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10 fun and crazy challenges for kids
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    10 Fun and Crazy challenges for Kids


    10 fun and crazy challenges for kids


    Robotics Class BannerA relaxed setting, a game full of fun and challenges, and your child – it’s the ideal setting to get your kids moving. Games are a fantastic way to motivate kids to engage in physical activity. 

    They also aid in coordination improvement and motor skill development in children. For parents, indulging in games with kids could be a great way to connect and educate one another in a laid-back setting.

    According to WHO, children and adolescents aged 5-17 years dedicate a minimum of 60 minutes per day to moderate-to-vigorous intensity, mostly aerobic, physical activity, across the week. It has significant health benefits for hearts, bodies, and minds.

                    children 3-4 years of age should

                                                                           Source: WHO

    But the big question is where to find interesting games. The following are some fun and crazy challenges that will get your child up, moving, and having fun if they do not show interest in physical activities:

    1. No Thumbs Challenge

    Have you ever considered how you may function without your thumbs or how much you take them for granted? In addition to creating a mess, the challenge will teach you how to use your hands instead of your thumb. Tape the thumbs of the participants so they can’t use them. 

    Give them a specific activity after that, such as opening a door, putting on clothing, eating a bowl of spaghetti, holding a pencil, or applying nail paint. Then back off and see how this straightforward task can quickly become amusing and complex.

    The game can be played at sleepovers with teams being formed. The round is won by whoever completes the tasks in the shortest time!

    2. Blindfold Maze

    The Blindfold Maze Course is a great way to get kids moving while also teaching them essential skills such as trust and communication. To set up the obstacle course, you will need to create an obstacle course with various objects, such as chairs, tables, cones, etc., that the kids must navigate through while blindfolded. 

    One person will be designated as the guide who will give verbal instructions to the blindfolded person on how to navigate through the obstacle course. 

    3. Telephone Game Challenge

    The Telephone Game, also known as the Chinese Whispers, is one that everyone finds rather enjoyable and is based on possible confusion and the inability to hear. 

    Players can play in one line or two. A word, phrase, or sentence is delivered to the first person in line. A message is then whispered into the ear of the next person in line. The following player repeats the same action until the message reaches the end of the line.

    The final participant in line must then declare what the word, phrase, or sentence was. If it is correct, it is considered a win. If it is incorrect, it is viewed as a loss. Either way, it results in a lot of excitement and fun.

    4. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

    This challenge is an interesting opportunity to get kids to think creatively while having fun! To set up the challenge, you will need paper, markers or crayons, and blindfolds for each participant. The goal of the challenge is for each participant to draw a picture while blindfolded in the allotted time. 

    Each participant should be given a piece of paper, markers, or crayons before being blindfolded. Once everyone is blindfolded, the timer should start, and each participant must draw their picture without being able to see what they are drawing!

     At the end of the allotted time, participants should take off their blindfolds and show their pictures to see who drew the best picture!

    5. Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

    Beans and chopsticks is a simple game that requires two players and a handful of beans. The game’s goal is to move all the beans from one side of the table to the other using chopsticks. 

    The game is a great way to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. It also encourages problem-solving skills as players must figure out how to move the beans without dropping.

    This challenge is popular amongst kids regardless of the time of year, day, or age. The absence of risks in the challenge is its best feature.

    6. The Balloon Challenge 

    The Balloon Challenge gets kids thinking creatively while also having a lot of fun! You will need several balloons of different sizes and colors to set up this challenge. Each team will be given a balloon and must figure out how to get it from one side of the room to the other without using their hands or feet.

    7. Hot potato, kid’s edition

    One of the most well-liked humorous children’s games for all ages is Hot Potato. Play some music, pass a balloon around, and put some bounce in your steps. 

    The player holding the balloon must either sit down or pop it with their hands each time the music stops. The winner is the last man standing! 

    8. All Tangled Up

    All tangled up is ideal for a large group of kids. Kids take one hand and grab the hand of anyone in the group except the people standing next to them.

    The players take their other hand and grab the hand of anyone in the group except the people standing next to them and the person they are already holding hands with. To untangle the situation while holding onto each other’s hands is difficult. 

    The improvement of verbal communication, teamwork, strategic thinking, etc, is enhanced when playing this.

    9. Alligator Swamp Trail

    Kids are encouraged to use their imaginations while focusing and applying good leadership principles in this balancing game. Describe an alligator swamp with ravenous gators to set the scene. Kids must maintain a tight line to avoid becoming dinner.

    Parents can start exploring the swamp while giving detailed descriptions of all the creatures and plants they come across. If a child steps out of line . . . “Chomp!” Be sure to stimulate dramatic play as kids visualize the alligators and quickly jump back in line.

    10. ‘Say it backward’ Challenge

    Unleash your child’s critical thinking abilities to the fullest with this game. Getting the participants to speak words backward without stuttering or mispronouncing them is the challenge. The round is won by the person who correctly says it.

    A time limit guarantees that everyone has an equal amount of time to learn a word’s reverse pronunciation. You can create a list of easy words that get harder as the rounds progress to help you get used to the game.

    These challenges pique children’s interest and keep them entertained and engaged. These games are designed to boost confidence, encourage creativity, and foster problem-solving skills. They can also be an ideal way to bond with family and friends. 

    With so many challenges available, there is something for everyone. With the right challenge, kids can blast while learning something new. Physical challenges are not limited to physical activities – they also include mental and creative challenges, making them far more advantageous for children to indulge in.

    Moonpreneur understands the needs and demands this rapidly changing technological world is bringing with it for our kids. Thus we are on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs, which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and much more!! 

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    3 months ago

    It sounds like an excellent way to keep kids entertained and active by giving them these wild and wacky challenges. These challenges give kids the outlets they need to express their energy and creativity, which is something that’s vital. They’ll love tackling these thrilling activities, I’m sure of it!

    3 months ago

    I admire how these difficulties are made to be kid-friendly and secure. Prioritising their well-being and making sure the activities are age-appropriate are essential. We may positively and actively promote their physical and mental growth by presenting them with these enjoyable challenges.

    3 months ago

    What a fantastic method to engage kids in problems in the real world and get them away from their devices! It’s encouraging to find activities that encourage mobility, creativity, and imaginative play in the modern digital world. These difficulties will undoubtedly hold their interest and provide them with some priceless childhood memories.

    2 months ago

    After reading your blog, I returned to my childhood  memory of the “build the tallest tower” challenge, where we built our towers using various tools and techniques. The applause and celebrations were transmitted each time a tower beat the previous record, fostering a spirit of cooperation and success.

    2 months ago

    Anybody tried the pizza challenge?

    2 months ago
    Reply to  Steve

    I recently participated in a pizza challenge during my summer holidays after being invited by a friend, and it was a great adventure full of excitement. I was there to rate the different varieties of pizzas, as this required participants to sample various pizzas and evaluate them according to taste, toppings, and overall dining experience.

    2 months ago

    A telephone game challenge may be interesting and entertaining, but when it is performed with several people, it does not always give a full understanding of effective communication.

    6 months ago

    Can you design a paper airplane that can fly in a loop-de-loop? 

    6 days ago
    Reply to  Lorraine

    Creating a loop-de-loop paper airplane requires careful design. Begin with a sleek, symmetrical body and curved wings for lift. Add a slightly pointed nose for stability. Experiment with balance and weight distribution. Test, adjust, and refine until achieving the desired loop-de-loop motion.

    3 months ago

    If you were to make a unique treasure map, what kind of landmarks would you include?

    Anshika Kanwar
    Anshika Kanwar
    6 days ago
    Reply to  Ammy

    For a whimsical treasure map, I’d incorporate fantastical landmarks like “Dragon’s Lair,” a mysterious forest called “Enchanted Grove,” and a hidden waterfall known as “Whispering Cascades.” There’d also be a “Goblin’s Bridge” and a “Mermaid’s Cove,” adding an element of magic and adventure to the quest.



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