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New York University
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    New York University: Ranking, Fees & Admission 2025


    As someone who has experienced New York University from several different perspectives—as a professor, an administrator, a proud parent of a Gallatin graduate, and now as President—I can confidently say that NYU offers an unrivaled setting to learn and grow.
    - Linda G. Mills

    New York UniversityNew York University (NYU), the largest private research institution in the U.S., educates over 65,000 students and conducts $1.27 billion in annual research. The university boasts outstanding faculty, often recognized with prestigious awards, and excels in patents and licensing revenue. Founded in 1831, NYU has a long history of supporting the middle class, integrating with city life, and preparing students for global careers. Renowned for its challenging education and competitive admissions, NYU has campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, as well as 12 study sites worldwide. It promotes international education, with a diverse student body from 133 countries, and provides support for low-income and first-generation college students.


    Sprawling over 230 acres, NYU’s New York City campus is a cluster of 171 buildings located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, bordered by Houston Street, Broadway, 14th Street, and Sixth Avenue. Centered around Washington Square Park, the campus includes key buildings, which are integral to the university’s academic and cultural life. Additionally, NYU operates 49 buildings globally, including two ‘portal’ campuses and 12 Global Academic Centers outside of NYC.

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    1. Rankings and Recognitions

    New York University Rankings

    The New York University Rankings consistently earns top rankings in various national and international lists:

    NYU Rankings

    Category Rank
    QS World University Rankings 2024 #38
    National Universities (tie) #35
    Best Value Schools #66
    Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (tie) #61
    Business Programs (tie) #5
    Accounting #9
    International Business (tie) #5
    Management #6
    Management Information Systems #10
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    2. Fee Structure

    Graduate Tuition and Fee

    Excludes Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry-Level Program

    Tuition and Fees

    Category 2023-2024 Academic Year 2024-2025 Academic Year
    Tuition per credit $2,101 $2,185
    Registration/service fee for 1st credit (per term/semester) $550 $560
    Registration/service fee for each additional credit (per term/semester) $75 $77

    * January Term (J-Term) courses are not assessed for registration/service fees.


    2023-2024 Academic Year Tuition and Fees (Per Term)

    Credits Tuition Fees Total
    3 credits $6,303 $700 $7,003
    6 credits $12,606 $925 $13,531
    9 credits $18,909 $1,150 $20,059
    12 credits $25,212 $1,375 $26,587
    15 credits $31,515 $1,600 $33,115
    16 credits $33,616 $1,675 $35,291

    2024-2025 Academic Year Tuition and Fees (Per Term)

    Credits Tuition Fees Total
    3 credits $6,555 $714 $7,269
    6 credits $13,110 $945 $14,055
    9 credits $19,665 $1,176 $20,841
    12 credits $26,220 $1,407 $27,627
    15 credits $32,775 $1,638 $34,413
    16 credits $34,960 $1,715 $36,675

    The following budget items vary depending on individual circumstances. Students should also consider these estimated living costs when determining the total cost associated with their education:

    2024-25 Estimated Budget Items

    Budget Item Cost
    Housing (On/Off campus) $23,588
    Food $6,450
    Books & Supplies $1,510
    Transportation $2,342
    Personal Expenses $3,000
    Health Insurance $4,346
    Total Living Expenses $41,236

    Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry Level Program (PTPS-DPT) 

    Secured Rate Tuition

    As a DPT student, you will be billed a flat rate each semester based on your year of admission.

    Tuition for Entering Classes

    Class Term Tuition
    Summer 2024 Entering Class
    Summer 2024 $17,478
    Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 $17,478 each semester
    Fall 2025, Spring & Summer 2026 $17,478 each semester
    Fall 2026, Spring & Summer 2027 $17,478 each semester
    Summer 2023 Entering Class
    Summer 2023 $16,806
    Fall 2023, Spring & Summer 2024 $16,806 each semester
    Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 $16,806 each semester
    Fall 2025, Spring & Summer 2026 $16,806 each semester
    Summer 2022 Entering Class
    Summer 2022 $16,160
    Fall 2022, Spring & Summer 2023 $16,160 each semester
    Fall 2023, Spring & Summer 2024 $16,160 each semester
    Fall 2024, Spring & Summer 2025 $16,160 each semester
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    3. Admissions

    New York University has grown into a global university with campuses in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. NYU hosts over 50,000 students who can study a vast array of courses and participate in programs across major cities worldwide, including Berlin, London, and Sydney.

    Application Procedure for First-Year Applicants

    To apply to any of NYU’s three degree-granting campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, or Shanghai, students must complete the Common Application.

    Step 1: Start and Complete the Common Application Online

    Provide an active personal email address. Avoid using a school email to ensure you receive crucial updates about your application.

    Share contact details for the counselor or school representative responsible for submitting your Common Application School Report, including your high school transcript and optional recommendation letter.

    Submit contact information for one person (or up to three, if desired) who will write your recommendation letter. 

    NYU requires a letter from a teacher, counselor, coach, supervisor, or authority figure. If they can’t submit through the Common Application, they may email it to admissions.docs@nyu.edu, including your date of birth or Common App ID.

    Step 2: Application Fee:

    A non-refundable fee of $80  is required and that is paid online through the Common Application website and cannot be paid by cash.

    3. Step 3: Who Should Apply?

    If you meet any of these conditions, apply as a first-year student:

    » Currently in high school, including those taking college courses.

    » In a dual-enrollment program, even pursuing an associate’s degree.

    » Have a GED or high school diploma, not in a degree program.

    » Left high school early and attending college? Apply as a transfer student.

     Step 4. Documents

    Depending on your educational background and the program you’re applying to, you’ll need to furnish the following:

    Standardized test scores (refer to NYU’s standardized testing requirements). Please note, standardized testing is optional for the upcoming application term.

    A Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). Upon submitting your application, all applicants will receive an invitation to complete this.

    An audition or portfolio for specific artistic programs in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and Tisch School of the Arts. For applicants to these programs, testing is optional. Instead, a mandatory audition or portfolio can be submitted in place of standardized testing:

          ➤ Steinhardt requires an audition or portfolio for all Music Department applicants and a portfolio for Studio Art applicants.

             ➤ Tisch requires an audition or portfolio for applicants to all programs.

    For programs necessitating an audition or portfolio, it’s strongly recommended to submit your application at least one month in advance to ensure ample time for preparation.

    English language testing may be required if you haven’t completed at least 3 years of study where English is the sole language of instruction at the time of application submission and English isn’t your first language.

    Records of all college coursework for which you’ve received academic credit that doesn’t appear on your high school transcript.

    The Common Application Mid-Year Report, including an updated academic record if mid-year grades are available. This should reflect your first-semester senior year grades.

    Additional information sending Documents

    NYU accepts official and unofficial transcripts and test scores for application reviews. Submit unofficial documents via email (admissions.docs@nyu.edu) or through the applicant portal after submitting the Common App. Non-English documents require an official English translation. Use your name exactly as on your passport or birth certificate.

    Recommended reading:

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    The hallmark of a distinguished university lies in the quality of its research enterprise, enabling it to attract the most accomplished scholars and outstanding students. NYU’s faculty members are leaders in their respective scholarly domains, contributing significantly to the advancement of various academic disciplines, spanning from the mathematical sciences and economics to philosophy, neural science, art history, and sociology.

    What draws the brightest students and faculty to NYU is the excitement of being part of a captivating intellectual and creative community—a close-knit group of scholars known for their teamwork, ingenuity, and inspiring teaching. 

    For NYU students, it’s not just about attending a university; it’s about experiencing a vibrant global community rooted in New York City but extending far beyond its borders. Here, learning isn’t confined to classrooms alone; it’s an immersive experience that reflects the essence of a university deeply ingrained in the fabric of the city. 

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