Robotics Classes For Kids in San Francisco

Robotics Classes For Kids in San Francisco: Here is Why Moonpreneur is the Best Choice

Robotics Classes For Kids in San Francisco


Learning centers and edtech startups in San Francisco are on a mission to raise the next STEM generation and bridge the gap by promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in school education. A lot of these centers have already introduced Project-Based Learning and Experiential learning programs. 

We have the same vision; we are also on a mission to upskill children through our Robotics Course, a holistic learning solution where children go through three stages of learning.  

Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

A uniquely designed program, our robotics course starts with the foundation in technology, which ushers the children into the world of technology, motivates them to identify problems, and find solutions for them.

During this process, kids explore their creative side to come up with creative solutions. In the second stage – prototyping, they give shape to their ideas by making prototypes. In the third stage – Leadership & Go to Market, they reach the MoonBattle platform where they compete with various teams with their ideas.

We have a presence in San Francisco and if you are looking for a holistic learning platform for your child, you can enroll your child in our robotics course. We have world-class teachers and mentors, who hand-hold them throughout their journey and make it effective by clearing their doubts and solving their problems. 

Here are the five reasons why Moonpreneur’s robotics course is the best choice:

1. Develops Technical Skills 

We understand it is important for kids to be able to understand the technology and interact with them comfortably. By interaction, we mean that kids should be able to work with the hardware and software and in due course explore and experiment to come up with something unique. 

Our curriculum is designed in such a manner that it not only connects kids to the world of technology without any difficulty but also puts them on the path of experimenting and testing new things.

Develops Technical Skills, Robotics classes in San Francisco

In no time, it excites them so much that they delve deeper into the technical world and pick up various skills on their own.

2. Develops Entrepreneurial Skills 

Entrepreneurs are those who have the skill to start a successful business. Future belongs to entrepreneurs and leaders as they can observe, identify problems and innovate solutions. Our robotics course enhances children’s observation skills so that they can be aware of their surroundings, identify problems, and think out of the box to find a bespoke solution to the problem. 

Our mentors share their experiences and insights with the kids during their innovation journey. We have students who have innovated products that have raised funds on crowdfunding platforms and some of our students have launched their products in our store.

3. Experiential Learning

We strongly believe in learning by doing and reflection. Considering this, we have included learning kits such as Embedded Learner Board and Traffic Light in our curriculum. They are popular among kids as they introduce children to hardware, their components, and how to work with them to create something new. 

Experiential Learning, Robotics Classes For Kids

The direct experience enhances their knowledge and skills and helps them relate to real-world problems. Our practical assignments allow them to immediately apply what they have learned and get real-time feedback. It also develops their team spirit and communication skills.

4. Develops Creative Thinking Skills

Some big names from the world of technology are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. There is a common thread running among them – the ability to look at the world around them differently, foresee futuristic problems, and find new ways to solve those problems in the present. 

Our robotics course inculcates these skills in kids as they are exposed to a situation where they look at the challenges around them with a fresh approach, brainstorm to find a solution, and apply their technical skills to create the product.

5. Develops Power Skills

This is a non-technical skill, but it is not easy to learn these skills. Soft skills, now known as power skills, are about your behavior and how you carry yourself in a different situation or while interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Develops Power Skills, Robotics Classes

It includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc. Power skills have become integral to leadership skills as it enables them to navigate through the challenges of the workplace.

Technological advancements have changed the world and widened the skill gap. We are trying to plug the gap with our holistic learning solution that encompasses technical and soft skills. In today’s world, children cannot survive only with traditional skills – they need technical skills and soft skills to stride ahead with confidence. 

To know more about our robotics course, join a free robotics trial class.

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