Moonpreneur Announces Strategic Partnership with American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI)

Moonpreneur Announces Strategic Partnership with American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI)

Moonpreneur has entered a global strategic partnership with the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) which has many professional and student chapters with over 5000 members across the USA to empower the next generation with futuristic skills.

Moonpreneur Inc., a Silicon Valley-based, educational-management start-up specializing in an entrepreneurial and innovation-centric program for children, is pleased to announce that it has entered a partnership with Michigan-based American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI). The alliance is a step forward towards expanding our reach for upskilling children with skills for the future.

ASEI was initiated in 1983 in Michigan and since then has been active in various chapters such as Silicon Valley, Southern California, San Diego, Washington (D.C.), and many student chapters across universities in many states. ASEI is a non-profit organization that strives to inspire the next generation of engineering and technical talent as well as strengthen the Indo-American relationship, aid engineering aspirants and early-career engineers at the local and national levels via mentorship, internships, and networking events for career advancement opportunities.

ASEI’s mission is to provide a platform to technical professionals of the Asian Indian Diaspora in the US. The platform revolves around networking, career advancement, community service, technology, and idea exchange. 

Moonpreneur has joined hands with ASEI owing to the common grounds of upskilling and equipping the next generation with futuristic knowledge. Moonpreneur passionately believes in the mission and vision of ASEI and hopes to expand on it in near future. ASEI is spearheaded by Piyush Malik along with respected board members. Serving as the ASEI National Chair in addition to being the founding President on the ASEI Silicon Valley board, Piyush Malik has more than 30 years of experience as a startup executive, entrepreneur, board advisor, and business transformation practitioner.

Alok Jain- CEO and Co-founder of Moonpreneur, believes that this alliance will benefit both parties as motives and intentions resonate at every level.

“At Moonpreneur, we foster an entrepreneurial mindset through a unique four-stage project-based learning approach. ASEI seeks to upskill and equip the next generation with futuristic knowledge. This creates a level field where both organizations can expand reach together through experience, technology, and a futuristic learning approach.” says Alok.

ASEI Chairman Piyush Malik is looking forward to this partnership- “ASEI believes in nurturing scientific and engineering talent from an early age itself through organizing youth initiatives such as Youth Technology Exposition (YTE), Budding Engineers Talent Showcase (BETS) as well as sponsoring Science Fairs. We see startups like Moonpreneur as key in our ‘catching them young’ philosophy and turning scientific thinking into an innovative entrepreneurial mindset. ASEI professional members will be able to avail themselves of the incentives ASEI-Moonpreneur partnership offers for the youth in their family. Through this partnership, we hope to serve the community better.” said Piyush.

About Moonpreneur, Inc.

Moonpreneur, Inc. is an EdTech start-up that revolves around the concept of empowering today’s innovators- children and conditioning them into entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The company plans to complement classroom learning through project-based learning and product development experience. Further, the company plans to introduce children to the ever-evolving future of innovation, jobs, and careers.

Moonpreneur, Inc. aims to nurture children through STEAM skills with the help of an innovative and entrepreneurship-centric, SaaS-model-based Innovator Program. The program is modeled to bring out the innovator or entrepreneur within children between 9-17 years. It equips children with the technology, knowledge, and learning required to innovate and create by looking at an idea through a 360-degree lens.

About American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI)

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is an organization of engineers and technical professionals of Indian origin. Established in 1983 in Michigan, the non-profit organization strives to strengthen the Indo-American relationship by channelizing communication between technical organizations within the United States and abroad, strengthening charitable organizations, assisting engineering students at the Local and National levels, and organizing networking events.

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