Improve Working Memory in Kids

How to Improve Working Memory in Kids?

Improve Working Memory in Kids


Working memory is a crucial component of learning and growth. It’s the ability to temporarily store information in your mind so that you can access it when needed.

Working memory has been linked with academic performance, executive function (which involves planning, remembering, and reasoning), and personality development. As per the research, around 10 to 15% of children of school age have trouble with reduced working memory ability.

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That’s why it’s essential for parents and teachers alike to help kids develop their working memory skills if they want them to succeed in school. Here are some fun ways to help kids improve their working memory!

1. Play Memory Games

Play Memory Games

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging game to play with your kid, try memory games like “memory” and “20 questions”. These are great because they can be played on the computer or using physical objects like pens and paper. You may even want to make up your version of these games when they get older!

2. Read Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Read Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Reading is a great way to improve working memory and develop your child’s learning ability. It also helps build vocabulary, which can be of great benefit when it comes to comprehension. It is a skill that builds knowledge and concentration, both essential for students to learn effectively.

3. Play Games that Require Naming Things

Playing games that require naming things is another way to improve your working memory. This can be done in several ways, but you should make sure all the answers are spoken out loud and not just guessed.

For example, name the capital cities of countries in Europe. That will help them identify where different countries are located on a map so that when they see them later in life, it won’t be as much work for their brain! 

4. Exercise


Exercise can be an effective way to improve your working memory. It’s important to note that exercise doesn’t just help to focus but also helps to relax and clear the mind.

As blood flow increases throughout the body, it also flows into the brain, which can help boost mental performance. This increased blood flow is known as “oxygenation” and happens when we exercise or engage in other mentally stimulating activities like reading or learning new skills.

5. Use Music To Help with Memorization

Music is a great way to improve memory. It has been shown to positively affect mood and concentration, which can help to remember things better. Music can also help in focusing on what you’re doing when trying to memorize something.

For example, if your goal is to help your kid learn how many planets are in our solar system, playing classical music will help keep track of the order of planets and how many there are overall.

Parting Words

In conclusion, working memory is the key to success in school, work, and everyday life. It’s essential for you not only as a parent but also for your child because it will help them succeed in many areas of life.

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