Business Board Games For Kid

Top 10 Business Board Games for Kid Entrepreneurs in 2023

Business Board Games For Kid


Board games among families have been a fixture in the household. However, these board games not only delight us but also proves to be a teaching experience for people. These business board games are educational tools designed to teach participants business lessons and strategies through the fun and active involvement of the players.

What are the advantages of board games?

The business board games serve multiple purposes with the instruction in business lessons and enhancement of several skills. The advantages are mentioned in detail below.

  • Financially aware– These business board lessons would help people take accountability for their ‘fake’ money and manage, multiply and save it. Hence, board games will help people become financially aware and responsible.
  • Strategy Planning– Navigating a business board game would require people to plan their business strategies. Hence, the skill of strategic planning that will further be helpful in the real world is taught through the medium of board games.
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Ten Best Business Board Games

Business board games serve both the purpose of providing delight and teaching business

Hence, the top board games are decided based on both quotients. As per the trends for the year 2023, the top ten entrepreneurial board games are listed below.

1. Monopoly 


Monopoly is based on the logistics of economics. This multi-player game is a real estate game with the purpose of the players remaining financially sufficient but causing bankruptcy for the other players through the buying and selling of the properties. 

2. Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears board game shares its name with the key components of a share market. A bull market occurs when securities are rising, whereas a bear market occurs when securities are falling for an extended period.

Bulls and Bears board game

Considering that this game was developed during the worst market time, this business board game is a lot less fun than others and focuses on the lesson of how to construct a profitable stock portfolio. The game teaches financial management skills.

3. Ice Cream Empire

Ice Cream Empire

Ice Cream Empire is a fun and business-oriented board game for two to four players. This game requires the players to build an ice cream empire from scratch. With the rules and conditions of the game, the players can easily learn the strategic planning aspect of businesses.

4. Moonpreneur Board Game

Moonpreneur board game

Moonpreneur board game is an educational board game that has helped hundreds of children, young adults, and adults gain financial literacy and stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset in a fun way. Financial literacy is crucial and should be nurtured in children right from a young age. 

5. Catan

Catan is an overall business board game. This game Settlers of The Catan could not be more American. The players are required to start as settlers of the land and build their empires then.


The player needs to think strategically, trade resources wisely, and make the most of their resources.

6. Free Market NYC

Free Market NYC

Free Market NYC is another perfect business board game that is based on the free-market economy, and the navigation in the market to achieve success.

7. Acquire


Acquire is another American board game that is centered around acquiring real estate and building successful hotel chains. In doing so, the individual players must learn to trade in stocks with the other players.

8. Nine to Five

Nine to Five

Nine to Five is yet another business puzzle and a buzzword board game based on the conditions of the current day. In this, the winner is the first player to successfully use all of the business phrases.

9. The Entrepreneur Board Game

The Entrepreneur board game teaches all the participants important practical skills such as the 4Cs, time management, and financial resources.

10. In Power Grid

In Power Grid

In Power Grid, players must compete to buy fictitious power plants and learn business planning while deciding whether or not to invest in equipment to support their business strategies.

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