Sadhguru's Word of Wisdom for Young Entrepreneurs

Sadhguru’s Word of Wisdom for Young Entrepreneurs

Sadhguru's Word of Wisdom for Young Entrepreneurs


When the words of wisdom from a spiritual guru resonate with the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 it makes you sit up and take notice. 

We know how the Fourth Industrial Revolution has disrupted the way we live and work. If the reports are anything to go by, it has revolutionized the workspace that demands a different set of skills. Some of the sought-after skills are entrepreneurial & leadership skills, creative thinking & problem-solving skills, and soft skills. 

The teachings of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, which are pragmatic and modern, are in tandem with the demands of industry 4.0. He says, “If you strive to evolve yourself, you would be able to see what is needed. When you will see what is needed, you will find a solution for that. You will see how to enhance the situation. That’s all life is.” 

Innovative entrepreneurs or startups do the same. They empathize with the people around them, try to find a solution to their problems, and innovate a product or service to enhance their lives. From the innovators of smartphones to smart homes, trains, and airplanes, they all have made the world around us convenient and easier.  Haven’t they!

A visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader, Sadhguru holds mastery of the mechanisms of life and guides billions in exploring the dimension of life. He says,  “If you will pay attention to life, you will find out how to innovate.” 

“If I am willing, the entire universe is mine, the whole world is mine, all the people are mine, and all the creatures are mine. When we see the world as ours, we work to enhance the world. We want to make it as beautiful and as wonderful as we can,” he said. 

For him, enhancing the world is a very “selfish goal”.

“The simplest thing I am saying is that everything is yours… there is so much to be done depending upon your competencies.” 

He emphasizes understanding the meaning of life and using skills and expertise to enhance life.

“The only precious thing in your life is life.  How to enhance this life? You will see, you enhance every other life around you. If you have a technical brain, you will do something in technology…If you have an agricultural mind, you will do something on the land, if you have a political mind, you will do something in the policies.”

He believes looking for external driving forces for inspiration or motivation is not the right approach. 

“Nothing drives me. I drive everything.  This is the significance of this culture, the significance of yogic traditions is just this. There are no driving forces in your life. You are the driving force. You are the peak of evolution on this planet. You shouldn’t be looking for any other driving force in your life. You must be in the driver’s seat,” he said.   

The pitfall of not being in the driving seat is that one ends up having various kinds of imaginations that lead to conflicts and troubles, violence and atrocities. 

“The worst things on the planet are done by claiming I have been driven by something else. It gives you certain insurance to do whatever nonsense you wish to do. This has to go. Humans should take responsibility for every thought, every action, every emotion,” he said, adding that we should accept it as “this is my karma, it’s my doing.”  

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