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Online Robotics Classes For Kids
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    Guide for Parents: How To Select Online Robotics Classes for Kids


    Online Robotics Classes For Kids


    Guide for Parents: How To Select Online Robotics Classes for Kids

    The ed-tech sector has seen a major diversification in recent years. Demand for specialized courses through online teaching has risen manifold. Robotics is one such course that has witnessed a dramatic increase in demand.

    Robotics is the science of the future, the parents who are technologically aware want their children to learn the concepts of science from a young age in order to provide them with an edge over their peers. Although, before one enrolls their child in an Online Robotics Course, one must ensure that they are selecting the right online class for their kids. 

    Robotics requires technical knowledge of circuits and coding, but apart from that, the focus should always be on the overall development of these young and talented minds.

    Why Robotics?

    One hovering question anyone would be having is, why robotics and not something else? Well to answer that question one should ponder over the statistics and numbers which indicate how the world is slowly moving towards an automated environment in order to ease off the pressure on the human workforce.

    As per the reports made by Research Dive, the global industrial robotics market is all set to generate a revenue of $85.2 million by 2026 and it had a growth rate of 8.6% from FY 2019 to 2021. Another report depicts that the global sales volume of industrial robots has tripled, figures as of 2020  show that around 3,84,000 units were ordered by industries worldwide. 

    With worldwide dynamics changing an Industrial revolution is on its way and one would definitely want their children to be the pioneers in this wave. 

    Why select an Online Robotics Class for kids?

    Two important pros of taking an online robotics class for kids are:

    • Efficiency

    Online robotics class offers a tutor the flexibility of using a number of tools such as videos, live demonstrations, and extensive examples as part of their lesson planning in order to make the classes more interesting than the traditional textbook methodology. 

    • Time Management

    The flexibility that an online class can offer to a student is immense, time can be managed more efficiently between normal curriculum and robotics classes in order to strike a balance. This helps a child to learn effectively and make their basics in the subject strong by self experimenting with the concepts taught in the class.

    Factors to consider while selecting an Online Robotics class for kids

    Online classes for robotics are formulated in a way in which a child faces minimum problems, and at the same time finds it interesting enough to learn and experiment. Here are a few pointers to consider before opting for an online course in Robotics

    1. Experienced Teachers

    It requires a knowledge of the subject, but simply having knowledge of topics one wants to teach is not enough. In an online environment, the instructor should have experience in holding the attention of the child while teaching him various concepts. 

    Technology has provided today’s teachers with tools, apart from that a course like robotics demands live experimental demonstrations and practical explanations of the concepts.

    2. Design of the course

    A robotics class for kids encompasses many components, a few of which are a little complicated in nature, writing the codes, understanding breadboard, and Arduino, circuits, LEDs, etc. The course can easily become a monotonous monologue where a child may not learn efficiently.

    The design of the course should be experimental in nature, where a child is taught more practically than theoretically in order to ensure that they get a hang of even the complicated concepts easily. As we do at Moonpreneur by providing them with a hands-on learning experience, so that they can learn as they build.

    3. Curriculum

    A robotics course curriculum should be STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) based. A method of education wherein the subjects are taught in coherence instead of in isolation. STEM-based learning focuses that all these subjects are intertwined, promoting an interdisciplinary approach based on hands-on learning.

    This form of learning urges children to experiment, make mistakes and then learn from their mistakes to reach correct outcomes, instead of relying on their textbook teachings. It’s also wise to check if they are including learning kits as part of the curriculum to facilitate the hands-on learning experience.

    4. Identifying the Subject of Interest for your Child

    Robotics is a very interesting and lucrative avenue to build your child’s career, although identifying what your child truly loves to learn is very important. So, before the enrollment comes the part where you observe your child through games related to robotics to know the level of interest they show in the subject.

    5. Holistic Approach 

    In the process of educating children, one must keep in mind to focus on the holistic approach to learning. A child’s mind is young and creative, it has the capacity to evolve, and thus when taken in the right direction, a course like robotics can help in confidence-building and ensure that the creative nature stays in them to help in taking their learning further. A holistic approach to any learning can be immensely beneficial to children.

    6. What’s the Endgame?

    Prior to selecting an online course, delve deep into the fact that there should be some benefits that your child enjoys after putting in all the hard work. Either the course should benefit them in their college applications by providing them an edge over others in their peer group or should teach them skills that help them launch the innovative products they develop at such young age into the market. 

    If the course is providing any one of these, then it is the best one you can enroll your child into.

    The technology world is witnessing a fast-paced change and not even a global pandemic was able to slow it down. In this fast-paced world, any parent would want their child to be one step ahead of others.

    Enrolling in online courses in Robotics will not only ensure a balance between regular and specialized education but also be helpful in the future college applications and ensure that your child learns the concept of innovation from a young age to be the next Elon Musk.

    Learn how Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program can nurture your child’s interest in a futuristic subject like Robotics. Book a Free Workshop today.

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