Hire right people for your startup

Identifying the Suitable Employee for Your Startup

Hire right people for your startup
Soumi Pandey

Soumi Pandey

Identifying the Suitable Employee for Your Startup

Businesses thrive when like-minded people come together and work as a team. But how does one find the right person for the job? Finding the right fit for your company could mean hundreds of potential candidates and long hours of interviews. Even then, you may not see the one with the spark that ignites your brain. 

You can narrow down your search for that perfect gem with the help of these tips.

1. Look for What Lies Beyond the Confident Façade

Your potential employees are trained to dress up brightly, sound confident, and give answers on their toes. What you need to see is beyond that outer demeanor and the layers covering their true identity for the skills and requisites for the job. Look for a person who has the right abilities to take on the role you want to assign them and add value to your company. 

You need to hire a person who can help your company grow by doing things rather than merely talking big and doing nothing. Check for these hints in their resume as that piece of paper can reveal a lot of hidden information and help you tremendously in finding the right fit.

2. Get Them Out of their Comfort Zone and Watch the Magic

An interviewee comes prepared to answer questions and talk about themselves. They have studied your company, scanned for all the possible queries that might arise from their resume, and mugged up an answer to sing when asked the related question. But what if, instead of asking them what’s already on paper, you quiz them on different topics? 

It can be about a social cause or their political stand or anything that can disrupt what they are equipped to handle. When they are out of their comfort zone is when you really know if they are capable of handling challenges. 

3. Let Them Quiz You; Pay Attention to the Questions

Yes, they have come prepared to ask you questions, if they get a chance and turn the tables. So, keep your ears and eyes open when your potential hire receives an opportunity to quiz you. Look at the level of questions they ask. 

Evaluate whether the questions are thoughtful enough? Is the candidate interested in more than just the job profile and the salary you are offering? And so on. Their questions will not only make the conversation two-sided but also give you an insight into what they can bring to your company. 

4. Watch Out for the More Minor Traits

Small traits can reveal big secrets. Ask your employee to reach out for something from their bag and take a guilt-free peek into their bags. Their level of organizing can indicate their way of functioning. Often the way an employee behaves can seem rehearsed, but even well-hidden nervousness can show sometimes. 

Look for these small traits that can speak volumes about the candidate sitting from across you. Resumes can express skills, but observation can reveal the nature of the person. So keep a tab on all the movements your candidates make to find the ones that most appeal to you.

5. Listen to Your Gut

Don’t ignore that inner voice in your head, It can help you make or break your company with the right team. A candidate’s resume may be perfect and their traits might want you to give them an offer letter instantly, but if there is even an ounce of doubt, then hold yourself back from jumping to conclusions. 

Many employers believe that they make the best decision when they trust their instincts, and worst, when they ignore that inner voice. Your instincts might be telling you something that your eyes and ears have missed out on. Let your gut take over at times like these and help you make the right call. 

To Conclude 

Scanning through thousands of resumes is worth it when you get the most appropriate hire for the growth of your company. Your employees can set the tone of your brand and add to your work culture. Hence, it is crucial that you add the right person to your team. 

Here is a video of Moonpreneur’s Founder and CEO, Alok Jain giving his suggestions and talking about his experiences when it comes to appointing the right people. Watch the video to learn more about Alok’s hiring process and what he looks for when making an addition to his team.

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