Benefits and Feature of Moonpreneur Embedded Learner Board

Embedded Learner Board – Features and Benefits

Benefits and Feature of Moonpreneur Embedded Learner Board


Embedded Learner Board – Features and Benefits

The creative minds out there are constantly churning our feasible, affordable, and easily available embedded boards for tech buffs to experiment and discover better solutions. Designing an embedded system is one part of the innovation story. Accessorizing them to enhance their performance is another part of the story. 

Some of the embedded systems lack generic interfaces and that’s where accessorizing comes into the picture. 

The Innovation Lab at Moonpreneur designs and creates tools that can be interfaced with the embedded boards to augment its performance. Their creation – Embedded Learning Board – is one of those tools that enhances the performance of embedded systems. Before going further and elaborate upon the learning kit, first find out about Embedded System Design.  

What is an Embedded System Design?

An embedded system embeds hardware and software together for a particular function. The microcontroller is the key element of an Embedded System Design. External Processor, Internal Memory, and Input/Output components are interfaced with the microcontroller. 

What makes these boards popular is its small size and that it consumes less power.  Embedded Systems are classified into four different categories based on performance and functional requirements: 

  • Real-Time Embedded System
  • Stand-Alone Embedded System
  • Networked Embedded System
  • Mobile Embedded System

Here are the elements of Embedded Systems:

  • Processor
  • Microprocessor
  • Microcontroller
  • Digital signal processor
  • Sensors

Role of Embedded Systems

An embedded system helps in:

  • Automation 
  • Communication 
  • Optimization 
  • Controlling, etc.

Evolution is an integral part of technology business and just like any other technological field, the embedded systems industry is constantly developing and the experts say that it will continue to grow, that too at a brisk pace. That’s the reason Moonpreneur team is researching and providing learning kits to aid youngsters in their creative and innovative endeavors. 

The team Moonpreneur pulled off a feat with Embedded Learner Board, which targets the young tech enthusiasts. It is an electronics board that can help in gaining hands-on experience in coding, electronics, and IoT by simply connecting it to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP using jumper wires. The key components of the Embedded Learning Board are: 

  • A 16×2 Alphanumeric Display
  • 7-Segment
  • Relay IR Sensor
  • Push Buttons
  • LEDs 
  • Vibration Motor
  • Temperature Sensor 
  • Buzzer
  • Potentiometer 

An overview

Embedded Hardware and Software such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Robotics are quite popular among tech enthusiasts. The Embedded Learner Board provides practical knowledge in such embedded hardware and it also instills technical skills to help them independently handle their initiatives. 

It is very easy to work with the Embedded Learner Board. Connect this board with jumper wires to any Arduino or Raspberry Pi model and gain practical experience in Coding, Electronics, and IoT.  Interestingly, the board has scope for experimental learning for the users while working on it.  

Benefits of Embedded Learner Board

  • Arduino or Raspberry Pi: Embedded Hardware and Software such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) are some prominent elements of the technical world which people want to experiment on. Get started by connecting the board to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP using jumper wires.  
  • Hands-on Experience: One of the rewarding features of this board is that it provides hands-on experience and practical knowledge of embedded hardware. So much so that the time spent on this board upskill the users to expand their capabilities to help them in transforming their ideas into reality. 
  • Multi-functioning: Another important element of this board is that it is multi-functioning – the learning kit helps in programming and coding. This board is also a learning platform and allows children to learn developments and functioning of the components to ensure better results.  
  • Multiple Sensors: Sensors are an important aspect of innovation and this board has Temperature Sensor and IR Sensor. Not just that, it also has Relay, Photoresistor, and other features. The users can also gain from the LED and Push-button provided with the board.  
  • Electronics Enthusiasts: In any skill-based subjects, practical knowledge has an edge over theoretical. And practical knowledge comes from experiments. The Embedded Learner Board brings practical knowledge to the electronics enthusiast. This board helps them in gaining practical knowledge in hardware and learn essential skills. 

The experience helps in acquiring the right aptitude and skill, an asset for the future.  


The next thing that comes to mind is where one can use the Embedded Learner Board. It familiarizes students with innovative technology and helps them in taking control of their learning. If you love experimenting, this learning kit will come in handy in the following activities:

  • Automatic Fan
  • LDR EL
  • LDR EL Optimized
  • LDR Intensity
  • Temperature Meter 

Technology is constantly developing. It advances so quickly that every invention needs a regular update to maintain its relevance in the fast-changing landscape. It is easy to innovate, difficult to sustain, and extremely challenging to remain relevant. 

Therefore, to keep pace with changing conditions, the first-hand experience in learning is important for young learners. It helps them in understanding how constant research and development can keep their product relevant. 

The mentors and researchers at Moonpreneur have taken upon this formidable task of simplifying the learning process through the Innovator Program by blending ease and fun into it. So far, they have been successful in their endeavors. Their innovations are lapped up by the end-users. For instance, electronics enthusiasts prefer Embedded Learner Board because it helps them in getting started with their experiment. 

Eventually, they learn and grow.

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