Robotics Classes for Kids In New York, NYC

Robotics Classes for Kids In New York: Try Moonpreneur

Robotics Classes for Kids In New York, NYC


If your child likes to break or scrutinize the electric toy rather than play with it or takes a keen interest in science investigations, division, and multiplication, then there’s a high chance that they’ll love to study Robotics. Qualifying as the science of the future, Robotics Classes is a rapidly growing field that is seeking to ease the pain of human labor.

New York City (NYC) might soon become the epicenter of growing and evolving technology. While there are several Robotics classes for kids in NYC, Moonpreneur is one of the very few which is offering a huge variety of benefits to the enrolling students with an aim to bring a paradigm shift in the education process. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why Moonpreneur should be the choice for your kid’s robotics classes in NYC.

1. Focusing on Experiential and Hands-On Learning

At Moonpreneur the focus is always on the concept of experiential learning to teach children Robotics. Students receive multiple learning kits to work on and experiment thus helping them understand the concepts more clearly. 

Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

In order to stay committed to providing a hands-on learning experience to children, Moonprenuer has specifically manufactured custom-designed kits such as Embedded Learner Kit V2, Product Prototyping Kit, and Moonpreneur Board Game to help simplify the learning process.

2. Gamification Learning Techniques

Children grasp STEM learning best when they are also having fun. Moonpreneur’s Robotics classes are based on Gamified learning concept which has goals, targets, and achievements to reach for in order to make the whole learning process fun.

This way of learning also helps instill lifelong skills in the students such as problem-solving, critical thinking, social awareness, cooperation, and collaboration. 

3. Instructor-led Group Sessions

We at Moonpreneur believe every child is special and to ensure every child receives proper attention and guidance we have instructor-led group sessions where one instructor presides over the sessions and teaches the students through presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. 

The group size is capped at eight students per instructor, which helps in providing students with better student-tutor interaction, personalized learning, immediate feedback, and aids in gaining a hands-on learning experience.

4. Promoting an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Children

Moonprenur is spearheading a unique concept of providing Entrepreneurial education to children. Here a robotics class is molded into a powerful set of learning curriculum which teaches children to work with circuits, master coding, and turn their ideas into a working prototype. 

These prototypes are then refined under the guidance of our mentors and then launched by students into the marketplace with the help of crowdfunding platforms such as Moonfunded. Gaining this entrepreneurial mindset helps children become smarter and more confident in handling future challenges.

5. Focus on Holistic Learning

robotics classes for kids san jose

At Moonpreneur the focus has always remained on imparting Holistic Education to children, this means that a child enrolling in Moonpreneur’s Robotics Program learns all technical skills related to microcontrollers, Arduino IDE, electrical circuits, and electronic components like accelerometer, gyroscope but they will also learn the power and entrepreneurial skills which will help them implement the gained knowledge successfully, build confidence to gain admission in their dream universities, as well as take on a successful professional career in the future.

6. Completion of the Learning Cycle 

Moonpreneur’s Robotics course takes teaching students beyond a textbook and pushes them to master the skills required to make an innovative working prototype which is then made into a marketable product. This teaches them the basics of entrepreneurship and other vital skills such as team building, leadership, and networking. 

Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

These skills and knowledge are then tested in a multi-team competition called MoonBattle. This home-grown competition emboldens students to develop unique and innovative ideas to battle them out in front of a global jury.

This competition ensures the completion of the learning cycle in which students have not only learned the concepts but have also learned how one should apply the gained knowledge and skills related to Robotics practically.

The above pointers will sum up the uniqueness of Moonpreneur’s Robotics Course and why NYC parents should choose Moonpreneur for their children’s bright future.

To take the level up a notch, Moonpreneur is offering a 60-min free robotics workshop to children between the ages of 8 to 15 years. Book a free robotics trial class today in order to see why Moonprenur is the right choice for learning Robotics in NYC.


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