Moonpreneur's Robotics Program

How is Moonpreneur’s Robotics Program Different from Others?

Moonpreneur's Robotics Program


This question flashes in the minds of a lot of parents. The best way to get the answer is to enroll your child in the free 1-hour class and experience the difference – positive or negative. Also, you will get an opportunity to have an interactive discussion about what the program offers. 

Robotics Class for kids

Moonpreneur’s approach is different in the sense that it aims to eventually enable the students to create a product that solves a  real-world problem. The real-world problem can be as simple as adding an alarm for home automation systems to send freeze alert signals. Or design and program a robot that can move to a given coordinate to sense hazardous gas conditions. Or maybe a robot that can move to a hazardous position and take a picture of a certain place from there. 

The students still learn the coding, the wiring, and the design parts. 

Moonpreneur’s approach is different in the sense that it aligns its teaching with an entrepreneurial spirit; everything that is taught resonates with real-life problem-solving. We do teach coding as part of it only because it helps in solving real-world problems. 

Moonpreneur’s methodology is different from the approach many schools take. A typical robotics class or club teaches only the coding part. They typically prepare students for a challenge to accomplish certain tasks in the shortest possible time. It does serve a good purpose of preparing them to learn to code and develop analytical skills in the process. 

Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

Designing a product can be more engaging than just participating in a Robotics challenge for many students but individual tastes may vary. We have observed that the approach to solving real-world problems makes students more acceptable for college admission and will perhaps help them more in future jobs than participation in robotics challenges. 

Moonpreneur and Robotics programs in US Schools have some similarities though – both develop coding and analytical skills. Both challenge students to think analytically and creatively to solve a problem. Moonpreneur’s program, though, includes soft skills, like team building, communication, and presentation skills as part of its program.   

Again the best way to judge is to register for our 1-hour free robotics class

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