How to Get a $10 Roblox Card for Free?

How to Get a $10 Roblox Card for Free?

How to Get a $10 Roblox Card for Free?


This is a secret that Moonpreneur wants to let you know about. We’ve written and designed a storybook containing 2 adventure-filled tales for you ‘Adam’s Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Magical Grove’. These tales will entertain and teach you fun concepts of robotics.

Did we mention you can get a $10 Roblox card for free* when you read the storybook?

Yes, that’s true!! To get the card you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1. Download your copy of the storybook. 

Step 2. Read the two stories to get as many clues as possible. 

Step 3. At the end of each of the two stories are a set of Robotics-related questions. Read and comprehend each of those questions.

Step 4. Post figuring out the answers to the given questions, scan the QR CODE mentioned in the book. Click the link to book a free workshop with Moonpreneur.

Step 5. Fill in all your details and submit the form. Join the free workshop on the dates you’ve selected and submit all your answers to the program experts.


If you answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly and fulfill the terms and conditions below then you will win a $10 Roblox Card.

So, what are you waiting for?

Collect yours now before the offer runs out!!!!

*Here are a few terms and conditions you would want to look out for:

  1. You’ll need to attend the free workshop (Scan QR Code) and answer the storybook-cum-workbook questions.
  2. At the end of the session, your parent’s presence is a must to claim the gift card.
  3. Keep in mind that one $10 coupon/gift card can be redeemed by one child only.
  4. The limited-time offers are valid for citizens living in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

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