5 Exceptional Educational Robotics Kits From Moonpreneur Your Child Must Try

5 Exceptional Educational Robotics Kits From Moonpreneur Your Child Must Try

5 Exceptional Educational Robotics Kits From Moonpreneur Your Child Must Try


5 Exceptional Educational Robotics Kits From Moonpreneur Your Child Must Try

Embedded Learner UNO Kit, Arduino UNO Kit, Embedded Learner Board, Robotics Car Kit, and Sania Box – these are not any ordinary kits. They are hands-on learning kits laced with creative exercises to help children learn robotics and STEM concepts in a fun way.

They foster creative thinking skills, boost technical skills, and instill problem-solving skills in kids. Thoughtfully designed and developed by the Innovation Lab of Moonpreneur, the kits can augment your child’s learning goals.

Let’s take a quick look at the features of these kits.

1. Embedded Learner UNO Kit

Embedded Learner UNO Kit

This development kit is designed to help children gain hands-on experience in coding, programming, prototyping electronics, and IoT. The kit is also compatible with Arduino Uno, which makes it convenient to perform experiments with its easy USB interface.

2. Arduino UNO Kit

Another cool product on the list is Arduino UNO R3 with a USB cable that has 14 digital input and output pins, 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz Quartz Crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. 

Arduino UNO Kit

This kit is packed with everything your kid needs to work with the microcontroller. It is easy to use and they can develop many interesting projects around Arduino like Arduino Music instruments, Arduino Robot Car, UNO Home automation, etc.

3. Embedded Learner Board

Embedded Learner Board is an electronics board designed to be used to gain hands-on experience in coding, electronics, and IoT by simply connecting it to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP using jumper wires. 

Embedded Learner Board

Being one of the prominent elements of the technical world, the Embedded Learner Board provides practical knowledge of such embedded hardware and instills certain preliminary skills in the students.

4. Robotics Car Kit

Robotics Car Kit

This robotics car kit has self-assembled kits designed for children in such a way that they can easily make a robot car on their own. The kit contains Arduino UNO with a motor driver shield, an obstacle detector ultrasound, wall hitting prevention switch and infrared sensors, line follower IR array, color sensor, servomotor, and accelerometer.

5. Sania Box

Our 13-year-old Moonpreneur Sania Jain conceived and designed this embedded computer kit that contains a one-of-its-kind add-on board to help develop STEM skills in children.  

She built the robotics kit to introduce coding to kids from an early age. She has packed it with push buttons, LED lights, and multiple sensors such as the thermal sensor, and the gas sensor, also includes a 3-digit, and 7-segment clock display.

Sania Box

All these kits are a great way for children to experiment with STEM and gain a deeper understanding of robotics as a subject. We at Moonpreneur aim to promote hands-on learning through these indigenously made learning kits. If you are keen to learn more about our products and programs in robotics, Book a free workshop with us.

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