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Benefits of Global Classrooms
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    Global Classrooms – What Can They Do for Your Child?




    Imagine the world a few years ago when students had to go abroad for studies, which was the only way to meet people from different ethnicities while pursuing education. This was not easy as it involved a lot of money and staying away from your family.  However, in recent times things have changed. More so, with the pandemic bringing the whole world to a standstill, work from home and study from home became the new normal with several EdTech companies seizing the opportunity.  Last year proved to be a blessing in disguise for students as they got a chance to explore a whole new world of education. The most important and interesting part being the global classroom. Global classrooms have become very common and for all the right reasons. So, what exactly are global classrooms?  According to Global Dialogue, a virtual or global class, unlike a traditional class, maintains a feeling that they are united in common, shared enterprise through cyberspace, no matter which part of the world they are from. Traditional classroom methods are becoming outdated. Children need something new and unique methods that can help them learn more and better. While global classrooms have been in existence for quite a few years, it has attained a new identity for itself in 2020 with children being locked up inside their house.  According to a research, global classrooms can have an incredibly positive impact on student’s engagement, knowledge, values and skills.    Before we move on, let’s picture this. Your child is sitting in the comfort of their house and they log on to their computers to attend a virtual classroom and there are children from different parts of the world to attend the same class. Can you imagine the amount of exposure that your child will get?  Your child will get to learn about different cultures and how people from other countries act and think. It is important that EdTech companies broaden their spectrum with global classrooms. They can play an important role in exposing children to students from other countries as it can help them in many ways. Given the benefits and popularity of global classrooms, it won’t be too long before schools start implementing this method of teaching.   Moonpreneur, a Silicon Valley-based company, realized the importance of global classrooms to give their students a holistic experience and global exposure. Their Innovator Program offers a global classroom experience, which allows children to learn about futuristic technologies and interact with students for over 10 different countries.  Global classrooms help break the geographical barriers that most of us have created in our minds more than on the land. Students can get to learn about what their peers from other countries are like and can bridge the gap by communicating with each other on a regular basis. We often hear people saying that international experience provides changes to the way you look at the world. This is absolutely true. People who have international exposure have seen different cultures and have a broader perspective. With global classrooms, students get to do right from their comfort zone.  There are numerous advantages of global classrooms for your child. Let’s dive a little deeper and find out the positive impact global classrooms can have on your child.


    Global learning is about smoothing learning experiences by allowing students to appreciate various outlooks, understand the influences they have to the world outside theirs. Global classrooms help students communicate and cooperate with cultures from other countries.  It is important for children to get a global experience so that they have a broader perspective and global exposure. This can help them become more knowledgeable than their peers.

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    Each country has a different method or process of teaching their students. Unless your child gets an opportunity for a student-exchange program, they will never get to learn about it. However, with global classrooms, children come together and learn about the diversity in the world.  This exposure would not have been possible if not for global classrooms. You get to learn about children your age living in a different continent and what life is like there. Your child can become more confident which can help them in all walks of life.


    It is not uncommon to see people getting intimidated by interacting with people from other countries. This fear is due to little or no exposure about them. Once you start interacting with people from other countries, you will realize that they are similar to you in a lot of aspects.  Your child needs this kind of exposure to understand the similarities between people from different countries. Global classrooms help students realize that they are not different from each other. In fact, as these sessions progress, students get to find common topics to discuss and learn from one another.


    Global classrooms can teach your child about the miscellany of the human race. Exposure to students from different cultural backgrounds and race can help your child to be aware of different socio-economic situations around the world.  This will not only help in expanding their horizons but will also  augment their perspective about international issues and relations too.


    We all judge people and other cultures but it is only when we get a close look what they are like, we attain a better understanding about them. That’s exactly what global classrooms can do for your child. The exposure helps them understand people from other countries and this can help them overcome preconceived notions, if any, about their culture or the country as a whole. These days both parents and teachers have understood the importance of global classrooms and are enrolling their children to experience it. With Moonpreneur your child can experience the fun of learning with students from different countries. Enroll your child with Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program and let them experience the world.

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    Moonpreneur is an ed-tech company that imparts tech entrepreneurship to children aged 7 to 16. Its flagship offering, the Innovator Program, offers students a holistic learning experience that blends Technical Skills, Power Skills, and Entrepreneurial Skills with streams such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and Book Writing & Publishing.
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