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Benefits and Future of Digital Learning
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    The Future of Digital Learning for Children and How Moonpreneur is Helping


    Benefits and Future of Digital Learning
    Soumi Pandey

    Soumi Pandey

    The Future of Digital Learning for Children and How Moonpreneur is Helping

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to turn into an online medium for educating children, carving a new way for digital learning. Earlier, although the online education medium existed, it was limited to specific classes and mostly for college students and adults. 

    Today’s situation is making millions ask what the future of digital learning will be like for the next generation of children and the advantages of online education.

    There is no doubt that the future generation of children will be far more technology savvy than the previous one. So, catering to their needs will be the key for every educational institution, including platforms such as Moonpreneur, which primarily focus on educating and building young entrepreneurs. Moonpreneur aims to shape the future of digital learning and encourage the younger generation of businesspeople. ‘

    Let’s discuss the future of digital education, its advantages, and the role Moonpreneur plays.

    What is the Future of Digital Learning for Children?

    Before the pandemic, several schools in the USA used at least one digital device weekly to educate children. According to a survey, about 75% of the teachers believe that in the next 10 years, digital learning may replace textbook education. With online schooling, children are no longer bound by time or physical parameters of a regular in-classroom day. 

    Besides, digital learning serves as a supplement to what is taught in schools as it allows your child to explore the world beyond a classroom. The educational ecosystem is expanding because online learning offers enhanced experiences to children of today and the future. 

    What’s more interesting is that the survey concluded that around 90% of the children start online learning from as early as between the age of three to five years.  

    Another benefit of online learning is that children get more exposure through online mediums such as apps, games, videos, and other educational websites. They can explore options for their future, which is not limited to the in-classroom curriculum. For instance, Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program helps your child develop an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age of 10 years. 

    Digital learning in the future will be more focused on materials that engage the kids, keeping value-addition at the core of it all. Children will look forward to online classes that improve their skills and make them ready for life outside school. 

    Advantages of Online Learning

    1. Unlimited Access to Educational Material

    It is said that ‘Google has all the answers.’ The internet is an unlimited resource of data that may be beyond a teacher’s ability to retain. Moreover, your children get access to updated information within seconds with digital learning. 

    Although in-classroom teachers today take additional efforts to keep up with the changing pace of education, they cannot compete with the surplus of data online. 

    2. It’s Effective and Convenient

    Your children get an education at their door-step through online learning. They no longer have to waste time on travel and complain about not getting enough play-time. Children have their books handy; their work is more organized; they can work through online mediums and readily store their data. 

    Online classes are interactive, where each student gets a chance to participate. It makes children voluntarily learn, do their homework, and enhance their skills. 

    3. Enhanced Learning Through Simulations

    In-classroom curriculum is often bound to what’s in the textbooks and what the teacher writes on the board. The rest is left to the imagination of kids. Through digital learning, teachers can now share videos, real-life images, 3D models, and more to make children understand with clarity. 

    Such visual simulations add value to your child’s education wherein they can remember more data by understanding a concept rather than merely reading about it.

    4. Not Limited to Place and Time

    If your child has missed a particular online session, you don’t have to worry about it. A significant advantage of online classes is that the sessions can be recorded. So, your child can access it from anywhere at any time. 

    They never have to miss another lesson again. Besides, if your child hasn’t fully understood a concept, they can always visit the recorded session again and re-learn it. 

    5. Using Multimedia Tools for Presentations

    If your child has a project to create for school, they can access several multimedia tools through online learning. They can develop slide-shows, add videos and images, add graphics or special-effects to make their presentation more interactive and appealing. 

    Digital learning promotes global classrooms that allows children to openly share their thoughts and work effortlessly with their peers. Your child can also publish their work online to share it with others around the world. 

    How is Moonpreneur Shaping the Future Through Digital Learning?

    Moonpreneur preempted this trend towards digital learning and therefore created a unique approach to online education through its Innovator Program. The program is for children aged 10-17, who have a knack for entrepreneurship and innovation. Your child can benefit from learning beyond the classroom curriculum and rise as a notable business person across the globe. 

    The Innovator Program gives children exposure to a global audience through the digital medium. Children get mentored by industry experts via online workshops and get exposure to topics such as robotics, game development, app development, artificial intelligence, coding, and much more. They get trained online to be the entrepreneurs of the future.

    Here is what Moonpreneur’s Innovator Program offers to shape your child’s future through digital learning.

    1. A 4-Stage Program

    The Innovator Program has a unique 4-stage curriculum: exploration, preparation, innovation, and e-commerce. In the exploration stage, your child gets exposure to STEAM subjects and other topics through digital learning. This helps them recognize and choose their area of interest to further explore innovative ideas in that field.

    The preparation stage is where your child gets product-first design training. They can dig deeper into their interests via Moonpreneur’s online classes and build their entrepreneurial skills. In the innovation stage, children implement their learning and begin developing products to launch their business. The last step educates children about eCommerce and how they can market their product to grow their business.

    2. Individualized Guidance from Experts

    The Innovator Program provides children with one-on-one learning. The online classes are designed as per your child’s needs with personalized attention to each kid. The program is customized as per your child’s interest with expert tutors who guide students at every stage in their entrepreneurial journey.

    3. Self-paced Learning

    Your child will not be hurried into the next stage without having complete clarity on concepts in the previous one. The Innovator Program offers self-paced learning, where students can take their time to understand the topics. They can keep referring to recorded sessions or ask as many questions to their tutors to grasp what is being taught.

    4. Experiential Education

    The Innovator Program offers hands-on learning to students by providing them with kits for enhancing various skills. Students can learn to physically build prototypes by working with these learning kits. The online classes are not restricted to paper and pen but give each child an experiential learning experience.

    Final Words

    Digital learning is here to stay and will only grow with the demands of the next generation. The enormity of the internet and the availability of digital devices and multimedia tools will provide children with an enhanced learning experience. 

    With educational websites such as Moonpreneur, children can get exposure to curriculum outside the traditional classroom and grow as individuals and build on their academic and career goals.

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