Moonpreneur Partners with TiE Global

Moonpreneur Joins Forces with TiE Global to Foster a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

Moonpreneur Partners with TiE Global

Moonpreneur Joins Forces with TiE Global to Foster a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

TiE Global has partnered with Moonpreneur. to add value to their youth members who are part of the TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneur) Program. The TYE Program fosters entrepreneurship in youth across the globe by empowering them with the skills and tools to build a startup. The aligned goals of both organizations will augment the experience of entrepreneurial education, broaden the learning landscape, and bring in long-term benefits.

Moonpreneur Inc., a Silicon Valley-based, educational-management start-up specializing in an entrepreneurial and innovation-centric program for children, welcomes the collaboration as it will give impetus to its goal of training and shaping future entrepreneurs. 

TYE, an educational program of the non-profit organization TiE Global, focuses on high school students. The TYE program inspires, challenges, and empowers the young brigade of learners to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Its curriculum spreads over nine months and provides opportunities for both theoretical and practical learning about entrepreneurship. It culminates with an International Startup Competition at the end of the school year, in June. The program runs in 26 TiE chapters around the world, and has impacted over 10,000 children.

Moonpreneur together with TYE is creating a blended learning curve to train and shape young minds by fostering hands-on entrepreneurial skills in them and thus creating a formidable workforce of future entrepreneurs. The young learners will reap the rewards of joint efforts.

Alok Jain, Moonpreneur CEO, and co-founder (and a longtime TiE member), is constantly exploring new avenues to create the best opportunities for young learners, is excited about the collective collaboration. 

He says: “Our goals are aligned. We are partnering with TYE by creating opportunities for children to gain knowledge in productization and experience in e-commerce – both Integral stages of our Innovator program at Moonpreneur and entrepreneurship in general. We have a formidable task ahead of us and this collaboration will help in maximizing our efforts and achieving maximum success in training future entrepreneurs.”  

Vijay Menon, Executive Director of TiE Global says, “We are happy to partner with Moonpreneur, which will provide many of our students a last mile experience in their startup journey, from e-commerce, manufacturing and game development, post the TYE program. Youth and education-focused partners like Moonpreneur will help to continually add value to our student community. Moreover, we are glad to see the mutual beneficial relationship, with Moonpreneur benefitting from the reach and geographical breadth of TiE.

About Moonpreneur Inc.

Moonpreneur Inc. is a start-up that is remodeling the concept of empowering today’s innovators and turning them into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through project-based learning and product development experience. Our community strives to uncover and nurture the STEAM skills in children with the help of our innovation and entrepreneurship-centric, SaaS-model based program. Our community and platform are an overlay around the ideas, projects, and products straight out of the creative minds of children between 10-17 years, with guidance from experts.

About TiE Inc.

The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally. There are 61 chapters around the world assisting startups, through mentoring, networking, and education. Since its founding in 1992, TiE has assisted scores of entrepreneurs and startups at various stages of their journey. Charter members of TiE give back in terms of their time, experience and mentorship to new members, and the virtuous cycle continues.

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