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20 Best Summer Crafts for Kids
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    20 Best Summer Crafts for Kids




    Parents frequently hear “I’m so bored” during summer vacation

    However, this year can be different if you encourage your kids to explore the world of crafts. Not only will it keep them occupied, but it’s also an opportunity for them to express their creativity and enjoy their free time. 

    Engaging in hands-on activities that involve creating objects helps children develop a range of essential skills, including self-expression, fine motor skills, patience and concentration, organizational skills, and creativity

    To get you started, here are 20 summer crafts for kids that will keep them engaged and help sharpen their minds.

    1. Bubble wands

    Children love blowing bubbles, so creating bubble wands is an easy crafts idea with dollops of fun and entertainment. Give them scissors, pipe cleaner, cookie cutters, and different size beads, and they are good to go. 

    2. Shell crafts

    If your child loves collecting seashells during beach trips, you can ask them to create a photo frame, turtle, or other crafts. They can also make shell jewelry. The activity will not only keep them engaged but also teach them about types of shells such as Abalone, Cowrie, Nautilus, and Scallop.

    3. Paper plate craft:

    Kids love to create sunflowers, mini-gardens, and other items on sunny days using paper plates. They’re a cost-effective and versatile material that can be transformed into various crafts.

    4. Tie-dye T-shirts

    Another fun activity to do with kids is tie-dyeing T-shirts. Give them fabric dyes, rubber bands, plain T-shirts, and patterns to create attractive designs. If you’re not familiar with the process, there are plenty of online tutorials for tie-dyeing that can provide helpful tips and guidance for you and your child to follow. Don’t forget to wear gloves and aprons to avoid staining your hands and clothes!

    5. Make pinwheels

    This humble craft activity will not only keep your child entertained but also teach them about the importance and influence of air and breathing. Most of the materials needed for the activity are easily available in our stationery stocks, such as scissors, pencils, colored paper, straws, pushpins, and masking tape.

    6. Sand art bottle

    While most craft projects are focused on the final product, this one is more about the process. Inspired by Petra’s multicolored sandy rocks from the 1920s, this distinctive and unique craft originates in Jordan. 

    You only need colored sand, clear bottles, a funnel, and a spoon. Encourage your child to unleash their creativity and create fun artwork using these simple materials. Of course, you will have to supervise them.  

    7. Ice cream craft

    Kids love ice cream, so it is a must-have summer craft. You can use cardboard, cotton pads, and watercolors to make the ice cream. It is an ideal option for the preschooler that fills the child’s midday during the holiday. 

    8. DIY toy soap

    Another fun art and craft activity to entertain your child is making DIY toy soap. You can purchase kits online or check out tutorials on YouTube to prepare for the activity. With just a few materials, creating these fun and functional soaps is easy.

    9. Grass head

    This activity is a unique combination of fun and learning. You can purchase a kit online or gather some materials, such as worn-out stockings, soil, grass seeds, rubber bands for tying, and some decoration materials. Lastly, you will need a pot for your grass head to sit in.

    Once the child finishes the craft, remind them to add water to grow green hair. 

    10. Paper airplanes

    One of the easiest crafts for kids is making paper airplanes. All you need is paper, and every kid loves playing with paper planes! Four different methods to fold planes make this craft easy to create from the comfort of your home.

    11. Beaded wind chimes

    This DIY project is a breeze. You only need colorful glass beads, a paintbrush, driftwood sticks, and jute twine to make a beautiful wind chime. Kids can work on it independently. 

    12. Amazing sun catchers

    Suncatcher is a beautiful way to welcome the summer. Instead of buying a suncatcher online, you can create the beautiful one with melted crayons, tissue paper, dry flowers, and pony beads. Hang the sun catcher on windows to catch the sunlight.

    13. Confetti fish

    If your child loves the ocean, a great craft idea is to make Confetti fish. This craft is easy to create using simple materials such as confetti, glue, scissors, a marker pen, and printed fish templates. Children can make a variety of fish at home with these materials. Confetti fish are a colorful and fun summer craft for kids, perfect for imaginative play.

    14. Beaded Jewelry

    Creating beaded jewelry is the best way to keep the kids engaged during summer. It also helps to boost hand-eye coordination to make the cutest accessories. Order colorful beads and thread to create necklaces, earning or necklaces easily. 

    15. Bird feeders

    The best way to enjoy wildlife with the little one is with a bird feeder. It is suitable for kids of all ages that encourages bird watching in the garden during summer. You can use recycled materials to make bird feeders, such as plastic bottles, coffee mugs, and milk cartons. 

    16. Kite

    Kite flying is a highly enjoyable outdoor activity, but making kites can be as fun as an indoor craft project. So, why wait? Create your paper kites at home using simple materials like paper or lightweight fabrics, and then spend some quality time with your children flying them outside. 

    17. Rock Painting

    Collect rocks and paint them with fantastic patterns. Acrylic paint is the perfect choice to paint rocks that let you create beautiful garden decorations. 

    18. Flower crowns

    If your daughter loves to wear a crown, creating a cute flower crown is an ideal option instead of buying an expensive one. You can go with fake flowers or fresh ones to make the crown. It is a simple and enjoyable craft for all kids. 

    19. Popsicle stick bracelets

    With the help of popsicle sticks, kids can make colorful and beautiful bracelets. Just paint the sticks and decorate the painted sticks with stickers.

    20. Fruit or vegetable stamping

    Fruit or vegetable stamping is messy but a terrific art activity. Kids can create incredible designs using sliced vegetables or fruits such as oranges, okra, carrot, apple, potato, and brinjal. 


    These 20 summer crafts are suitable for all kids, regardless of age. They bring happiness and fun to sunny days. As kids are engaged in crafts, parents can focus on other tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and more.

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