MoonBattle Promotes Teamwork

How MoonBattle Promotes Teamwork in Kids

MoonBattle Promotes Teamwork


Team Building is a process that helps a group of people work together toward a common goal and purpose. Team members not only share common goals and expectations, but they also foster trust, encourage communication among themselves and collaborate more effectively.

Team Building is an important step in any activity because team cooperation leads to team Success. 

Effective Team Building involves employees who are fully engaged, which is beneficial to themselves as well as the team’s success.


MoonBattle is a flagship competition by Moonpreneur for children aged 8 to 15 years old in which their ideas will be developed through a series of sessions led by the best Subject Matter Experts.

How MoonBattle Promotes Teamwork in Kids

Moonbattle teaches children many important skills such as Team Building, Leadership, Networking, and so on. This program also teaches children how to pitch their ideas.

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A child learns a lot when they participate in MoonBattle. A kid understands how to form a team and how to lead that team effectively. They also learn how to organize their ideas, how to analyze their ideas, keep the ideas simple, and build a glorious and appealing story.

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Participate in MoonBattle

It is critical to realize how to assign responsibilities, build resources, and set all the resources together by working collaboratively with the team members and recognizing all members’ talents.

As teamwork is important in all aspects of one’s life, both professional and personal, MoonBattle offers 3 team building sessions led by the best Subject Matter Experts.

Each session includes activities for children to complete in the presence of the Subject Matter Experts. Once the speaker has finished explaining, the children are sent to their respective Breakout Rooms to discuss their idea development based on the session taken by the speaker, in which the speaker also participates, visits each team’s Breakout Room, and helps in clarifying each one’s queries. 

The idea finalization session is conducted before the team-building session, in which each student’s ideas are considered and children with similar ideas are asked to form a team if they are okay with the other members.

Team Building activities include the following

  • Based on their interests, students are asked to form teams of at least 2 and up to 6 people with two internal and four external members.
  • The mentors share the details about the team members attending the session on that particular day to form the team. Before forming the team, mentors solicit feedback from the students on whether they are comfortable with the team composition.
  • Mentors finally help the children in forming their teams and discussing and finalizing their ideas.

The theoretical explanation provides knowledge but how that knowledge is applied is critical in any entrepreneurial task. So, these activities play an important role in the development of the kids in terms of idea finalization and team building which finally leads to overall idea development.

All these activities involve kids in team building and help them understand the importance of team building. These sessions by Subject Matter Experts, activities and mentoring sessions all help the kids build a strong team.

Moonpreneur understands the needs and demands this rapidly changing technological world is bringing with it for our kids and thus we are on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math and much more!! 

Register in MoonBattle today!

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