Is Fortnite More Popular than Minecraft

Is Fortnite More Popular than Minecraft?

Is Fortnite More Popular than Minecraft


Every online game enthusiast has at least once played Fortnite and Minecraft. Both games have created ripples in the gaming industry. These iconic games give each other tough competition by trying to appeal to the hearts of the hardcore games. 

Registered users of Fortnite worldwide from August 2017 to May 2020

Source: Statista

Fortnite entered the scenario almost 8 years after Minecraft. Yet, at present, it experiences 350 million players, way more than that Minecraft. 

Although both games belong to different genres, players prefer to compare the two and establish superiority. If you are new in the gaming arena and are planning to try your hands on either of the two games, this quick comparison will give you a clear idea. 

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Fortnite Vs Minecraft: Which is better?

If we are to follow the data offered by Twitch and Google Trends, Fortnite is more popular as compared to Minecraft. It also mints more money than Minecraft, but it also enjoys higher concurrent players. 

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Fortnite has been maintaining a glorious track record from the beginning. Within two weeks of its release, Fortnite acquired 10 million players, thereby being one of the most successful projects for Epic Studios. Getting into the money matters- Fortnite made a revenue worth $9 Billion in 2018 and 2019. The 2020 pandemic further fueled an additional $5.1 billion in revenue. 

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On the other hand, Minecraft in 2020 could make a revenue worth $415 million

Let’s have a quick look at the features that make Fortnite a better choice than Minecraft!

1) Fortnite is free of cost!

Fortnite feels light on the pocket. And that’s why players prefer spending time on this game rather than spending money on Minecraft. Experts believe that the affordability of Fortnite is the biggest reason that it enjoys a greater number of players than Minecraft. 

2) Fortnite offers frequent updates

Another factor that makes Fortnite more popular than Minecraft is constant updates. The developers ensure that all the bugs and glitches are taken care of through the array of updates that they offer. More updates keep the players happy and engaged.

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3) It has better-quality graphics

Fortnite is renowned because of its exemplary graphics. With improved lighting and geometry, better reflections and shadows, as well as a realistic look, Fortnite boasts high-quality graphics. The Epic Studio team has again proved that they have eyes for details.

4) Fortnite has no lag issues

Players love the fact that Fortnite has no lag issues. Frequent updates and high-quality graphics make sure that players do not have to face lag issues. This makes the overall gaming experience more engaging. 

On the other hand, Minecraft faces lag issues and often disappoints users. 

5) There’s a purpose in Fortnite

Fortnite is a challenging game. Purpose-driven gameplay makes the game all the more interesting for the players. On the other hand, Minecraft has no purpose, and the element of randomness makes the gameplay futile for the players. Missions and challenges make Fortnite better than Minecraft.

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In a Nutshell

Both Fortnite and Minecraft have their own loyal fan base. However, Fortnite enjoys a higher degree of popularity. The available data also suggests the same. In case you wish to explore the best option, go for Fortnite. Once you have explored the fun elements of Fortnite, you can then move on to Minecraft and experience the same. Then you can make your own comparisons and arrive at a conclusion of your own. 

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