9 Things To Consider While Selecting An App Development Course For Kids

9 Things To Consider While Selecting An App Development Course For Kids

9 Things To Consider While Selecting An App Development Course For Kids


We live in a technological age. In recent decades, mobile phone technology has evolved at an unprecedented rate. The exponential growth in mobile technology saw the introduction and rapid diversification of ‘Applications’ that are fuelling mobile phones. 

Since the current generation is growing up with technology, it’s our responsibility to prepare them for the future by upskilling them so that they can recognize opportunities and grab them. Apart from the formal institutions, the online education industry is helping in upskilling children. 

But they say too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, too many options make it challenging for parents to choose the right app development course for their child. 

We at Moonpreneur are trying to ease things out for you by presenting a curated list of pointers that would assist you in making the best decision for your child.

The list includes:

  1. Pricing
  2. Ensuring Child’s Convenience
  3. Smart Learning
  4. Ages Served and Class Size
  5. Reviews and Ratings
  6. Instructors/ Tutors/ Mentors 
  7. The Curriculum Design
  8. Compensatory Arrangements for Missed Classes
  9. Hands-on Learning

1. Pricing 

Online app development courses come with a price tag, and since most households have a monthly budget, choose a platform that offers an effective curriculum without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Apart from this, look for a flexible payment model such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annually and pick one that suits you. This will ensure continuous learning because kids have to regularly practice what they are learning to master the skills.

2. Ensuring child’s convenience 

An app development course is an extra-curricular activity, therefore balancing both school and online learning is a must. Options such as weekend classes and re-scheduling facilities are a few of the ways of striking a balance.

If the selected platform is flexible enough to allow its pupils to learn at their pace, you can consider them, as it will offer a comfortable learning environment for your kid. 

3. Smart Learning

App development revolves around coding. Today, the tutors follow various methods to make learning smart and interactive for kids to engage them in the content that leads to a deeper and fuller understanding of the subject. Opportunities to build projects and practice skills they acquire during the sessions should be part of the learning module.

4. Ages Served and Class Size 

One criterion for selection could be age-appropriate classes. This helps children to learn at their own pace with their peers. Class sizes should be small because meeting the needs of each student in a coding intense course is a must. 

Platforms with such type of arrangement offer reliable routine and structure while promoting bespoke curricula for different age groups. 

5. Reviews and Ratings

Review and Rating

Before enrolling your child, take a popular public opinion on the particular e-learning platform by checking its review and ratings. Customer reviews on Google Reviews and other websites reflect a majority’s sentiments towards a particular course or product. A good platform will have high ratings and positive reviews from both parents and children.

6. Instructors/Tutors/Mentors 

A good learning platform will vet every tutor or instructor. It will share details about each of them. It will ensure experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic mentors with the skills to create a positive learning environment for students. 

A thorough background check of mentors is necessary as the interactions involve young minds and your child’s safety should be the priority. 

7. The Curriculum Design

An app development course contains coding and an understanding of how applications work for different platforms. Students and parents should discuss which areas interest or intrigue them. Apart from the core subject, the course curriculum should focus on other factors as well.

Having a holistic learning approach helps children grasp concepts easily and train them to grow up into confident individuals.

8. Compensatory Arrangements for Missed Classes

Every child learns differently. Each one has their own pace of learning. A good learning platform will definitely cater to their needs by offering additional help to those who need it. Also, if a student misses a class, the platform should offer extra classes or recorded sessions and make learning enjoyable for them.  

9. Hands-on Learning

Online learning lacks little practical experience or knowledge. Lack of practical learning doesn’t develop skills and students find it difficult to remember what they learned. A holistic learning platform bridges the gap by giving coding assignments or asking them to build an application in real-time. 

Making Kids Future Ready

The hands-on activities will help in developing skills and enhancing knowledge. A combination of theoretical insights and practical learning will lead to comprehensive learning. 

In Nutshell

App development courses can help in making your child’s future ready. The course challenges their brain and stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving skills early in their life. App Development courses teach a considerable amount of coding that leads to a deeper understanding of coding languages. Technology will rule the future, and the course will give kids an edge over their peers.  

The list will assist you in making the right choice. Among others, Moonpreneur is one amazing platform that fulfills all the criteria with its holistically learning program built on a scientifically designed curriculum.

Book a Free App Development Workshop for your child with Moonpreneur to experience how we inspire and ignite the spark of innovation in young minds.

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