Computer Basics for Kids

7 Computer Basics for Kids to Master in 2023

Computer Basics for Kids


In contemporary times, digital literacy is imperative for kids to survive the cut-throat competition out there. Because digitization has permeated every sphere of our lives, kids must have in-depth knowledge of advanced technology. To begin with, you must teach them fundamental computer skills.  

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Your children may already be using your smartphones to play games or even commanding Siri or Alexa to turn on and off the lights (around 300 million smart home devices have been connected to Alexa in the US).

However, having the conventional knowledge of using a PC /laptop is important to stay relevant and complete academic projects. 

If you are wondering where to start with computer basics for kids, this article will guide you in the right direction. Read on to know the details!

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Basic Computer Skills that You Must Acquaint Your Children With!

1) Using different types of browsers

Help your kids in using different browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. Also, teach them how to navigate between these browsers. Make sure they understand how each of these works. Your kids must be able to bookmark their favorite pages while using a browser.

Some of the other important concepts that you must teach to your kids regarding different types of browsers are navigating back and forth between websites, copying hyperlinks, using address bars and URLs, and opening multiple tabs. 

2) Typing with ease

Help your kids with keyboarding! Swift and error-free typing is a highly undervalued computer skill that is often ignored by parents and teachers alike. There are multiple benefits of having enhanced typing abilities, such as easier completion of academic projects, improved spelling, career advantage, and enhanced motor skills. 

Also, the younger your child is, the easier it will be for them to pick up typing skills. 

Start with teaching your kids the correct hand positioning. You can even leverage different types of online typing games that make keyboarding enjoyable and engaging for your children.

Evaluate their progress by conducting weekly tests and informing their strengths and weaknesses.

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3) Maintaining the e-files and folders

Just as you teach your children about keeping their study tables organized, you must also help them organize their e-files and folders on a laptop/PC. Teach your children how to create a label and delete different folders. Also, help them with creating sub-folders. 

Teach them about different suffixes such as .docx, .xlsx, and so on. Also, introduce them to cloud storage and virtual sharing such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

4) Introducing them to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the very soul of any computer system. You must therefore help your children learn about different Microsoft tools like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. 

MS Office is widely used not only in schools but also in the workplace. The tools are used to present, organize, and handle data efficiently. 

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5) Internet surfing

The Internet is a massive repository of information. Children often use the internet to research for their homework, assignments, and academic projects. 

However, it is important to know the shortcuts and keywords to make the search more result-oriented and detailed.

Help your kids to determine the authenticity of the web resources. Allow them to fact-check the information available on multiple websites.

Also, teach them about technical concepts like licenses, copyrights, plagiarism, and so on. 

6) Receiving and sending emails

We live in an era where sending and receiving texts is extremely easy, thanks to apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Almost every app on our smartphone allows us to DM others.

As a result, today’s children are not that acquainted with the technicalities of sending and receiving emails. You can start by teaching them about the formal tone of texting over emails.

Also, teach them about the subject line, recipients, adding attachments, inserting links, etc. 

7) Staying safe online

Cybercrimes are real, and the online world can be extremely harsh and harmful to your kids. It is, therefore, important for them to learn about digital safety. First of all, you must teach your kids about the online threats that they may get exposed to. Next, guide them about internet safety habits. 

Lastly, you can use parental-control software and keep a tab on your kids’ online activities. 

Wrapping Up!

Inculcating computer skills in your children has become as essential as teaching them the alphabet. In this era of virtual education, every kid must know how to operate a computer. 

From completing school projects to upskilling, basic computer knowledge will prove to be of great benefit to your children. Choose a well-known platform like that of Moonpreneur to introduce your kids to the intricacies of computer skills.

Moonpreneur understands the needs and demands this rapidly changing technological world is bringing with it for our kids and thus we are on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math and much more!! 

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