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Robotics Kits For Beginners
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    Top 10 Robotics Kits For Beginners


    Children are captivated by the allure of robots from a young age and are drawn to them almost instinctively. As they grow older, the thrill of creating robots using robotics kits is an exhilarating experience that is highly looked after by many kids. But for that, you need to be handy with a few robotics kits for beginners.

    Robotics kits for beginners come with pre-assembled parts and a set of instructions that help beginners get started with building and programming robots. Its hands-on approach makes learning robotics for kids far more interesting. 

    It is also an excellent way to introduce children to STEM fields and teach them the basics of coding, electronics, and mechanical engineering. 

    Let us first understand the age-specific breakdown of robotics kits for beginners to find the right fit across different age groups and interests:

    1. Exploration and Playfulness

    Younger Children (3-8 years old)

    Seek beginners robotics kits with large, easy-to-handle components, emphasizing playful exploration and basic construction. Look for simple coding interfaces, such as drag-and-drop blocks, to introduce fundamental programming concepts engagingly.

    2. Introduction to Complexity

    Older Children (9-12 years old)

    Explore kits that introduce more complex elements like sensors, motors, and basic programming languages. These kits should encourage the building of more intricate robots with enhanced functionality, fostering experimentation in problem-solving and creative design.

    3. In-depth Exploration

    Teenagers and Adults

    Opt for advanced kits that delve deeply into robotics principles, incorporating sophisticated components like microcontrollers, multiple sensors, and complex programming languages. These kits should facilitate customization and project creation, catering to the growing technical skills and interests of this age group.

    If you are looking for robot kits, our list may greatly assist in locating the right one.


    Kit Name Key Features Educational Value
    Mega 2560 The Most Complete Starter Kit Comprehensive Component Variety and free PDF Tutorial Learning and Exploration
    Moonpreneur's Embedded Learner Uno Kit Embedded Learner Board, Arduino Uno Coding, programming, electronics prototyping, and IoT
    Gewbot DIY Robot Model Kit for Raspberry Pi 4/3 Compatible with Raspberry Pi, programmable and DIY control via GUI app Coding Skills
    Makeblock mBot Easy Assembly, AI and IoT Learning, User-Friendly Programming Interface and Smartphone App Control Promotes Creativity
    Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit Solar Powered, STEM Education Support Learning and Exploration
    Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines- Tracks & Treads Programed by smartphone or tablet Learning and exploration
    MePed Robot Complete kit for assembly with Pre-programmed basic commands which are customizable and hackable Accessibility for beginners
    Geekclub Five Skills Cutecircuits Versatile and easy to use, no soldering required Creative thinking
    Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 STEM 10-in-1 Educational Robot Kit Powerful MegaPi main control board with nine robotic design variations, ten building forms and anodized aluminum parts. Learning Robotics
    VEX GO Educational Kit Block-based coding with reusable carrying case Engaging STEM Education

    1. Mega 2560 The Most Complete Starter Kit

    Mega 2560 The Most Complete Starter Kit

    The MEGA complete starter robotics kit for beginners that offers unparalleled convenience and quality for enthusiasts interested in Arduino projects. With over 200 components, including LCD1602 and gy-521 sensor modules, it ensures a seamless experience with its pre-soldered pin headers.  

    The kit comes with a free PDF tutorial featuring more than 35 lessons, facilitating easy learning and experimentation. Packaged neatly with a clear listing and a surprise bonus small box for component organization, it enhances user experience and organization. 

    Available on Elegook
    Manufacturer Elegoo
    Price $62.99
    Suitable for ages 12+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★★ (5 stars)
    Review by customer Perhaps the best kit in value for money that there is to start in the Arduino universe in a serious way. The Arduino starter kit has some additional components like a MOSFET and an optocoupler but you can add them for little money. The tutorial projects are easy to follow. I have tried all the projects in the tutorial.

    2. Moonpreneur’s Embedded Learner Uno Kit

    Moonpreneur’s Embedded Learner Uno Kit

    Embedded Learner Kit Version 2 is a learning development kit designed for tech enthusiasts that they can use to gain hands-on experience in coding, programming, prototyping electronics, and IoT. The kit is compatible with Arduino Uno which contains many features and is very convenient to perform experiments with its easy USB interface. 

    The Embedded Learner Board is provided in the kit, so you can speed up the prototyping, make hardware connections simpler, and quickly create the circuits. But if you want to experiment with hardware connections and want more flexibility with circuits, you get all the components of an Embedded Learner board in loose form and a breadboard with which you can experiment better.

    Available on Moonpreneur Store
    Manufacturer Moonpreneur
    Price $64.99
    Suitable for ages 8+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★★ (5 stars)
    Review by customer A really great kit with everything you need to get started. Everything in the kit was of good/excellent quality. Great value for money.

    3. Gewbot DIY Robot Model Kit for Raspberry Pi 4/3

    Gewbot DIY Robot Model Kit for Raspberry Pi

    This STEM Educational Robot is a comprehensive tank robot kit compatible with Raspberry Pi, offering both programmable and DIY capabilities. With C/S Architecture, it can be remotely controlled via a GUI app on a PC, providing versatile functionality including multi-directional object grabbing, tracking, motion detection, and line tracking. 

    Equipped with WS2812 RGB LEDs and real-time video transmission, it offers an immersive technological experience. Easy assembly and coding are facilitated by a detailed PDF manual and Python code, fostering hands-on learning and creativity.

    Available on Amazon
    Manufacturer Gewbot
    Price $121.90
    Suitable for ages 7+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★★☆ (4.9 stars)
    Review by customer Product was fine and as advertised, seller communication was poor and disjointed, product arrived a week later than anticipated delivery date.

    4. Makeblock mBot

    Makeblock mBot

    Makeblock mBot is the upgraded version of the classic mBot, but it is more powerful, accurate, and faster. This DIY robotics kit for beginners provides limitless fun and creativity. It is very easy to build and promote AI, IoT learning. 

    This kit provides an easy-to-use interface for programming and various sensors to help you bring your robot to life. Plus, you can control it with a smartphone app!

    Available on Makeblock
    Manufacturer Makeblock
    Price $79.99
    Suitable for ages 8+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4.7 stars)
    Review by customer Excellent! Great start to engineering for our little ones! Directions were easy (for her) to follow. First she set it up where it only moved in circles but easily went back to the instructions and fixed it.

    5. Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit

    Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys

    Introduce your child to the exciting world of robotics with a set of 12 different types of robots, ranging in complexity to challenge all skill levels. Powered entirely by solar energy, these robots require no batteries, providing practical experience with green technology and teaching children about renewable energy sources in a fun and engaging way. 

    This STEM educational robotics kits for beginners promotes manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, self-confidence, teamwork, and collaboration. It also encourages creativity and imagination through DIY robot building with 190 easy-build pieces and detailed guides for 12 different designs.

    Available on Amazon
    Manufacturer Sillbird
    Price $24.99
    Suitable for ages 8-10 Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4.3 stars)
    Review by customer Besides the kids adoring the completed robot, the STEM learning involved in the assembly process was equally impressive.

    6. Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines- Tracks & Treads

    Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines

    The Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines – Tracks & Treads kit provides an engaging introduction to robotics for kids. With 197 building pieces, children can construct and program their robots. 

    Using a user-friendly visual programming app on a tablet or smartphone, they can code various functions for their creations. A comprehensive 60-page manual guides them through assembly and imparts knowledge about robotics.

    Available on Amazon, Target
    Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
    Price $101
    Suitable for ages 8-14 Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4.2 stars)
    Review by customer I got this for my 10 year old grandson. He is very interested in robotics. He was able to put these together by himself and program them. One project wasn’t working as expected he didn’t give up and modified it so it worked. Good lessons in directions, troubleshooting, patience and persistence.

    7. mePed robot

    mePed robot

    The mePed robot is an open-source quadruped robot designed by Spierce Technologies, offering accessibility for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Pre-programmed with basic commands, it allows users to make the robot move, wave, and dance. With additional programming, it can navigate mazes, avoid obstacles, and more. 

    Fully open-source, users can customize and personalize their mePed to their liking. The complete kit includes all necessary components for assembly and fun, including high-quality wood pieces, an Arduino controller, Ultrasonic Range Sensor, and IR Remote Control.

    Available on OzRobotics
    Manufacturer Spierce Technology
    Price $99.95
    Suitable for ages 7+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4.2 stars)
    Review by customer Easy assembly, pre-programmed commands, endless customization. The mePed Quadruped Robot is perfect for beginners and robotics enthusiasts alike!

    8. Geekclub Five Skills Cutecircuits

    Geekclub Five Skills Cutecircuits

    Geekclub Five Skills Cutecircuits is a 5-piece printed circuit board set, providing an engaging platform to explore electronic engineering fundamentals. Designed to encourage creative thinking, it offers young learners an opportunity to delve into electronics without requiring soldering. 

    Key features include versatility, ease of use, and hands-on learning. Its educational value lies in fostering critical thinking skills.

    Available on RobotShop
    Manufacturer Geek Club Corp
    Price $69
    Suitable for ages 5+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
    Review by customer Geekclub Five Skills Cutecircuits offers easy electronic engineering basics without soldering. My child loves learning and experimenting with circuits.

    9. Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 STEM 10-in-1 Educational Robot Kit

    Makeblock Ultimate STEM Educational Robot Kit

    The Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 is a versatile robotic platform for learning robotics, electronics, and programming. With nine robotic design variations and ten building forms, it offers extensive features and compatibility. Anodized aluminum parts ensure durability, while the powerful MegaPi main control board drives precise movements. 

    It’s an ideal tool for engineers, teachers, and students alike to gain knowledge and experience in mechanical structures, electronic modules, and programming skills, fostering creativity and exploration.

    Available on Wellbots
    Manufacturer Makeblock
    Price $335.99
    Suitable for ages 12+ Years
    Customer Rating ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
    Review by customer This kit is one quality kit. Never seen anything as good! Our 12 year old grandson has built 2 of the devices with a bit of guidance... Following the steps/directions. Both worked flawlessly. There was no missing anything in the kit.

    10. VEX GO Education Kit

    VEX GO Education Kit

    VEX GO revolutionizes STEM education for 3rd to 6th graders, providing comprehensive construction kits containing all necessary parts, motors, and electronics. With the GO Kit with Storage, components are neatly pre-sorted into a reusable carrying case, ensuring easy organization and accessibility.

    Young coders can easily engage with block-based coding using VEXcode, compatible with tablets, Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs. Enhancing the learning experience are STEM Labs, research-backed educational lessons designed for 40-minute sessions. 

    Available on VEX Robotics
    Manufacturer VEX Robotics
    Price $209
    Suitable for ages 8-10 Years
    Customer Rating ★★★☆☆ (3.1 stars)
    Review by customer BGood Kit. A bit complicated to understand but once you know it, it’s very easy.


    When purchasing a kit for your child, make sure it strikes a balance between complexity for hands-on learning and simplicity for confidence and enjoyment. The goal is for kids to feel a sense of ownership and creativity in their robot creation while developing skills like logical thinking and curiosity.

    Here are some criteria to consider when choosing robotics kits for beginners:

    1. Ease of Use: The kit should be easy to assemble and program, even for beginners.

    2. Educational Value: It should offer educational value by teaching STEM concepts, coding for kids, and problem-solving skills.

    3. Features: For a robotics kit to offer value for money, it must include features such as sensors, cameras, and other advanced technologies that facilitate the completion of complex projects.

    Choosing the right robotics kit for a personal project is crucial to the learning experience for kids. It should balance complexity to facilitate hands-on learning and simplicity to maintain confidence and enjoyment. The goal is for kids to feel a sense of ownership and creativity towards their robot creation, nurturing skills such as logical thinking and curiosity.

    Moonpreneur is dedicated to preparing your child for success in college and the evolving world of AI. To kickstart your child’s journey in robotics, sign up for a free 60-minute workshop today!

    Update: This article was last updated on 14th March 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

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    Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis
    1 year ago

    I am looking for a coding robot for my 11-year-old son. What type of coding robot is best suited for him?

    1 year ago

    If you’re looking for a coding toy for kids 11 and up, CUE is the perfect choice. Unlike some of the other coding bots on this list, like Dash, whose younger brother is also a coding robot, Cue is smart enough for older kids and encourages computational thinking and problem-solving.

    11 months ago

    Is there a lot of math involved in roboticism?

    10 months ago
    Reply to  Thomas

    Yes, Robotics engineers must possess a strong mathematical and scientific background, as do other engineers. 

    10 months ago

    Choose a starter kit that is appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. Choose a robotics kit for your child that provides direction and support. Encourage innovation and experimentation. Make learning about robotics fun and exciting.

    2 months ago

    I am looking for a robotic kit which offers both block-based and Arduino programming languages to learn for my daughter.



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