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tips to avoid procastination
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    7 Tips And Tricks for Students to Avoid Procrastination




    Learning is a process that requires intense discipline, hard work, and dedication. But certain factors often serve as a hurdle in seamless knowledge gaining. Procrastination is one such factor that can ruin your valuable study time and cost you heavily in the long term. 

    overcome procrastination

    However, despite knowing the ill effects of this bad habit, most students find it difficult to overcome it. According to studies, about 50% of college-going students procrastinate consistently. If this sounds like you and some help figure this problem out, this blog can greatly help.

    Read on to learn how students can overcome procrastination like a pro!

    1. Admitting It

    If you tend to procrastinate more than often, the first step to tackling it is admitting it. Do not lie to yourself, as this can impact your self-image. Admit to yourself that you have a habit of procrastination and that you understand it works against your favor. Once you do this, you now consciously know that you must fix this issue, and your mind will help you find ways out. 

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    2. Finding Out Why

    After accepting that you are prone to procrastination, you can dig deeper and find out why you tend to do it. There are multiple reasons why people procrastinate. But primarily, it points to the temporary pleasure of not doing the work. However, this always comes with serious shortcomings. For instance, after some time, the work piles up and feels like a huge, unmovable mountain! 

    This can contribute to stress and poor health. Some people procrastinate because they overwhelm themselves with an impossible goal, and once they realize it is difficult to achieve it, they postpone or cancel the thing altogether. Either way, finding out what inspires you to procrastinate can help you fix the issue more easily. 

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    3. Discovering A Reason To Stop It

    Once you know why you are procrastinating, it is much more convenient to stop doing it. Now all you have to do is seek out why you should not procrastinate. As a student, realizing the importance of getting educated and scoring well can be your reason to stop procrastination. 

    Or you could rethink your learning approach and make it more interesting so you are not forced to procrastinate. You could also make yourself realize the huge privilege that you have. Unlike so many boys and girls of your age around the globe, you have access to quality education. Value this, be grateful, hold yourself responsible for your actions, and decide to change. The reason is something you have to discover yourself and act upon. 

    4. Creating A Realistic Plan

    The next point is thinking of a realistic plan that will help you get your things done on time. Instead of planning to finish huge volumes of work quickly, consider what is practically doable. For instance, check out how many subjects you need to cover this week and how many chapters each do they contain. Then take on manageable chunks of work for a set period and strictly execute the plan. 

    5. Breaking It Down

    It is important to understand that the human mind can get tired by simply imagining a huge pile of work. You don’t need to start doing it, but thinking about it can make you feel exhausted. This is why it is always wiser to break down the task. Instead of aiming to climb the peak in one go, break the journey down into parts and conquer each part, one at a time. 

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    And without even realizing it, you’d be at the top of the peak in no time! Not only does this make the task easier, but it also allows you a sense of accomplishment as you finish each segment and head to the next. This improves your self-confidence, which will take you closer to success. 

    6. Learning How To Manage Your Energy

    It is not just about managing your time but about managing your energy that makes the difference. Recognize what time of the day you feel most active and energetic. Choose this time to study the most difficult chapters. 

    This way, you can utilize your active mind to tackle hard jobs. Using techniques like the Pomodoro method and others, you can refresh your mind after a certain amount of activity and return energized to resume work. Understanding your routine, what time works best, what place works best, and what keeps you most motivated for your studies is important in tackling procrastination. 

    7. Rewarding Self-Discipline

    Finally, once you follow each step in this list and successfully manage to keep procrastination at bay, do not forget to reward yourself. Being disciplined takes effort, so you should always applaud yourself when you succeed at it. This will encourage you to keep up the good habit until you conquer your goals. 

    In a Nutshell

    These are some useful tips and tricks to avoid procrastination. As a student, you can experiment with these ideas by applying and implementing them in your life. These tips have worked wonders for several students, and we are sure you, too, can also benefit from using these techniques. Good luck!

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