STEM Apps For Children

Soumi Pandey

Soumi Pandey

STEM Apps For Children

STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are subjects that every child needs to learn in this ever-changing world. Your child may not enjoy these topics if you only give them books to read from. However, STEM works differently. It involves your child with games and activities related to STEM to make learning fun. If you are a parent looking for such a way of education, here are some apps that can help your child gain STEM knowledge.

1. The Robot Factory by Tinybop- Age 4+

You may have watched as your child built a castle with Lego. Now, with this app, your kid can creatively build robots from scratch by combining various parts. They can not only build robots but also test and collect them. They can open their creative side and design robot dragons, robot Kung Fu warriors, robot doctors, and much more. Your kid will develop skills such as problem-solving, creative-thinking, designing, and even story-telling. 

2. Hopscotch- Programming for Kids- Age 4+

If your kid wants to learn to code the fun way, then Hopscotch is the way forward. This app allows your kids to create games, animations, stories, art, and much more, through simple programming. They can use in-built building blocks to code and educate themselves. Your kid will be able to explore and be creative in designing programs that they can upload to the Hopscotch community and help others play and learn. Hopscotch also provides video tutorials for kids to learn more. 

3. Crazy Gears by Edoki Academy- Age 5+

Crazy Gears is a game of puzzles, which aims at teaching kids how a machine works. It allows children to use and change gears, pulleys, chains, rods, etc. to enter the next level by pulling themselves up. This app helps your kid develop critical thinking by understanding how different mechanisms affect each other when building a machine. It engages your child in acquiring the reasoning abilities required for understanding STEM. 

4. Odd Bot Out by Martin Magni- Age 4+

Odd Bot Out is a game in which kids will have to help Odd, the one-eyed bot, escape the recycling bin where Odd was sent to after failing a standardized test. There are 100 levels, each with a new puzzle that requires a new skill to solve. Your child will be able to use physics, electricity, building blocks, and more to build cars, form bridges, etc. 

5. Thinkrolls 2 by Avokiddo – Age 4+

Children can use science to solve puzzles and navigate across 270 levels with Thinkrolls 2. Kids need to use logic, fundamental physics, and properties of matter to make their Thinkrolls roll, float, glide, and even teleport to the next level. Your child will develop problem-solving abilities and deductive reasoning by doing trials and errors to play this game. 

To Conclude

Kids tend to learn more if they can understand the concepts through visuals and practical applications rather than just theory. These apps and many others focus on developing your child’s ability to problem-solve and think outside the box while educating themselves in STEM.

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