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Scratch Coding for Kids
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    Why Scratch Coding for Kids Is The Need of Hour


    Scratch Coding for Kids


    Ask about the importance of coding to any millennial parent, and you will get to know how much time their kids are spending in coding classes. Yes, coding has become the new ABC of contemporary times. Parents are showing increasing awareness of the significance of coding for their kids. 

    Scratch Coding for Kids

    Coding not only paves the way to a better future for your child but also helps in the development of their cognitive skills. And precisely that’s the reason why parents get their children enrolled in coding classes that too at a young age. 

    However, choosing the right programming language plays a decisive role in whether or not your children will get to wrap their heads around these complicated concepts. Not every coding language is suitable for your kid. 

    Scratch Coding Monthly Trend


    If you are searching for a coding program that keeps things interesting and easy for your children, scratch coding can be your thing! As per recent reports, kids aged between 8 to 16 years love to use scratch programming to delve deeper into the world of coding. 

    Wish to know more about this kid-friendly coding program? Here you go!

    Scratch Coding- What’s That?

    MIT Media Lab came up with this visual programming language back in 2007. It is a highly intuitive programming language that comes with a drag-and-drop interface. Scratch coding is popular among kids because building apps and games are easy with scratch coding. You will have to just connect the colorful code blocks, and voila! You are done.

    Scratch coding requires minimal knowledge of computers. Thus, it is a great coding language for kids who are just getting introduced to computer education. Consider it as the starting point for any child who wishes to explore the world of coding. 

    Coding with a Difference!

    Scratch does not look like other conventional coding languages. While most coding programs rely on texts and symbols, Scratch relies on colored blocks to add the element of ease, accessibility, and entertainment. With Scratch, your kids won’t have to type written commands and learn complex syntax. Rather, they can snap together the blocks by “legofying” the entire process. 

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    Top 5 Benefits to Expect with Scratch Coding!

    1) A slow but steady start to high-end coding languages

    Scratch coding is the gateway to the world of coding. With colorful blocks and visual programming, it seems quite easy for children. They do not have to follow stringent coding rules and learn text-based coding. Once they get to learn about the simple stuff related to coding, you can gradually enroll them to the next level with Python

    2) Enhanced logical thinking in your children

    Scratch involves dragging and dropping the code blocks without writing complicated codes. They get to see the outcome of their efforts on the screen. This further enhances their logical and analytical skills. 

    Scratch introduces your kids to concepts like operators, loops, data types, arrays, and variables. While learning these concepts, their logical thinking ability increases gradually. Also, they create a base for learning complicated coding programs in the future.

    3) Improved problem-solving abilities

    Scratch coding also inculcates problem-solving ability in your children. It enhances the constructionist approach among kids. They get to break down an immediate problem into different sub-parts. 

    Arranging blocks let them experiment with multiple solutions. The mechanism of Scratch programming encourages kids to identify the correct coding blocks and come up with the right arrangement. It offers ample opportunities for brainstorming. Also, scratching inculcates organization skills in your kids. 

    4) Creative Exposure

    One of the major goals of Scratch coding is to promote creative spree among children. This robust coding platform can make your kids highly creative with its visually appealing coding program. Scratch is known for its vast collection of predefined backgrounds and sprites. 

    Kids can also draw their designs. Scratch coding also allows children to come up with highly interactive stories. Kids get to customize and create engaging projects, thereby improving their creative potential. Appealing graphics, media, and sound enhance the creative imagination of your children.

    5) Coding gets fun-filled and engaging

    Coding can get strenuous for kids. But Scratch coding always makes the process funny and engaging. Its visually appealing interface keeps children entertained even while they are learning intricate concepts of coding. They can make their characters move, sing, or dance just by arranging code blocks. 

    Scratch allows children to add different sounds and their own voices to make the projects more lively. Scratch basically gamifies the entire coding experience for your kids. Thus, they get to learn so much about coding but not in a stressful way. 

    Parting Thoughts

    Scratch coding for kids is indeed one of the best platforms to learn intricate coding concepts. It involves lots of experimentation and exploration. You will be glad to know that educators and instructors prefer using Scratch for teaching kids STEAM subjects. 

    If you want your kids to learn about coding, it is best to start with Scratch programming. And in case you are in search of the best Scratch coding class for your children, Moonpreneur can be your ultimate choice. 

    We are a globally-renowned virtual platform for those kids who dare to dream big. We have a trained faculty dedicated just to Scratch coding lessons. 

    Thus, we are on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs, which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and much more!! 

    Register for a free 60-minute Scratch class today!

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