    • Multiplayer communication enhanced with map pinging and commands.
    • Request or state building actions in multiplayer.
    • Lobby roles added for job selection at game start.
    • Experimental custom campaign and PvP modes introduced.
    • Auto lure feature for summoned mobs.
    • Refund option for summoned mobs at any spawner.
    • Health bars for structure and enemy piglin visibility.
    • Interaction with Overworld animals for interesting reactions.
    • Improved mob AI and pathfinding, especially for creepers.
    • Rare resources now easily visible with glow/sparkle.
    • Stone Mason upgrades structures faster.
    • Banner View redesigned for accurate mob path representation.
    • New accolades in multiplayer.
    • Streamlined, action-packed Minecraft Legends campaign prologue


    2. Minecraft is proud to support and uplift the LGBTQIA+ communities!


    Image: Minecraft Twitter

    On August 9, 2023, Minecraft launched 40 creator items to support LGBTQIA+ Community. These items are available in Bedrock Edition. Players can dress their characters with these free in-game items.

    Source : Sportskeeda

    3. Terms of Service Changes in Minecraft New EULA

    New rule for Minecraft players: EULA is the  short  form of End User License Agreement. This covers privacy, licenses, and behavior. 

    General rule modifications: All Minecraft players must abide by the Xbox Community Standards and the Microsoft Service Agreement. 

    Community Standards rule: Be considerate to other players, be welcoming,, no swearing, cheating, or hacking. Just play nice

    Source: thenerdstash.

    4. Minecraft New Server and Hosting Rules

    Important 2023 Minecraft EULA Changes:

    Server Monetization Rules:

    • Provide content and pricing info before the player joins.
    • No activities harming or threatening children.
    • Caution with lottery or gambling with loot crates.
    • Access can’t be controlled by out-of-game content.
    • Maintain online payment history.

    Server Moderation Rules:

    • Content and ads must be suitable for all ages.
    • Anarchy servers might be restricted.
    • Don’t hide or alter Minecraft dialogs and prompts.
    • Avoid fraudulent or misleading activity.
    • Be careful with features affecting player count.
    • Mojang may take down Minecraft-related content.
    • Avoid using the Minecraft name as dominant on your site.
    •  Add “not an official Minecraft server” if applicable

    Source: thenerdstash.

    Minecraft Bedrock Beta Patch Notes

    Minecraft Bedrock

    Image Source: dexerto

    The  annoucment was made on August 23, 2023. The newest beta update for Minecraft Bedrock, version, doesn’t have huge changes, but it does come with some important tweaks and fixes. Like with any Minecraft update, they’ve focused on fixing bugs. 

    This new beta version deals with several problems that players faced before. These fixes are meant to make the game run better and give players a smoother experience

    Source: fresherslive

    Minecraft 1.20.2 Snapshot 23w35a Patch Notes: All Changes & Fixes 

    Minecraft Snapshot  August 31 , 2023 They’ve also made some important technical updates. They’ve improved how the game looks, sounds, and responds to your actions. This makes the game even more enjoyable! And they’ve added a modern version of the software that runs the game. This means Minecraft will work better and run more smoothly. It’s like giving the game a little boost!

    Bug Fixes: 

    The bug fixes that have been successfully implemented are listed below:

    • Fixed a crash in the game caused by a specific action.
    • Made sure that baby camels turn the right way when players try to lead them.
    • Improved how animals react when they’re hurt.
    • Made sitting on camels smoother and fixed a motion issue.
    • Fixed a problem with dragon and piglin head movement on jukeboxes.
    • Commands now work correctly even when using /say.
    • Corrected a translation error.
    • Checked that all new text added in the update makes sense. 
    • Prevented a problem with game sections when switching versions.

    Source: Kheltalk

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in July 2023

    Minecraft Update

    Image Source: Minecraft

    Unveiling Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s Power-Packed 1.20.10 Update: Java Integration and Exciting Enhancements Await

    On July 11, 2023, Minecraft Bedrock Edition received a huge upgrade, version 1.20.10. The patch includes modifications specifically for the Bedrock engine and tries to be in line with the Java Edition. While not all modifications may be noticeable during normal gaming, there are some noteworthy advancements worth investigating. On consoles and mobile devices, the Update also contains performance improvements to improve the overall gaming experience.

    Source: Freshers live

    Vanilla Parity Update: Minecraft Introduces Short Sneaking and Exciting Gameplay Enhancements

    The latest Minecraft update (1.20.10) brings short sneaking, reducing the player’s hitbox height to 1.5 blocks while sneaking and allowing automatic initiation when stuck in a gap of less than 1.8 blocks. Sneaking now requires space to stand and no longer works while riding. Other changes include centered item drops from storage entities, adjustments to recipes, and bug fixes.

    Source: Nintendo Life

    Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting Beauty of Minecraft’s 1.20 Update: Explore Lush Cherry Blossom Groves and Thrilling Biomes

    With twisted cherry blossom trees, pink foliage, and blossoms, the 1.20 update adds the gorgeous cherry blossom grove biomes to Minecraft. In this thriving grassland environment, bees and beehives are active. Villages nearby make for great starting locations for gamers, while even more beautiful cherry blossom orchards can be found in between villages and atop valuable ores in intricate cave systems. 

    Source: Dotesports

    Unveiling the Future of Minecraft: Players Eagerly Anticipate Exciting Changes in the 1.21 Patch

    Minecraft players eagerly anticipate the 1.21 patch, expressing support for changes to the End and Dungeons while also hoping for modernizations in dungeons, strongholds, and biomes. The addition of the Deep Dark in the 1.19 patch has sparked ideas for further developments in that biome, and speculation surrounds the potential for themed communities and additional content in the uncommon Badlands biome.

    Source: Dealntech

    Final Stretch: Minecraft 1.20 Release Candidate Arrives, Trails & Tales Update Approaches

    Minecraft 1.20 reaches its final release candidate, bringing bug fixes to enhance user experience. The Update is just days away, with Mojang seeking feedback to address any remaining issues before the official release. Players can celebrate as the Trails & Tales Update approaches its highly anticipated arrival.

    Source: Kheltalk

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in June 2023

    Minecraft Trails And Trails

    Image Source: Minecraft

    Exciting Update Unveiled: Minecraft’s Trails and Tales Brings New Mobs, Flora, and Enchanting Cherry Blossom Biome

    The thrilling “Trails and Tales” update for Minecraft was announced in June with new enemies, including Sniffer, a fan favorite. Pottery artifacts and archaeology shed light on Minecraft’s past. With the help of Pitcher plants and Torch Flower seeds, the flora is boosted, and the globe is expanded with a new cherry blossom biome. Cherry blossom wood is used to build things, make weapons, and give adventurous players new armor accents.

    Source: TechnoSports

    Explore Minecraft’s Enchanting Trails & Tales Update: Unearth Archeological Secrets, Encounter Massive Mobs, and More

    Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update, set to release on June 7, 2023, introduces exciting

    new features, including archeology for uncovering hidden objects and pottery shards. Players can also encounter the Sniffer, a massive friendly mob, and ride camels to avoid zombies. Cherry groves with stunning pink trees and armor trims for customizing armor offer more visual appeal. Additionally, the Update brings bamboo wood blocks, chiseled bookshelves, Piglin heads, hanging signs, and calibrated Sculk Sensors, opening up new possibilities for redstone enthusiasts. 

    Source: Games Hub

    Minecraft Legends: Defend the Overworld from Piglin Invasion in New Strategy Gameplay Experience

    Minecraft Legends, developed by Blackbird Interactive, offers a strategy gameplay experience where players defend the Overworld from a piglin invasion to save their home. Building defenses, making friends, and forming alliances are crucial to prevent the world from ending. This isn’t the first time Minecraft has explored different gaming genres, with titles like Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons previously released with mixed reviews.

    Source: PCMAG

    Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds for June 2023 Revealed, Including Cherry Groves and Exciting New Biomes

    Discover the best Minecraft 1.20 seeds for June 2023, featuring the new cherry grove biome and diverse locations like Savannas with water-filled craters and seeds with double dungeons. The upcoming Trails & Tails expansion on June 7 brings exciting additions, including sniffer mobs, suspicious blocks, camels, and trail ruins, making this list a must-see for Minecraft players eager to explore new possibilities.

    Source: GAME SKINNY

    Unleash Your Adventure: New Minecraft Trails and Tales Update Adds Exciting Features and Fun Activities to Explore

    The latest Minecraft update, Trails, and Tales, introduces exciting features like Decorated Pots, Armour Trims, Camels, Sniffers, and Cherry Blossom Trees. To keep players engaged, here are five things to do: explore archeology for Pottery Sherds and Armor Trims, defeat the tough Wither boss to build a Beacon with powerful abilities, create unique banners to customize bases, search for buried treasure maps for great loot like the heart of the sea, and explore various generated structures like woodland mansions for abundant loot. 

    Source: GAME RANT

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in May 2023

    Minecraft Trails And Trails Updates

    Image Source: The Lost Gamer

    Gear Up for the Epic Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales Update: Prepare for New Biomes, Features, and Thrilling Adventures

    Minecraft players eagerly anticipate the arrival of the much-awaited 1.20 Trails & Tales Update, expected within the next few months. To prepare for the significant changes, players can experiment with new seeds, explore recent additions like Ancient Cities and Mangrove Swamps, and engage in beta versions for a sneak peek at the upcoming features.

    Source: The Economic Times

    Best Minecraft Seeds for May 2023: Explore Thrilling Adventures and Unique Landscapes in the Latest Update

    Discover Best Minecraft Seeds for May 2023, featuring exciting landscapes, unique structures, and abundant resources to explore. From the “Fortnite Map” seed resembling the popular game’s island to a survival island with a woodland mansion, these seeds promise thrilling adventures for solo and multiplayer gameplay.

    Source: Sports Keeda

    Discover the Top Minecraft Shaders of May 2023, Enhancing Your Gaming Experience with Realistic Graphics and Immersive Environments

    In May 2023, Minecraft players have access to a range of impressive shaders to enhance their gaming experience. The top shaders include Unreal Shaders, providing a modern game appearance with vivid lighting and improved particles; Continuum Shaders, utilizing ray tracing for realistic lighting and soft transitions featuring ray tracing for accurate reflections and caustics; Solas Shaders, offering cinematic effects like volumetric clouds and dynamic shadows; and the popular BSL Shaders, known for its warm and vibrant look and customizable graphics options. 

    Source: Sports Hub

    Exciting Changes in Minecraft Snapshot 23w18a: Improved Gameplay and Immersive Sounds

    The recent Minecraft snapshot 23w18a brings convenient changes like the SmithingTable no longer requiring a Smithing Template and the Jukebox being added to the Redstone Blocks creative tab. Players can also enjoy improved sounds when walking on blocks, providing a more immersive experience. Additionally, the Update includes new global properties and events that will aid in troubleshooting and game design decisions.

    Source: Apex Minecraft Hosting

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in April 2023

    Vote Update Minecraft

    Image Source: Sportskeeda

    Minecraft’s April Fools Surprise: Players Decide Features with Vote Update! Demands Rise for a Mode Showcasing Unreleased Gems

    Mojang Studios celebrates April Fool’s with the Vote update in Minecraft, giving players the power to choose new features instantly. The Update includes a range of voteable features like balloons, French mode, zombie mode, rabbit transformation, exploding pistons, haunted world, and more. Though it may not become permanent, fans demand a dedicated mode to experience all the unreleased features that didn’t get enough votes.

    Source: Dual Shockers

    Chaos Unleashed: Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day 2023 Introduces ‘Vote Update’ – Players Decide In-Game Features through Hilarious Voting

    Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day 2023 brings the hilarious “Vote Update,” allowing players to decide on in-game features through voting. The snapshot adds whimsical elements like gravity alterations and Midas touch, offering a fun-filled and unpredictable experience. Long-time players enjoyed the refreshing chaos and look forward to future pranks from Mojang.

    Source: Screen Rant

    Enhanced Performance and Exciting Features: Minecraft Beta Preview Delivers an Improved Gameplay Experience

    Minecraft Beta Preview arrives with improved performance, stability, and bug fixes for a smoother gaming experience. New features include ambient sounds and the addition of bundles in shipwrecks, enhancing immersion and survival gameplay. Updates to cave and mountain generation further enrich the overall experience.

    Source: APEX HOSTING

    ‘April Fools’ Extravaganza in Minecraft: Vote Update Unleashes Transformations, Moon Dimension, and Ultra-Realistic Mode

    Minecraft’s April Fools’ Vote Update offers an array of exciting features, allowing players to transform into mobs, explore the moon dimension, and experience an ultra-realistic survival mode. The Update’s highlights include a hilarious big head mode and the ability to use splash potions to change mobs’ appearances. Mojang’s dedication to delivering creative content shines through, making this year’s April Fools’ celebration a hit among fans.

    Source: The Sports Rush

    Minecraft Stays True to Its Values: Mojang Studios Rejects NFT Integration in the Game, Prioritizing Creative Inclusion and Community-Driven Gameplay

    Mojang Studios, the developer of Minecraft, has officially stated that it will not support or allow the integration of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with the game. Unlike many other games adopting blockchain technology, Mojang believes that NFTs do not align with Minecraft’s core values of creative inclusion and collaborative gameplay. The immensely popular game remains committed to maintaining its player-centric and community-driven approach, rejecting the use of NFTs to preserve the essence of the Minecraft experience.

    Source: TAP TAP

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in March 2023

    Minecraft Legends

    Image Source: NintendoSoup

    Countdown Begins: Excitement Builds as Minecraft Legends Spin-Off Launches Worldwide on April 18, 2023

    Minecraft fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of the action-strategy spin-off game, Minecraft Legends, scheduled to launch on April 18, 2023. Available on major platforms and free on Xbox Game Pass, players can build bases, train armies, and engage in real-time battles while exploring new realms and teaming up with friends to conquer powerful bosses. Anticipation is high as the countdown begins for the much-awaited launch.


    Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.70 Update: Improved Emotes, Horse Breeding, and Sneak Peek at Experimental Features

    The latest Minecraft Bedrock Edition update, 1.19.70, brings quality-of-life improvements, changes to horse breeding, and early experimental features from the upcoming 1.20 update, including archaeology and the sniffer mob. Additionally, player emotes receive enhancements with improved usage in chat, an upgraded emote wheel, hotkey support, and default emotes for new characters. 

    Source: MINECRAFT

    Unveiling Minecraft Legends: A Captivating Action-Strategy Spin-Off Filling Overworld Gaps and Introducing New Myths

    Minecraft fans are in for a treat with the upcoming action-strategy spin-off Minecraft Legends. This new game aims to fill gaps in the Minecraft overworld’s story and introduce captivating new myths. With an intriguing plot and a blend of familiarity and novelty, Minecraft Legends is poised to become a standout RTS game.

    Source: BEEBOM

    Minecraft Legends: Everything you must know before it Releases

    Minecraft Legends, an extraordinary group of skilled players, has captivated the gaming world with their incredible creations and achievements within the game. They push the limits of Minecraft’s possibilities, inspiring a generation of players. The upcoming Minecraft Legends multiplayer experience promises exciting team battles, resource-sharing, and unique defenses on randomly generated battlegrounds.


    Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23w12a Introduces Exciting Additions: New Armor Trims, Customization Options, and More.

    Minecraft’s latest snapshot, 23w12a, for version 1.20, introduces an array of exciting additions and changes. The Update includes vibration resonance in Blocks of Amethyst, Calibrated Sculk Sensor, Suspicious Gravel, new Archaeology sites, and Pottery Shards. Five new armor trims offer enhanced customization options, with the Silence trim standing out as a fan favorite, covering most of the armor.

    Source: APEX HOSTING

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in February 2023

    Bedrock Edition Minecraft

    Image Source: Xbox Game Studios

    Minecraft 1.19.60 Update: Community-Driven Improvements and Bug Fixes Enhance Gameplay Experience

    Minecraft’s latest Update, version 1.19.60, brings significant quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes based on community feedback. The Update includes new spawn eggs, adjustments to mob behaviors and hitboxes, and changes to block sounds. Players can now experience better mob interactions, improved pathfinding, and transparent effect particles for beacons and conduits.


    Minecraft Patch Notes 2.57 Update Today on February 18, 2023

    Minecraft Update 2.57 is now available for download on all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. This Update brings several bug fixes, addressing crashes during gameplay and login issues on the Nintendo Switch. Server-related problems, including custom classic skins and skin change messages, have also been resolved. Additionally, the cursor bug on Marketplace pages with gamepad navigation has been fixed.


    Minecraft 1.20 Update Reveals Cherry Blossom Biome: Fluffy Pink Trees, Adorable Mobs, and Hanging Signs Await

    Mojang has been revealing the features of Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 update, set to release in 2023. The final feature unveiled is the cherry blossom biome, boasting beautiful cherry blossom trees with fluffy pink crowns. The biome attracts adorable mobs like pigs, sheep, and bees. Players can break down cherry trees for a full wood set and craft new hanging signs.

    Source: NME

    Minecraft Update 2.58 and 1.19.63: Crucial Bug Fixes Address Freezes, Crashes, and Navigation Improvements

    The recent Minecraft updates, 2.58 and 1.19.63, brought essential bug fixes to address issues like freezes on Nintendo Switch, crashes on iOS devices, and problems with opening the Edit World screen for certain worlds. Additionally, navigation improvements were made for the “My Content” Marketplace screen when using a controller. More patches may follow, and further updates will be shared with readers.

    Source: MP1ST

    Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19.62: Fixes Crashes and Login Issues. Investigation Continues for Nintendo Switch Performance Problems

    Mojang Studios releases Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19.62, addressing various issues and crashes. The Update includes fixes for crashes during gameplay, login issues on Nintendo Switch, and problems with custom skins on servers. The team is also investigating performance issues on Nintendo Switch, with a fix expected in a future release. 

    Source: NERD STASH

    Minecraft News That You’ve Missed in January 2023

    Seeds Minecraft

    Image Source: Screen Rant

    Explore Awe-Inspiring Worlds: Best Minecraft Seeds for January 2023 Unveiled

    Discover awe-inspiring worlds in Minecraft with the best seeds for January 2023. From challenging survival islands to rare biome maps, players can explore infinite possibilities and guarantee the spawning of elusive resources. Inputting the exact sequence of numbers associated with each seed is crucial for generating the desired combination of areas. 

    Source: SCREEN RANT

    Secret Changes and Exciting Emote Discovery Unveiled in Latest Minecraft Bedrock Snapshot

    In the latest Bedrock snapshot, some secret changes were made, including updates to skeleton horses, zombie horses, and mule textures, as well as armor visuals. Additionally, there’s a possibility of an ‘Edit World’ UI update similar to the ‘Create a World’ UI. Excitingly, using the same emote five times triggers a unique chat message, though it’s a bit buggy for some users. Development continues for Bedrock Edition, and the hope is for significant updates on Java Edition as well.

    Source: APEX HOSTING

    Minecraft 2023 Starts with New Preview Build: Fixes and Minor Improvements for Current and Upcoming Updates

    Mojang Studios releases the first Minecraft Preview build of 2023, Minecraft Preview, with fixes and minor experimental improvements for the current version of Minecraft and the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. As 2023 begins, Minecraft looks forward to an exciting year in the gaming world, aiming to maintain its relevance and appeal among players.


    Minecraft: A Decade After Release, Still Going Strong with 130 Million Monthly Players and $380 Million Revenue in 2021

    In 2023, Minecraft continues to thrive as a game with sustained growth in users, setting it apart from most video games. Launched in 2009, the game garnered attention even before its official release, and Mojang Studios continuously added new elements, enabling more complex creations by users. Acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014, Minecraft has expanded its universe with various forks and spin-offs while still adding detail to the original game. Minecraft generated $380 million in revenue in 2021, with over 130 million monthly players in 2020, and it has been sold over 200 million times in all formats. 


    Minecraft 1.20 Update: Anticipated Summer 2023 Release with Enhanced Features and Learnings from Past Feedback

    The announcement of the Minecraft 1.20 update marked a departure from previous years, with fewer details revealed to avoid unfulfilled promises. Mojang aims to release only nearly ready features learning from past feedback. While an official release date is yet to be confirmed, based on previous trends, a summer 2023 release is anticipated, with camels, bamboo trees, and cherry orchards already available in snapshots for early evaluation.

    Source: Youtube



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