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Best Morning Activities for Kids
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    10 Best Morning Activities for Kids


    Update: This article was last updated on 2nd November 2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    Waking Up Early

    Honestly, waking up early is only some people’s cup of tea! However, engaging in an early morning routine can provide numerous benefits for mental, physical, and overall well-being, not just for kids but for the entire family.

    Did You Know?!

    Waking up just an hour earlier than usual could reduce your risk of depression by 23%, according to a study out of the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

    If you want to instill the habit of waking up early in your child and make it a fruitful experience, we have some tips for you. By incorporating these interesting activities, you can make this routine enjoyable and productive. So without further ado, let’s explore a list of morning activities and choose which one you’d like to start with:

    1. Mindful and deep breathing exercises

    Breathing Exercise

    This is the best way to kickstart the day. Deep breathing is a wonderful technique to calm your body and mind. You can model deep breathing and invite kids to participate. The best part is that you can do it in bed.

    2. Initiate a positive conversation with kids

    Positive Conversation

    From sharing anecdotes about their formative years to recounting the family’s history, any conversation that encompasses positivity and inspiration can be wonderful for children. You can engage in these conversations after a deep breathing exercise or while sitting together at the dining table during breakfast.

     3. Playful morning motivation

    Morning Play Motivation

    Allocate 10-15 minutes of post-breakfast playtime from your busy schedule for gaming activities with your kids. They would appreciate your attention and participation in something they like. Allow them to choose what they wish to play. 

    It will boost their morale and emotional confidence, and you may teach them something new while they play. Games should not be time-consuming as everyone must prepare for school, office, etc.

    4. Race to complete successful morning chores 

    Successful Chores Completion Race

    Children enjoy playing games, and parents appreciate efficiency. During the morning routine, engage the kids in a race to see how fast they can complete tasks like getting dressed, tidying up their room, or organizing toys. Encourage them positively by saying, “Let’s see how quickly you can put on your clothes or tidy your room, etc.!”

    5. Indulge them in some fun learning activities

    Fun Learning Activities

    Children enjoy playing without any timetable, so they may resist adhering to a routine at times. If you are in this predicament, involve them in enjoyable learning activities. To pique their interest, design aesthetically appealing routine charts. Just remember activities shouldn’t be binding on them.

    Did You Know?!

    92% of people with a morning routine considered themselves highly productive.

    6. Musical Mornings and audiobook adventures

    Morning Music

    If you want to introduce your child to good music or enhance reading skills, you may start with music and audiobooks. Play these in the background while the children prepare breakfast. Children like listening to music or reading books. It may be both inspiring and soothing for children, as well as a pleasant experience. 

    7. Leaf picking and garden exploration

    Leaf picking and Garden Exploration

    Take your children to the garden and have them pick a leaf from each plant while naming them. The morning is an ideal time for this activity. To make it more exciting, turn it into a friendly competition and reward the one who finishes first. 

    This activity not only enhances their knowledge about plants but also helps them overcome their morning laziness. It’s a fun and educational way to start the day! They cannot memorize all the names in one day so that it can be repeated.

    8. Learning tray activities

    Learning Tray Activities

    This activity is for preschoolers and toddlers. You can try different types of tray activities, such as Sorting Buttons, where children can sort the buttons by color, size, or shape into the different compartments, promoting fine motor skills and categorization. 

    Or Sensory Bins tray. Fill a tray with sensory materials like rice, beans, sand, or water beads. Children can explore and play with these materials using tools, cups, or small toys, engaging their senses and promoting imaginative play.

    9. Morning artistry

    Morning Artistry

    In the morning, when our minds are fresh, engaging children in art activities can lead to interesting outcomes. Provide them with art supplies and let their creativity flow. However, this activity can get messy, particularly with toddlers. It might be wise to save these activities for non-school days, especially if paints are involved. This one can be used for the weekend.

    10. Make them you breakfast buddies at kitchen

    Breakfast Buddies

    In the mornings, breakfast must be prepared for everyone in the house. Getting the child involved in breakfast preparation can keep them engaged, and they may even enjoy the activity. This could involve simple tasks like spreading butter on a slice of bread.


    It is no secret that mornings can be stressful as we rush through our to-do lists. Children can sense our stress, leading to power struggles and resistance during the routine. These morning activities can ensure a hassle-free start to the day. We hope this list has sparked ideas for more activities to engage your kids in the mornings.

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    Emily Smith
    Emily Smith
    10 months ago

    Why are morning activities important?

    10 months ago
    Reply to  Emily Smith

    Morning routines play a crucial role in improving your child’s sense of self-responsibility, independence, family connection, and focus.

    John Smith
    John Smith
    11 months ago

    My son never wakes up early, how do I make a habit of him waking up early?

    Simran Chawla
    11 months ago
    Reply to  John Smith

    It might sound funny but cook something that smells delicious; Smell can wake up a child. Cooking foods that the child enjoys gives them an incentive to get out of bed. Create a routine for them. Having a routine bedtime and wake-up time every day, including weekends, might help.



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