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Creating the Most Bizarre Skibidi Toilet Map on Roblox
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    Tutorial For Creating the Most Bizarre Skibidi Toilet Map on Roblox!


    In today’s blog we’ve created the most bizarre Skibidi toilet map. You’re on Roblox. And to create this game, we will use Roblox Studio and the Brookhaven map and also play several other bizarre Skibidi toilet games to serve as inspiration to create our own game. And we will also show you how to become a Soundman, cameraman, and Skibidi toilet itself. 

    For starters, we are going to go into the Roblox search tab and look for Skibidi toilets, and lots of bizarre games will pop up. And the first game we’re going to test will be this  one because it’s the game with the most people playing.

    Going down the floor, we can see that there are several interesting things, such as a toilet helicopter, a toilet war tank, a zombie toilet, and even a toilet family. This is certainly very bizarre. Wow, you can actually turn into a toilet. Wait, to become a toilet, you have to spend 200 Robux. We are not crazy so we will take this normal toilet that is apparently free.

    We got the morph from a normal toilet, and now we can morph using this menu. We can even use the jump scare. Now that you have become a toilet, you can leave this safe zone and explore the rest of the map, right? Wow, a toilet with several heads. It looks like a mutation. Will I be able to transform into this creature shoe? Why are all the morphs in this game page?

    I think we’d better look at the rest of the map, because if it depends on the morph, we won’t be able to do anything. As there’s a building in this city where the sign is nothing more than a toilet, and apparently there’s a gun inside that toilet. Next door, there are also several giant toilets.

    You can also get attacked by the toilet. Does this toilet also attack? No, this one is really just a morph. This other morph is the one we were using, so it probably doesn’t attack.

    We just found something very inspiring to put on our map, which is nothing more than a toiletry store. We even saw the sign where the toilet was wearing glasses. Okay, entering this door, we will see that it has several Stylish customizations for the toilet beard, glasses, hat, and everything that a high glass toilet would like to use. 

    What is this golden thing? Is it a morph? Oh, cool. We got a different kind of toilet. Okay, we have to admit that this morph is pretty cool. We will be nothing less than a golden toilet with a technological spider leg. 

    This map gave us several ideas on how to create our own Skibidi map in Roblox.

    So we’re already here in Roblox Studio, and will search this tab for toilets, and several options for skibides or generic toilets will appear. It’s obvious that we are going to use all the skibidi we can find, so we have a nice variety of enemies.

    Giant skibidi found here, and going to make it even bigger, so it’s super intimidating. We will increase the size of these little soldiers a little, too, so this army doesn’t get so weak.

    We are going to modify the Brookhaven Market so that it becomes a toiletry store. So put a toilet in that place to serve as a sign for this door. The decoration of the entrance will be done with  plungers, which are also items for the toilet here. Inside this door, destroy all the shelves and put several toilets in their place.

    We are going to put some more toilets on that side, too, and put some aesthetic accessories on these toilets, like glasses, hair, and even a hat. Our toilet clothing store is already complete with lots of hair, lots of different hats, and even a dog mask.

    Now I’m going back to Roblox to get more inspiration to continue building our game.

    The next game is called Skibidi Toilet Siege Defense. And on this map, there are 10,000 people playing, so maybe this game is really good.

    Okay, I just walked in here, and we turned into cameramen. But, bro, what’s going on in this play? Okay, in my inventory, I have a gun and a sword, and I probably have to shoot the skibidi that are attacking our cameraman friend. Manage to escape the toilet. One thing we have noticed about these skibidi is that it’s very difficult to eliminate any of them, both big or small.You can flush those giant skibides.

    We have come up with an idea that involves modifying Brookhaven’s lobby so it looks like that monument from SKIbidi. So come out. Let’s destroy the fountain, destroy the potted plants, and let’s dry out the Brookhaven floor. 

    Now we will place a gold toilet exactly in the center of the lobby, increasing its size and placing several other toilets where the Brookhaven potted plants used to be. And just like in the game.

    We are going to place several buildings scattered here in Brookhaven so that it looks more like a big city. We have placed several buildings and they all look extremely similar both to each other and compared to the other game I’ve played recently.

    Our next game is Skibid Toilets vs cameraman and speakermen. And in this game, there are 2700 active people. As you can see, I have several weapons in my inventory. And, some enemies have already started to appear for us to defeat. And with all these weapons, we have several options on how to defeat a Skivity.

    We’ve been shooting this toilet for a long time and it just doesn’t take damage. Okay? Apparently we have to land the shot exactly on the flush button, so this is going to be harder than it looks.

    Now it’s time to put some cameraman on Brookhaven. And of course, we are also going to put that giant robot from the camera army so we can fight the giant’s givity. We will put several soldiers next to our giant robot to form a small army. Also put two more toilet noobs too big to be Skiveny Army warrior. Put the noob with a camera that will be the one that will film the whole battle. Here, we need to put signs of destruction, such as Cars on Fire, noobs on Fire and the stores of Brookhaven on fire.

    As you can see, our Brookhaven is identical to the skibidi battle against the cameraman. Before showing you how the final version of the toilet haven turned out, we will show you how to transform yourself into skibidi Toilets, cameraman and speakermen.

    We are   going to start by showing you how to turn yourself into a skibidi toilet. You will need to use this torso, the little known leg, the city life woman’s arms, the bottom part of the toilet, the top part of the toilet, and also a very bizarre face or head. And after you put all these items together, just put them on these scales and it will look exactly like this.

    Now I’m going to show you how to become the speakermen. And to make the speakermen, we need to use a speaker’s head of that arm, that torso, those legs, that white shirt. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a black or red tie, black military boots and black dress pants. And with all these items together, we have the speakermen ready and perfect.

    As the cameraman is special, we need  to assemble it and to make the cameraman skin, you’ll need a camera head.This shirt with a black tie, that shoe, that torso, those arms, that head, those legs, that black jacket and those black pants. And that’s how the cameraman was. He’s definitely the best of the three skins we created.

    Without further ado, let’s see what has changed on our map. Here we have all the skibbies and apparently they don’t attack us. Thank goodness. Right, the toilets we put in here were really scary and even look like the original you. Look how gross. There are flies around the head of this giant skivity in front of the market. Some noobs are dying while they catch fire.

    Normal, right? But ignoring that, we can come to the newest fashion store for toilets. Here I put several accessories, several glasses, hair and even a hat. In one of these toilets, I put Mario’s hat on, but that left me with doubt. If Mario lived in the world of skibidi’s toilet, would he be considered a doctor, since he is a plumber?

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    What do you think? Now I’m going to show you what happened to the army of cameraman. The cameraman’s robot is not where it should be, but that’s because it walks alone. It’s really alive. And the same thing happened with the little cameraman. They started walking randomly and started stopping in bizarre places and started getting stuck in some corners.

    Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and explore the various tools and features available in Roblox Studio. The more you use it, the more comfortable and proficient you’ll become.

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