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    5 Ways Moonpreneur Can Change Your Child’s Future


    Change Your Childs Future
    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

    5 Ways Moonpreneur Can Change Your Child’s Future

    Every child is a spectrum of endless possibilities. These possibilities may vary in gravity, could differ from each other completely and follow different paths, but what’s important is to discover them. 

    This is what Moonpreneur is trying to achieve day in and day out, with an established system and educational model that aims to get the best out of each and every child. 

    The world is changing rapidly, and so are the requirements of the future. Long gone are the days when simply coursing through a traditional school system and earning degrees would get you the anticipated success. The upsurge of technology and the challenges of the modern world require children and individuals to possess a certain well-equipped set of skills, which not only helps them sustain in the present but also allows them to flourish in the near future.  

    At Moonpreneur, we do not burden children with the outdated and somewhat unfair traditional teaching methods. Instead, we provide children with a platform where they can choose their interests and further express themselves in particular fields. 

    We want children to decide what is best for them, create their own path of learning so that we are able to provide the best necessary resources for them to learn and succeed. 

    Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program, which is offered at a SaaS-based model, aims to encourage students to learn at their own pace at an economical cost. Our fundamental goal is to prepare students for the future of work in an area of their choice. 

    Moreover, there is a great need to move ahead of the traditional schooling accepted by various countries and communities which focus on memorizing rather than providing a platform for students to thrive on their skill-growth development. We need to create opportunities for children to develop new skills, which may be beneficial for the future-forward market and gig economy. 

    Now that we’ve discussed a fair bit about the education trends in the modern world  and the need to upgrade and transform the traditional education system, let’s highlight 5 ways Moonpreneur can change your child’s future.

    Project-Based Learning

    Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a stimulating teaching method to enlighten students with skills and knowledge, varying from project management to assertiveness. 

    Project-Based Learning

    This is the education model followed at Moonpreneur. Project-based learning helps students nurture skills like time management, information synthesizing, problem-solving, research gathering, teamwork, critical thinking, communicating and utilizing high-tech tools. 

    Moonpreneur paves way for transformative learning as it develops students’ personal growth, making them more aware of their learning process, guided and mentored by a skilled teacher. PBL is a thing for the future, as it slowly allows children to transition into solving real-world problems rather than the traditional exam-based and essay learning stratagem. 

    Projects possess viable existence and elicit creative abilities. They are an active and practical source of learning, and it is beneficial to hand out projects to students and let them experiment rather than making them sit and recite it all out for them. This would help the students engage more authentically and look for best and practical solutions.

    To read and explore other various benefits of project-based learning, check this out. 

    Global Classroom

    Social media has become commonplace for students to connect. YouTube, Gaming and other platforms are where we often see students interact. 

    Global Classroom

    It is essential to highlight the factors that must make global classrooms an unavoidable and extremely important part of the student curriculum. Global classrooms provide students with exposure to international and multicultural experience that enhances their academic performance. 

    It helps in creating awareness regarding various subjects and nourishes the overall personality of a student. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from a western or eastern country, developed or under-developed country, whether you’re able to travel or not. 

    What matters is coming together and creating a multicultural environment, which every student in the world must-have. The outreach potential of a global classroom program is huge. Video conferences, online groups, online courses and providing study material are some ways to create a global classroom through the internet.

    At Moonpreneur, we aim to utilize the rewarding benefits of global classrooms as they help connect students with experts. Globalizing classrooms also helps in developing overall personality growth, academics and provides them with an opportunity for cooperative learning and raises multicultural awareness. 

    Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Entrepreneurship is a life skill required to be inculcated in young children and teenagers. It not only helps in developing shrewd mindsets but also promotes positive life skills, innovation and obviously, profit. 

    Entrepreneurial Mindset

    At Moonpreneur, we are looking for curious minds and transform them into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

    Learning entrepreneurship helps children develop skills such as resilience, self-dependency, confidence, and enthusiasm. With an entrepreneurial mindset, one is more likely to take up challenges and opportunities and not be afraid of taking risks whenever required. 

    Moonpreneur strives hard to create disciplined, self-sufficient and confident entrepreneurs who can sell their ideas and innovations for the betterment of the society. 

    These are people who know how to create multiple channels of income for themselves irrespective of job availability. The future is going to be competitive and only those who can create and sell innovative ideas will rise above the rest. 

    STEAM Learning and Future-demand Forecast

    Creativity, communication, leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking are some of the essential skills that have a high future-demand forecast. It is no longer a viable option for students to do well in their academics and expect a great future. 

    STEAM Learning and Future-demand Forecast

    The introduction of large-scale AI and automation has completely changed the employment sector. In larger parts throughout the world, they have already started to replace humans for most repetitive tasks. 

    This is where Moonpreneur steps in to help children learn future-proof and STEAM skills that are only going to increase in value as the time passes by. For us, it is not only important to nourish the present of the children, but also secure their future and get them prepared for all kinds of challenges.

    Investing in Children’s Future

    We invest in your child’s future. We customize our resources to cater to the needs of each and every student. It is important for us to help children recognize their passion and simply educate them in their topic of interest, rather than bombarding them with endless theoretical lessons and assignments. 

    That is why we offer a unique product-development experience which is an essential element of future preparedness.

    While learning and building products with us, students are able to follow their passion, indulge in experimental learning as well as build strong resumes for their futures. The certifications that the children receive upon the completion of our programs help them boost their resumes and help them with their college-admission as well as employment opportunities.

    Are you looking to get your child a great learning experience? Book a 2-week free trial of Moonpreneur Innovator Program. Let them enjoy and learn!

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    Prashant Pundir

    Prashant Pundir

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