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Moonpreneur's big news and developments in January 2021
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    Moonpreneur Newsroom: What You Missed in Jan 2021


    Moonpreneur's big news and developments in January 2021
    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

    Moonpreneur Newsroom: What You Missed in Jan 2021

    Moonpreneur is constantly striving to build and cater to the entrepreneurial aspects and needs of the children in today’s technology-driven world. What follows is a snapshot review of the latest endeavors and developments at Moonpreneur in January 2021.

    Moonpreneur Welcomes Upen Varanasi

    The Co-founder and CEO of Riversand Technologies, Upen Varanasi, is our prime news highlight this month. 

    He has joined Moonpreneur as an advisor and investor. His experience and success would add more depth to our vision and equip us better in the direction of accelerated growth. He has been appreciative of the efforts Moonpreneur made in the past and his insights would immensely contribute to the roadmap that we aspire to follow ahead. 

    Briefly, after joining Moonpreneur, Varanasi remarked, “As an entrepreneur myself, I strongly believe in enabling others to start their journey as entrepreneurs. Me and my wife, Mythily Varanasi, have a passion for supporting causes that enable kid’s education and helping prepare them for the rapidly changing future of work. 

    I loved the vision of Moonpreneur that kids can be taught early about the power of entrepreneurship. I am glad that I will be able to closely work with the Moonpreneur team in offering my experience and learning to the young minds. Moonpreneur will definitely become a pathbreaker when it comes to preparing children for the future shaped by freelancing, gig economies, and e-commerce.” 

    Partnership with TiE Global

    Moonpreneur and TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs), a subsidiary of TiE Global, have joined hands to hone the business acumen and skill set of the young learners. Thousands of students across the globe have benefitted from various TYE programs. 

    The partnership would provide future entrepreneurs with more resources and avenues. TiE alone has 61 chapters around the world.

    Happy Students @ Dottie Rose Foundation

    In line with our vision to empower kids, we collaborated with Dottie Rose Foundation which works toward bridging the gender gap for females by offering education and support to young girls who want to excel in technology and computer science-related fields. 

    Under this joint initiative, Moonpreneur had provided kids enrolled in the Innovator Program with learning kits from our Innovation Lab to enable hands-on learning and growth. The thank-you notes that have come our way from bright kids like Liza, Adelyn, Danazia, Rachel and others are a testament of how the partnership is blooming with the organization. 

    Moonpreneur Kickstarter Campaign

    Our business strategy board game, Moonpreneur, has gathered full steam on Kickstarter. The campaign has received a stupendous response and that’s no less a reason for us to shout out loud! 

    250 pledges and a sum of $22,324 raised in no time – isn’t that applaudable? That’s not all. The GadgetFlow has given Moonpreneur a solid 9.2/10 rating. With its warm reception, the board game is now available for pre-order at Moonpreneur Store. After the magnanimous success of the board game, Moonpreneur Innovation Lab is all motivated to bring more and more genius ideas to life.

    Anitez Gautam – Student of the Month

    After successfully going through all the 4 stages of the Innovator Program, our student Anitez Gautam has innovated Moon Pi Hub Cam, which has attracted enthusiastic pledges at the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. 

    No doubt, we are proud to announce Anitez as the student of the month. His campaign has garnered 30+ pledges, raising a total of $1,313 in a very short time.

    Media Coverage for Embedded Learner Board

    It was one of the proud moments for us when the prestigious MagPi magazine reviewed our Embedded Learner Board and gave it a rating of 9 out of 10. Another accolade for everyone, especially the visionaries of our Innovation Lab!

    Tambola App by MQBIT

    Our entrepreneur-in-residence, Shorya Malhotra, has developed a completely unique Tambola App. 

    It offers a realistic game experience to all the Tambola fans. Innovation and invention have always been at the heart of all the initiatives and support, launched by Moonpreneur and Shorya’s new project is another example of how diverse and dedicated our efforts have been.

    Deepak Jain Joins as an Advisor

    Deepak Jain, the Founder, and CEO of Swych, is a man of thousand hats! His association with Moonpreneur as an investor and advisor, brings in the vast experience of invaluable entrepreneurial skills in innovative technologies, expertise in building a large base of a customer community, and years of fundraising skills to the table. 

    We look forward to his winning streak in speeding up customer acquisition and fuelling the growth of the company. In the words of Deepak, “Moonpreneur is doing an excellent job in EduTech. I feel it would be a bigger challenge for me to provide breakthrough solutions to speed up its upward movement. Different organizations demand unique solutions, and I am excited to use my experience in technology, business, and global markets in providing customized solutions to Moonpreneur.”

    EmPiZero Launch on Kickstarter

    EmPiZero – an embedded learning board designed for Raspberry Pi Zero by our Moonshoter Sania Jain and is going to be soon launched on Kickstarter. With her inexpensive innovation, under the able guidance of expert mentors, Sania has opened up the possibilities of learning computer engineering for every child. 

    We take pride in the vision of the young entrepreneur, Sania, which is to take this fun project worldwide to generate self-driven interest in coding and introductory hands-on electronics and IoT among young enthusiasts, which is otherwise accessible to only a selected few.

    These were the highlights of the month in progress. Besides these events, Moonpreneur has been working on a range of projects and initiatives, aligned to its goal and vision of inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship, ideation, and innovation in children. 

    Educational sessions by leading experts, topical webinars, workshops, collaborations, etc., keep going on at Moonpreneur day after day. Our Innovation Lab has been working round the clock to bring out technology and products that bolster our support and aid our vision in achieving the objectives, we have so passionately attached ourselves with. 

    To know more about Moonpreneur’s Innovator program and how it can help your child become an innovator and entrepreneur, contact us or visit the program page.

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    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

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