Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style



Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style

Children are naturally inquisitive and have an inherent urge to learn new things with whatever medium is available at their disposal—from asking questions to using their sensory abilities. As they grow, they adapt to a primary idiosyncratic learning pattern, and it is for the teachers, parents, etc. to identify their primary learning style. 

Every child is different, and we all know that. Measuring every child using the same technique is not only unfair but will also give you the wrong results. The problem lies in using methods that we think are right for our child. Let’s take the example of adults; some like reading as a source for gathering information or learning about new things, while others like watching informative videos or listening to recordings. The methods adopted each is the best way for them to

absorb the information in the most convenient form according to them.

Children have four primary styles of learning:

The Kinaesthetic Style: In this style, children learn by feeling, touching, or doing chores.

How to Identify Whether Your Child is a Kinaesthetic Learner? 

Children with this style of learning are usually very active and like to be on their feet all the time. They prefer to move around a lot and touch things to get a feel of them or taste whatever they can lay their hands on. This is their way of learning about the objects they touch and the things they taste. These children are usually good at sports and have good hand-eye coordination and frequently use gestures while talking or explaining. 

The Visual Style: This is the most effective style of learning in which children learn by observing things around them.

How to Identify Whether Your Child is a Visual Learner? 

If your child has a vivid imagination with a remarkable interest in art then this is an indication that your child is a visual learner. Visual learners have quite a strong memory that relays pictorial information. Children with a visual learning style are good with recognizing people, faces, and places. 

The Aural or Auditory Style: Children with this method of learning, use auditory tools to learn and retain information.

How to Identify Whether Your Child is an Aural or Auditory Learner? 

Children with this learning style have an aptitude for music. They tend to sing along to songs and like to create their own songs. They have a strong verbal ability, and listen and follow directions. If you think your child has all these abilities and perks up when they listen to music, then your child is an auditory learner. 

The Reading & Writing Style: In this style of learning, children read and/or write to learn about things and remember it.

How to Identify Whether Your Child Learns Better with Reading & Writing Style? 

These types of learners often tend to write things down or take notes. They enjoy reading storybooks and are good at remembering what they have read and pay attention to small details. So, if you notice that your child shows the above signs and likes to communicate by writing down things instead of speaking or jot down ideas and concepts, then your child learns better with the reading and writing style 

Parents and teachers should ensure that they identify the child’s primary learning style early on so that it can help them study better. Someone who is a visual learner will find it difficult to learn or retain information with auditory learning style and vice versa. Children start showing signs of their preferred learning style from a very early age. Parents should observe closely to figure

out whether their child learns primarily by looking, learning, or doing. This will help in identifying their primary style of learning but at the same time, the importance of well-rounded learning should not be ignored.

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