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    Northwestern University: Fees, Rankings & Acceptance Rate


    Northwestern UniversitySourced from:quantum.northwestern.edu


    Northwestern stands as a dynamic research institution, distinguished by its strong interdisciplinary collaboration spanning various schools and departments. Its academic framework cultivates a rigorous yet compassionate environment that blends theoretical understanding with practical application. Emphasizing top-tier research, the pursuit of new knowledge, creative expression, and real-world relevance fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. As a member of the Northwestern community, its multidimensional collective drives exceptional impact and innovation in higher education.

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     Situated near an urban Native American community in Chicago,  in close proximity to numerous tribes in the Midwest, the Northwestern campus rests upon the traditional homelands of the Council of Three Fires—the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Odawa peoples. Historically, it served as a pivotal site for trade, travel, gatherings, and healing for over a dozen other Native tribes. Today, it remains home to over 100,000 tribal members within the state of Illinois.

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     Northwestern University is dedicated to fostering exceptional teaching, pioneering research, and nurturing the personal and intellectual development of its students within a vibrant and diverse academic community.

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    On May 31, 1850, a group of nine men convened to initiate the planning of a university to cater to the needs of the Northwest Territory. Despite facing financial constraints, lacking land, and possessing limited experience in higher education, their vision was remarkably ambitious. However, through a blend of innovative financing, astute political maneuvering, religious inspiration, and sheer dedication, the founders of Northwestern University transformed their lofty aspirations into reality.

    In 1853, the founders acquired a 379-acre parcel of land situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, 12 miles north of Chicago. They established a campus and cultivated the surrounding area, christening the adjacent town Evanston in tribute to one of the university’s founders, John Evans. With the completion of its inaugural building in 1855, Northwestern commenced classes that autumn, with a faculty comprising two members and an enrollment of ten students.

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    Northwestern University 1

    Over the ensuing years, twenty-one presidents have overseen Northwestern’s evolution. The university has expanded to encompass twelve schools and colleges, with additional campuses established in Chicago and Doha, Qatar.

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    Northwestern University offers over 4,000 courses each year, with the majority of students typically enrolling in around 12 courses annually. With over 100 majors and minors to choose from, you can begin your journey of discovering options that resonate with your interests and aspirations.

    At Northwestern, your academic journey will be exceptionally enriching, blending the depth of a premier arts and sciences college. You’ll discover a wealth of courses, programs, and resources that surpass the offerings of many other institutions. Moreover, you’ll become part of a vibrant community characterized by a diverse array of talents and passions.

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    University Enrollment Data

    Category Value
    Total Enrollment 22,732
    Graduate Enrollment 14,073
    Full-Time Degree-Seeking Students 8,526
    Undergraduate Enrollment 8,659
    Graduation Rate 87%
    Student/Faculty Ratio 6:1
    Classes With Fewer Than 20 Students 78%


    Northwestern University accepts four types of applications: QuestBridge, Early Decision, Regular Decision, and Transfer. Deadlines vary depending on your chosen application round.

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    University Admission Data

    Category Value
    Acceptance Rate 7%
    SAT Range 1490-1570
    ACT Range 33-35
    High School GPA N/A

    1. Application procedure: Common Application or Apply Coalition with Scoir*

     2. Application Fee: A non-refundable fee of $75 is required for undergraduate 

     3. Who Should Apply to Northwestern University: 

    1. High school seniors who have shown outstanding performance even in poor financial conditions.

    a)U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents or

    b)Students, regardless of citizenship, are currently attending high school in the United States.

    2. If you’ve thoroughly researched colleges and Northwestern stands out as your top choice for next fall, consider Early Decision (ED) as a viable option.

    3. Graduates who have taken college courses should seek transfer admission.

    4. Required Materials: For the First-Year Applicants, Early Decision and Regular Decision

    • Common Application or Apply Coalition with Scoir*

    • Northwestern supplement, (with additional writing supplements)

    • Official secondary school transcript and school report

    • Counselor recommendation

    • Recommendation from at least one teacher

    • Early Decision Agreement (for Early Decision applicants)

    • Official proof of English language proficiency (for applicants whose first/primary language is not English or whose secondary schooling has not been in English)

    • Accepted English proficiency exams:

          🔹Duolingo English Test (DET)

          🔹IELTS, including IELTS Indicator

        🔹TOEFL iBT, including TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition but not TOEFL ITP Plus for China Solution

    • Non-refundable $75 application fee or fee waiver

    Required material For Transfer Applicants

    • Common Application or Apply Coalition with Scoir (including Northwestern supplement)

    • Official university transcript(s) from all universities attended, must demonstrate at least one year of full-time undergraduate study 

    • Official secondary school transcript noting graduation

    • College report

    • Academic evaluation

    • Non-refundable $75 application fee or fee waiver

    5. Application Deadline:

    University Application Information

    Applicant Type Application Due Date Financial Aid Due Date Decision Release
    QuestBridge Applicant September 26, 2023 September 26, 2023 December 2023
    Early Decision Applicant November 1, 2023 December 1, 2023 December 2023
    Regular Decision Applicant January 3, 2024 February 1, 2024 March 2024
    Transfer Applicant March 15, 2024 March 15, 2024 Begins May 2024, ongoing

    Student Diversity by Gender Distribution

    Male-female ratio: The University has an entire 46%  number of  Male and  54% of Female students.

    Ethnic Diversity Northwestern University

    The Cost of Attendance serves as an approximation of expenses incurred during your enrollment at Northwestern University. These expenses play a crucial role in determining the amount of financial aid you may receive and serve as a gauge for assessing financial need.

    Included in these expenses are direct costs such as tuition, housing, and meals, as well as indirect items like books, transportation, and personal expenses. While you won’t receive a bill from the university for indirect expenses, they are factored into the calculation of your eligibility for financial assistance.

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    Undergraduate Student Budgets 2023-2024

    University Cost Breakdown

    Living On-Campus Living in an Off-Campus Apartment Being a Resident Assistant Living with Relatives & Commuting
    Direct Costs charged by Northwestern
    Full-Time Tuition $67,158 $67,158 $67,158 $67,158
    Fees $1,164 $1,164 $1,164 $1,164
    On-Campus Room/Meals $21,126 $0 $12,645 $0
    Other Estimated (Indirect) Costs
    Off-Campus Room/Board $0 $21,126 $0 $3,483
    Books & Supplies $1,794 $1,794 $1,794 $1,794
    Personal Expenses $2,037 $2,037 $2,037 $2,037
    Transportation $1,545 $1,545 $1,545 $984
    Loan Fees $54 $54 $54 $54
    Total $94,878 $94,878 $86,397 $76,674

    Data sourced from: Northwestern

    Undergraduate Student Budgets 2024-25

    University Cost Breakdown

    Living On-Campus Living in an Off-Campus Apartment Being a Resident Assistant Living with Relatives & Commuting
    Direct Costs charged by Northwestern
    Full-Time Tuition $67,158 $67,158 $67,158 $67,158
    Fees $1,164 $1,164 $1,164 $1,164
    On-Campus Room/Meals $21,126 $0 $12,645 $0
    Other Estimated (Indirect) Costs
    Off-Campus Room/Board $0 $21,126 $0 $3,483
    Books & Supplies $1,794 $1,794 $1,794 $1,794
    Personal Expenses $2,037 $2,037 $2,037 $2,037
    Transportation $1,545 $1,545 $1,545 $984
    Loan Fees $54 $54 $54 $54
    Total $94,878 $94,878 $86,397 $76,674

    Under Illinois Public Act 102-0083,  homeless students (defined by federal regulations and verified by the institution) can reach out to the Financial Aid Office for assistance and referrals to various resources. The Director of Operations serves as the liaison, offering aid-related guidance and facilitating referrals for student support services, housing, and more. 

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    University Rankings

    Rankings Position
    National University #9
    Business School #2
    Education School #3
    Law School #10
    Medical School #13
    Engineering School #17
    Speech-Language Pathology #2
    Chemistry #6

    Rankings from U.S. News & World Report as of September 2023

    Hospital Rankings

    Hospital Position
    Rehabilitation Hospital (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab) #1
    Hospital in Illinois (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) #1
    In Neurology and Neurosurgery #10


    Northwestern University stands out as a leading institution for higher education, known for its high academic standards, prestigious rankings, and selective admissions. While the cost of attendance is significant, Northwestern’s comprehensive financial aid program ensures that a diverse group of talented students can benefit from its exceptional educational opportunities. For those who are admitted, Northwestern promises a transformative experience that prepares graduates for success in various fields.

    Prospective students and their families are encouraged to explore Northwestern’s offerings further, visit the campus if possible, and take advantage of the resources available to understand the financial aid options fully. With its blend of academic rigor, vibrant campus life, and strong support systems, Northwestern University remains a top choice for students aiming for excellence in higher education.

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