Moonpreneur partnership with The Explorers Lab

Moonpreneur Inc. and The Explorers Lab Join Hands: Revolutionizing the EdTech Space

Moonpreneur partnership with The Explorers Lab

Moonpreneur Inc. and The Explorers Lab Join Hands: Revolutionizing the EdTech Space

Two heads are better than one. True! Similarly, when two brands working with the same vision and mission come together, they can yield far better results, and that is a proven fact. The same thoughts inspired Moonpreneur Inc. and The Explorers Lab to enter a strategic partnership agreement to add value to their product and services and revolutionize the EdTech space by expanding their outreach. 

Moonpreneur Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup, entered the EdTech space with a mission to provide technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills and innovation-centric programs for children under its uniquely designed Innovator Program. The mission of Dubai-based, The Explorers Lab, is to promote skill attainment in entrepreneurship, innovation, and global citizenship for success in the 21st century. 

The two brands are in two different geographies, but the commonalities in their missions were striking, hence the alliance was inevitable. 

The co-branding initiative between Moonpreneur Inc. and The Explorers Lab is proving to be beneficial for children, as together they are changing the way we learn. Both the brands are creating a leading EdTech platform focused on instilling critical skills among the children and making them future-ready with tailor-made learning solutions.

The Explorers Lab delivers immersive learning experiences for middle and high school students to develop a strong culture of curiosity through immersive real-world experiences and strong exposure to a rapidly changing workplace with a pedagogic approach. 

Moonpreneur is transforming lives with the meticulously designed 4-stage (patent pending) Innovator Program that prepares children between the ages 10 to 17 for the future of work by imbibing technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills via product-first learning. Co-founded by industry veterans with multiple successful companies to their credit, Moonpreneur has a panel of advisors who have founded and exited multi-million dollar companies. In a brief span, Moonpreneur has made its presence felt in over 13 countries and upskills students who are benefiting from the best teachers from across the globe. 

Under the initiative, Moonpreneur is exploring fresh territory with its Innovator Program and MoonCamp to foster critical skills – entrepreneurial, and innovative mindset – among children in the region to prepare them for the future workspace.

The Innovator Program offers vast learning opportunities by offering various streams. Children can choose from robotics, home automation, game development, app development, and Future Tech.

MoonCamp, an extension of the Innovator Program, is a virtual summer camp for tech enthusiastic kids to provide insight into future technologies such as robotics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, home automation, and sensors. The camp experience will be icing on the cake as it would help in learning entrepreneurial skills and eCommerce experience via gamification. 

Alok Jain, co-founder, and CEO of Moonpreneur Inc. is excited to be joining forces with The Explorers Lab.

Alok said: “It’s a pleasure to combine forces with The Explorers Lab to offer a leading learning platform. It is not just increasing our global footprint, but also helping us in expanding a robust community of entrepreneurs and innovators who can revolutionize the future with their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.” 

“The collaboration with The Explorers Lab has partnered with us so together we can take our technology-enabled learning solutions to children in the UAE. I must add that co-branding is an effective way to take our product to a larger audience, explore new territories, and boost awareness. Indeed, the alliance is a win-win for both players,” added Alok.

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