math manipulative kit

What is Math Manipulatives Kit and Why Does Your Child Need Them?

math manipulative kit


Math could be a difficult task for both parents and children, but it doesn’t have to be with the correct tools. A math manipulatives kit can turn the sometimes long and tricky process of learning math into an enjoyable experience that will leave your child excited and motivated while they learn valuable skills that they’ll use throughout their life. 

With so many educational toys on the market, how do you know which one is right for your family? Read further, as we review all the different types of manipulative kits available in order to help you find out what is best for you and your students!

Math manipulatives kit are physical objects that are used to teach and practice mathematical concepts to students.

For visual and kinesthetic learners—those who learn best by seeing and doing—math manipulatives can be especially beneficial. 

They can be applied in a range of contexts, such as classrooms, homeschools, and tutoring sessions.

Benefits of Math Manipulatives Kit: 

1) Children can learn crucial skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning by using math manipulatives.

2) Children can benefit greatly from math manipulatives because they enable hands-on exploration and physical manipulation of mathematical ideas. 

3) Children may find it simpler to comprehend and remember the ideas as well as to see how they can be applied in actual circumstances as a result. 

4) Math manipulatives can be a useful tool for encouraging kids to gain a deeper appreciation for and understanding of math.

5) Math manipulatives can also be entertaining and interesting, which can keep kids interested in math lessons. 

Examples of Math Manipulatives Kit-

Base Ten Blocks

These are units, tens, hundreds, and thousands of block representations. They can assist children in performing arithmetic operations and comprehending place value.

                                     base ten blocks           

Fraction Circles

These evenly divided circles can be used to help children understand fractions and carry out fraction operations.

                                         fraction circles


Children can utilize these boards, which have a grid of pegs, to make geometric forms and patterns.


Pattern Blocks

Students can use these geometric shapes with various patterns to make designs and analyze symmetry.

                                     pattern blocks

Number Lines

These are numbers-marked lines that students can use to comprehend the idea of negative and positive numbers as well as carry out arithmetic operations.

                     number lines

How do you make your own Math Manipulatives Kit at home?

Excellent math manipulation can cost up to $150. You may make your math manipulative kit at home if you don’t want to spend much money on them. 

You just need one big plastic box in order to store them in a single place and the following material that is easily available at the market.

1) Rubber Bands with Craft Sticks

Using rubber bands, you may organize craft sticks into various groups of 10, 100, or more, leaving a few sticks for use separately. Use these sticks to teach the idea of place value, Borrowing, Addition, and Subtraction to Kids

2) Dice

Dice can also be used as a math manipulative Kit. All you need is a pair of dice to create a dice game. You can make the rules by yourself. Suppose I make a goal to reach a target of 100 scores on dice.  The player rolls two dice, and the sum of the two dice is noted. 

The player can scroll as many times as he likes until he gets the number one outcome on each dice, at which point he quits and the next player has their turn. He must start over again with a zero score if he rolls a ‘one’ on both dice.

3) Blocks

Blocks can be used to teach different mathematical skills to kids, they are used to teach counting, Place Values, and Patterns if you have different shapes block-

4) Clocks

Clocks can be used to teach the concepts of time to children. It can also be used to teach discipline to children assuming the virtual schedule like waking up at 6:30 am, dressing at 7:30 pm, etc. You just need a clock with moveable hands.

5) Simple Rulers and Measuring tools-

All you have is a Ruler, Measuring Tape, and measuring Cup at home. It can be used to teach the Measurement of Length, Metric Conversion, and Weight.

Like this, you can use different types of simple physical objects at home and turn it into a Math Manipulatives Kit.

Moonpreneur is providing similar products in the STEM Category that help in the overall development of children such as Magnetic Construction Building blocks that help the children in building and constructing different geometrical shapes.

magnetic tiles

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