Moonpreneur announces line-up of Strategic Partner and Investor Group

Moonpreneur announces line-up of Strategic Partner and Investor Group

Texas-based TiE Dallas, a professional organization dedicated to the empowerment and encouragement of entrepreneurs through its various programs and through the global ecosystem of the TiE organization,  is coming on board as a strategic partner of Moonpreneur to explore synergies between the programs it conducts and Moonpreneur’s mission. In addition, a group of TiE Dallas members is also coming together as investors to fund and support Moonpreneur. The group brings its experience in nurturing, funding and growing early stage startups The collaboration will help Moonpreneur in identifying strategies, sales channels and operational synergies. Moonpreneur Inc., a Silicon Valley-based, educational-management start-up specializing in an entrepreneurial and innovation-centric program for children, welcomes TiE Dallas and its members to the organization. We are confident each one will play its role in scaling our business and widening our reach.  A group of visionary entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region floated The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in 1992 in Silicon Valley to foster entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding, and incubation.  Over the last three decades, the organization has become a significant influence in the definition, development and growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the multitude of startups it has worked with, nurtured, and funded through its membership, enabling wealth creation for thousands. It now has chapters around the globe and programs catering to specific demographics such as the youth, women, and high schoolers.    TiE Dallas, the Dallas chapter, is led by Ram Viswanathan, an IIT Roorkee alumnus, a technologist, and serial entrepreneur, who runs a portfolio of companies under the Nathan Research group that develops and implements leading edge AI solutions and software, including its flagship ReMAP, for industries such as Home Improvement and Construction.  “It gives us great joy to partner with Moonpreneur and be a part of the drastic transformation that is taking place in the ed-tech sector, with interesting opportunities for game changers. Having observed youngsters at our TiE TYE program, that we have been running here in Dallas for the last 9 years, we believe learning and entrepreneurialism is happening faster, sooner and in non-traditional ways. It is exciting to be a small part of this revolution”, says Ram, part of the group investing in Moonpreneur.  Apart from Ram, the group, all of whom are experienced angel investors in their own right, and are Charter Members of TiE Dallas, includes Sunny Banerjea, Board Member and Immediate Past President TiE Dallas,  Advisor to the CEO of FinTech companies, ex Managing Partner KPMG, Satyajit Doctor, CEO of a Training services firm, and Alok Gupta, digital transformation leader at a global software giant.   Alok Jain, Moonpreneur CEO and Co-founder said it is a pleasure to associate with TiE Dallas.  “The business and the entrepreneurial world recognizes TiE Dallas and this particular group of investors for having successfully mentored budding entrepreneurs and young organizations, channelizing their resources, and creating wealth. I am very excited to be working with Ram and the TiE Dallas team because of the unique perspectives and value they bring to the table says Alok. 

About Moonpreneur, Inc.

Moonpreneur Inc. is a start-up that is remodeling the concept of empowering today’s innovators and turning them into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through project-based learning and product development experience. Our community strives to uncover and nurture the STEAM skills in children with the help of our innovation and entrepreneurship-centric, SaaS-model-based program.  Our community and platform are an overlay around the ideas, projects, and products straight out of the creative minds of children between 10-17 years, with guidance from experts.

About TiE Dallas

TiE Dallas represents the Dallas chapter of the global organization, TiE devoted to the identification, nurturing, development and growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through regular events and programs including TYE (The Young Entrepreneurs), TiE University, TiE Women and TiE Angels. In the last year, the Dallas chapter has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, coached, funded and promoted them.  Many of its members have participated and spoken at global events and many of the local winners of competitive events in each of the programs have achieved recognition on the global stage. More information available at

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