Robotics and Coding

Robotics and Coding- A Complete Guide for Kids

Robotics and Coding


The digital boom that the entire world is experiencing has compelled almost every individual on this planet to go online. Education, health, food, entertainment, and business – digitization has touched every sphere of life. Contemporary times call for in-depth knowledge of the world of technology. 

Robotics Class for kids

And that’s why about 45% of the students in the US are currently taking coding lessons. And over 58% of US-based students consider coding to be a significant catalyst for a better future as compared to learning foreign languages.

Apart from coding, students are gradually showing an inclination toward robotics as well. Nowadays, learning robotics is far easier because of the engaging and entertaining modern teaching methodologies. 

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If you are planning to introduce your kids to robotics and coding, the two wonders of the world of technology, then this blog will surely come in handy for you. Read on to know the details!

What is Robotics?

Robotics is mainly that branch of science and technology which helps in programming and developing different types of robots. It is indeed an engaging, fun-filled, and interesting way of understanding the world of technology. Kids need to be highly attentive and engrossed in robotics projects to ensure that each task turns out to be a successful one.

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If a kid pursues robotics, they will have to study different subjects such as mechanics, software, electronics, and so on. Robotics also requires extensive use of math and physics while completing the projects.

What is Coding?

Coding is a skill that allows you to write instructions for the computers to read, follow and execute. Basically, your child will be creating manual commands so that the computer can follow and perform them accordingly.

Coding is necessary for every device, such as smart TV, smartwatch, smartphone, etc. Coders generally prefer languages like C++, Python, Java, and so on. In contemporary times, coding has become an integral part and essential skill to survive the technical surge. 

Are Coding and Robotics Intertwined?

Coding is necessary for carrying out robotics projects. Robots are designed to perform specific tasks. They are programmed with a set of instructions or algorithms that tell them what to do and how to do it. The set of instructions is given in a programming language or specific codes. So, if your child wishes to try their hands at robotics assignments, they or should be well-versed in the intricacies of coding. 

What is the Right Age for Your Child to Start Exploring Robotics and Coding?

It is best to expose your child to the world of coding at a young age. Always remember that the brain of a child develops rapidly till the age of 5 years. It is around this time that you should acquaint your kids with coding. Over time, they will keep practicing and improving their coding abilities. 

And robotics is best taught to children in Grade 1 and onwards. So, if your children are around 5 to 6 years old, know that this is the perfect time to help them tip-toe into the technical world. 

Robotics Class for kids

How to Venture Into the Arena of Coding and Robotics as a Child?

Are you clueless as to how to teach your kids about something as intricate as robotics and coding? Here’s a cheat sheet you can follow:

1) Gift your kids toys such as Legos or Mechanix

To start with, you can gift your kids toys such as Legos. Such toys enable children to explore technical designs and unleash their creative sides. These toys help enhance different skill sets in your children, such as logical thinking, observation power, creative abilities, reasoning, etc. 

Once your kids are well-acquainted with such toys, introducing them to coding and robotics gets a bit easier.

2) Spend time with your children while working on DIY robotics projects

There are multiple DIY robotics projects you can indulge in with your children. After school hours or during school breaks, you can keep your children engaged in such projects. Such DIY robotics kits are available for different age groups and the experience level of kids.  Embedded Learner Board, Embedded Learner UNO Kit, Traffic Light DIY Kit,  Wobblebot, and Mini Robot Bug are popular DIY robotic projects among kids. 

3) Share relevant media resources and articles with them

Keep sharing relevant resources, such as YouTube videos, articles, online communities, etc., with your kids from time to time. Children nowadays love to learn from unconventional sources. Such resources will keep them updated about the latest developments in the coding and robotics industries. 

4) Get them enrolled in tech boot camps

An increasing number of boot camps and workshops are coming up nowadays that aim at inculcating robotics and coding skills among children. Keep a tab on such workshops and enroll your kids in age-appropriate programs. 

5) Encourage them to join virtual coding and robotics classes

Multiple reputed online coding and robotics classes can help your children traverse the technological path. 

Wrapping Up!

In the upcoming years, coding and robotics are going to rule the world. If you wish your children to excel in all fields and get an edge over their competitors, it is high time you introduce your children to robotics and coding. The sooner they start learning about robotics and coding, the quicker results they will witness on academics and career fronts. 

Robotics Class for kids

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