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    Top 6 Tips for Kids to Learn the Fundamentals of Robotics


    learn robotics fundamentals
    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

    Yes! We have now invented flying cars, and soon the era of “The Jetsons” will be here before you know it. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are taking over the world one human at a time. So, should we be scared of it? Nope. We need to prepare for this revolution. We need to provide our children with an intro to robotics and future-forward learning.

    Industry 4.0 is here, and it is taking some significant strides in favor of automation. So, Gen Z needs to be ready for a changed job scenario because, by the time they begin their professional journey, many jobs that exist today will be deceased.


    Source: IOT Analytics

    Let us begin by understanding what Robotics is?

    Robotics, in simple terms, is the amalgamation of technology, science, and engineering resulting in machines or robots that can act like humans. As Robotics develops further, machines or automation will take over several human jobs out there today.

    According to research performed by Mckinsey, about one-third of jobs in the USA will be automated by 2030. While most people may find it worrisome to believe they could lose their jobs, several others are preparing for this change by scanning the future job markets. Therefore, this is the time we prepare our children to learn robotics.


    Our children have a higher advantage of learning the fundamentals of Robotics at a young age. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this field develops several soft skills among children, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, programming, creativity, communication, and such others. It is an excellent start for children to learn STEM with the fundamentals of Robotics.


    Kids are taught about Robotics mainly using computer programming and introducing the theories of designing, constructing, and operating robots. Intro to Robotics opens up a lot of futuristic opportunities for students.

    6 Tips for Kids to Learn the Fundamentals of Robotics
    1. Join Robotics Courses Focused on Hands-on Learning

    Bill Gates was once quoted saying, “Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.” 

    Robotics opens the door to limitless possibilities, and therefore it is vital that our kids start learning this futuristic technology from today. Online platforms like Moonpreneur offer a course in Robotics wherein your child can innovate and develop a product using this technology and learning kits such as Robotics and Product Development Kit. Your child can learn through hands-on training and gain clarity on the various concepts of Robotics.

    Besides, they are teamed with qualified mentors who readily address all the students’ queries and help them gain a thorough understanding of the subject.

    2. Enroll Your Child In A Robotics Club

    Did you know that Robots can only do what they are programmed to do? 

    At the same time, AI is evolving and how effectively it can self-evolve is something yet to be seen. These are the sort of fun facts that your child can learn by joining a Robotics Club. Such clubs can teach and guide your child to build prototypes using Robotics while connecting them with like-minded students. 

    Your kid can also put their skills to the test and get encouraged to improve themselves with the support of their peers. So, if your child wants to develop an interest in Robotics, joining a club might be an excellent way to go.

    3. Try Teaching Through DIY Kits

    If you are among those tech-savvy parents, then you can invest some time and money in teaching your kid about Robotics through a DIY kit.


    Most DIY kits will allow your child to build a robot from scratch. You can train your child the finer aspects of how the machine actually works, and in doing so, your kid will develop an understanding of Robotics. 

    The internet has an abundance of information, and you can take up the job of teaching your child with the help of this data. Explore a couple of DIY kits such as the Embedded Learner Uno Kit Version 2 from Moonpreneur’s store.

    4. Encourage Them To Participate In Competitions

    Competitions may not be the first step you take while ensuring your child learns fundamental of Robotics, but it can definitely be a goal you help them set.

    According to Rodney Brooks, the Australian roboticist, “Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics.”

    Competitions give your kids a chance to implement their learnings and create a machine or a robot. It helps them expand their thinking abilities and explore their creative energies while unleashing their potential. So, keep an eye out for Robotics challenges such as Hackathon and encourage your kid to participate in them.

    5. Introduce them to Gaming and Animation

    What better way to understand the basics of Robotics than through gaming and animation!

    These are two subjects that pique every child’s interest and can easily be used to teach Robotics. Several online platforms also use games, puzzles, and animation to help develop students’ interest in the subject. They manage to simplify the most complex concepts through these means and engage the kids in Robotics.


    Kids can solve various levels in a game using robotics and keep moving to higher levels. They teach themselves and use their learning to maneuver through the games. A few platforms also allow kids to use Robotics to develop their own games, thus, helping them explore the possibilities that Robotics offers.

    6. Keep Updating

    According to a Reuters report, the Japanese government has been funding the development of elder care robots to help fill a projected shortfall of 380,000 specialized workers by 2025. Another piece in Military.Com spoke about how the US Marine Corps tested a four-legged robotic dog to explore its use for combat. 

    Robotics is constantly evolving. Hence, it is vital that you ensure your child remains updated with the latest developments in this field. From education to medicine to defense to aerospace, every area of work will get an upgrade eventually. So, staying updated might be a good way of staying in the game or perhaps take a step ahead of the game.

    To Conclude

    We are all awaiting the perfected humanoid bot as we have often seen in Hollywood movies, and that future isn’t that far away. With governments and industries spending millions of dollars developing these technologies, it is only a matter of time that innovators will be more in demand than employees. 

    Teaching your children the fundamentals of Robotics early on is, therefore, an excellent way to ensure their survival. Children can learn robotics while developing their soft skills for the future.

    Moonpreneur is offering instructor-led free trial classes of Robotics for 10-17 years old to experience the world of robotics and hands-on learning. Book a free trial of robotics today!

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    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

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