Explain innovation to a child

How Do You Explain Innovation to a Child?

Explain innovation to a child


Innovation can be simply defined as a “New Idea, Device or a method”. Innovation can also be defined as the application of better solutions to meet new or existing market requirements.

Innovation can be stated as “The Introduction of something new” and “A New Idea, Method or Device

Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas

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Teaching Innovation to Your Kids

Young minds, as usual, are the sharpest and they grasp things quickly. Traditional education systems have gradually been replaced by more modern methods. Innovations excite today’s kids to learn more, which further helps them to be more creative and innovative.

Children are always thinking of something extraordinary, which helps develop their minds from a very young age. 

This is why kids nowadays enjoy learning through experiential learning. While doing these, kids get to explore some of the most innovative projects by getting hold of new things to know.

Nobody can deny that innovation is one of the key skills when it comes to a kid’s future. Innovative thinking helps kids to see new opportunities, express creativity, and develop problem-solving skills.

Innovation is not innate; it is a skill that parents and mentors can help their children develop.

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Methods of explaining and fostering innovation in children:

1) Develop Curiosity

Kids are always curious about new things. If we develop their curiosity, they will undoubtedly try to learn more and develop themselves which will lead them to innovate. 

2) Encourage Taking Risks 

Parents and teachers should encourage children to take risks. No one can learn and become better without risks. So, instead of protecting their children from risks, parents should encourage them to take risks so that they can learn to overcome the risks that they will face in the future.

3) Let them choose & Decide

The parents or teachers usually direct the children. To some extent, it is beneficial, but parents and teachers should not choose and decide for the kids. Kids should learn to tackle the consequences of their decision; it will help them to be creative and innovative.

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4) Provide a purpose

One of the best ways to light the spark of a child’s creative thinking and innovation is to ask them to help solve a challenge that requires them to come up with a solution or make something that will genuinely help them solve a problem.

5) Encourage kids to play more

Children are always eager to play. So, allowing children to imagine themselves as their favorite characters allows them to build their minds. When children play, they develop creative abilities, which help their minds grow and think clearly. When they play, they also feel a sense of positivity and creativity. 

So, instead of engaging the kids with mobile phones inside, let them play outside more.

6) Praise their Efforts

When children try something new, we should praise them. We can also praise children for working hard, trying new strategies, and being creative.

According to one study, children benefit more from having their efforts recognized than from having their skills recognized.

7) Create a space for their Ideas to be shared

Nobody knows everything. Everyone searches for something to find answers and solutions to their questions and problems. Instead of discouraging the children, the Elder should respect their efforts and allow them to share their ideas.

However, children need to be more creative and innovative, so it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to encourage children to be innovative.

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